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Catherine Grace O’Connell is an LA Talk Show Host, Journalist, and Inspirational/Lifestyle Influencer with a mission to empower women of all ages. After 54 years of being silenced by a lifetime of trauma and abuse as a #MeToo, she found her Voice and has become a Thought Leader and Age Disruptor by celebrating and promoting the vitality, reinvention, creativity, and wisdom of women at Midlife.
“For the first time in history, there is an enormous demographic that is able to have health, vitality, wisdom, life experience, and a pocketbook, all at the same time! My message is that women can be raw, real, and vulnerable while also being strong, wise, and compassionate. Midlife women are here to share the incredible font of wisdom that can only be earned through life experience. It is the crown jewel of Midlife and the one thing that cannot be purchased, but must be earned through overcoming life’s challenges. Midlife is a time for women to blossom into, and manifest their full power. No longer will we be silent and in the background … it’s time to be Fierce … and cool!”
Community, connection, and involvement are what women truly desire. The Forever Fierce Facebook Group , founded by Catherine is a supportive and collaborative community and Sisterhood where we are building a powerful and substantive frame around Midlife. This show is their Voice. These women are empowered … and “empowered women at Midlife are cool!” Come join us!
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Kathy Kaehler


Kaehler is an unstoppable champion for people ready to learn how to be happier, healthier and bolder in creating the life (and body) they dream of.  Kaehler has been inspiring women since the early 90’s when she stepped onto the NBC Today Show studio and believes it’s never too late to get started.  Her life-changing expertise has transformed lives throughout a career where she’s worked out, taught, trained, and cooked side-by-side with positive living icons like Jane Fonda, Katie Couric, Leeza Gibbons and the Kardashians. Fans love Kathy for her willingness to be honest and get real when it comes to stress, nutrition, positive living, personal growth, and the really important stuff like sleep, sex and how to deal with menopause.
When Kaehler faced a double hip replacement, she took a big risk and opened up to her platforms the fears, nasty scars, and everyday struggles as she worked through them, never holding back.  These emotionally-charged stories allowed her audience to see and connect emotionally with her as a real person.  She is someone who understands, shares the same worries and struggles, and best of all, she really, really CARES.
This passion for transforming her own struggles into positive and realistic health and fitness support that fits in to the real world has truly resonated and, after 30 years of helping people, Kaehler revels in the transformations she’s witnessing as she helps women of all ages take back control of their bodies, their lives, and the role they play in this world.  

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Cat and Kaehler LIVE talk radio, a podcast you don’t want to miss!  Hosted by Catherine Grace O’Connell, the woman behind the blog CatherineGraceO and former NBC Today Show fitness correspondent and "Better Living Expert" Kathy Kaehler.  Cat and Kaehler  features NYTimes best selling authors, entertainers, fitness experts, lifestyle experts, fashion bloggers, creators, moms and those who inspire all with a common focus…to FIERCELY  empower women of all ages through the lens of midlife.  Tune in every Tuesday at 11am PST 2pm EST ch.1 on LATalk radio.
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December 2017


From the best of "Cat & Kaehler": Dr. Shefali was incredible on our podcast. I think you will agree with Oprah...Parents you will be wowed and awed by Dr. Shefali.


Amanda Boleyn is the voice behind the popular podcast Amanda left behind the corporate world to become a “Solopreneur.” Her recent Summit was a huge success and she offers a virtual edition on sale only until Christmas at $67 on Amanda offers brilliant suggestions to help you on your way as an entrepreneur and more importantly, as a human being.

November 2017


Roma Khetarpal, Educator and sought after speaker, author of award winning book “The Perfect Parent” and founder of Tools of Growth.


Do you have self esteem issues and struggle with finding self love? Ash Soto is young woman who has overcome her own struggles and is featured in this month's issue of GLAMOUR. Ash delivers a powerful message about Body Positivity on he Instagram @radiantbambi. She's an inspirational woman on a mission to encourage you to embrace everything about yourself.


Mario Frangoulis on his worldwide tour calls in to chat with Cat and Kaehler. Fresh off the stage at Lincoln Center in New York City, Mario shares his career, those who have sung with him along the way and how he keeps his voice in tip top shape during a rigorous world tour.

October 2017


Mario Frangoulis on his worldwide tour stops by Cat and Kaehler. Mario shares his career and those who have sung with him along the way.

Kelly Noonan Gores, director/writer shares with Cat and Kaehler all about how the documentary HEAL takes its viewers on a scientific and spiritual journey that reveals the incredible intelligence of the human body and how our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal.


Bridging the Gap launched today and those behind the scenes who helped make it happen Jodie Filogomo, Jessica Maurine and Julie Iiams.  On October 17th 100 Midlife Influencers and 100 Millennial Influencers digitally united as one to send a powerful message, while blurring boundaries amongst the demographics.


Mario Frangoulis is coming to town on 11/11/17 in Los Angeles at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre.  Learn more right here.
​Jacynth Bassett, Anti-Ageism in Fashion Crusader, Founder of the, all while studying at
​Anita Hughes, author of Christmas in London. Readers have said opening an Anita Hughes book is like wandering into a candy store, stuffed with delicious treats for the mind and heart. Her other best sellers are Lake Como, Monarch Beach and Market Street.


FORBES RILEY - National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee, award-winning TV host, author, highly sought-after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker, and life coach to celebrities and CEOs. She has helped millions take positive action in their own lives by sharing her passion for and unshakeable belief in the impact a healthy lifestyle can make in your life.
The Forbes Factor Live

September 2017


James Nord, Founder of Fohr Card, Recovering Fashion Photographer and bike racer for Rapha and rides for Specialized.


TRICIA CUSDEN, creator of the first makeup range specially formulated for older women! Look Fabulous Forever


Dr. Partha Nandi, MD FACP, Chief Health Editor ABC Detroit WXYZ shares everything about his new book "Ask Dr. Nandi", his show Ask Dr. Nandi, and how being United States leading patient advocate.


Dr. Shefali was incredible on our podcast. I think you will agree with Oprah...Parents you will be wowed and awed by Dr. Shefali.

August 2017


Caytha Jentis, Executive Producer of The Other F Word Series.

More about Caytha follow her on twitter



Award winning beauty and style editor and AARP writer. And Supermodel, actress and tv personality VERONICA WEBB
 It’s all #fiercely50.


Sandy Schreier one of Detroit’s living legends with the world’s largest private collection of couture.  Her extraordinary story right here onCat & Kaehler.


Guest NENA IVON is here. . This fashion icon shares her extraordinary story of her years at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chicago.  Plus her love for wearing black and the basics you need.


Rania Mankarious the executive director of Crime Stoppers of Houston. Rania shares some extra important safety tips for Back to School.


Feeling stressed or out of balance.  Tune in to this show as Master Meditation teacher Davidji joins us on the  Cat & Kaehler podcast.
“Ji” as he’s known to many, has mastered the art of finding inner peace.

July 2017


Judge Cristina Perez visits Cat & Kaehler to talk about “Red White & Latina” her new book plus her Emmy award winning show and how she is a role model for her daughter.  Don’t miss her incredible moments sharing tips from her parents and what she has learned along the way.


Christie Hefner, Former Playboy Enterprises Inc, CEO and Chairman of Hatch shares her continual and powerful story of reinvention from mid life and beyond.


Danielle LaPorte author of “White Hot Truth”  stops by to share about her nation wide book tour.  Danielle is a beloved self help author and inspirational speaker.  She calls herself a seeker of truth.  Tune in and hear her story.


Cat and Kaehler kick off their debut video show featuring an exclusive interview with popstar/antibullying advocate/UN Ambassador Meredith O'Connor and Director/Producer Illyssa Goodman to announce a true Cinderella Story on Meredith's life!

June 2017


LA Based nutrition expert Pamela Salzman who teaches cooking classes in her expansive, well planned kitchen shares her brand new cook book “Kitchen Matters”.


Guests Kendra Chaplin from the all new Chicago Woman

shares how CW is the voice for women who live, work and play in Chicago.  Also featuring Valslist and

The perfect app to “bridge the music gap”. Tune in for these extraordinary gals.


Take a listen to this extraordinary show with NY Times best seller  Jen Sincero shares her new book “You are a BADASS at Making Money” and fitness icon Tamilee Webb and her brand new Arctic Cool   We are talking cool money!!!


Dating?  Need help finding your date?  New to dating?  This show will help YOU.   Laurel House is an international celebrity Dating and Empowerment Coach, Flirting and Communication Expert, and Television Personality known for her tough love, confident vulnerability, big laugh, and powerfully feminine energy.

May 2017


Cat and Kaehler’s guest is former and recovering Editor-in-Chief of More Magazine, fashionista, culinary adventurer, devoted mentor, willing mentee, travel addict, beauty pioneer and so much more.  Tune in to this GIRL POWER with Cat and Kaehler.


The Weight Is Over and we are excited to learn why.  Tune in for Madison Wilner along with her extraordinary surgeon Dr. Rukmini Rednam


Actress and Author Fiona Lewis shares her brand new book, Mistakes Were Made Also author coach speaker and survivor Angelique L’Amour ,daughter of America’s Storyteller, Louis L’Amour shares her stories.


Author, Speaker, and Coach Lisa Moser unveils her brand new book “Miss Conception”.   Learn how she keeps fit and fabulous with a healthy lifestyle, USANA and GETTING REAL.  She tells it like it is especially when she asked 2000 people an amazing question.


Instagram and YouTube sensation, author and cook the one and only "Fully Raw" Kristina Carrillo.  Her brand new vegan cookbook will surely inspire you.