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For the past 31 years, Ronnie Carol has coached, guided, mentored, educated and deeply listened to men and women ranging from ages 20 – 80 on the challenges of life and the human condition. She was fortunate to have been able to travel the globe as a Ford Model, and later became the President of Elite Modeling in Los Angeles, creating deep bonds and connections with people through sharing stories and engaging in dialogue, forums and communities.  Growing up however, Ronnie did not live her formative years as a groomed model.  The imprints of her having been bullied because she was different, left their definite mark.  Her travels, life experiences and commitment to her own personal growth & evolvement through daily practices that support empowered choices, as well as the transformation of countless lives, has afforded her the opportunity to become an advocate for this particular topic in need of change in the world. 
Ronnie’s conviction to be a voice for all ages of those who are bullied, threatened, intimidated and suffer from this expanding cruelty & heartlessness, is palpable. While the world suffers from this dangerous plight that affects aeach and every one of us in some way, Ronnie has begun creating change at the grass roots level starting in local communities, with the intention of bringing about new approaches & platforms reaching far and wide for children, parents and teachers, all those who have been terrorized into keeping the silence. 
As a Career woman, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Ambassador for transcending diversity, she is now fulfilling her lifetime mission by speaking out through media outlets, Podcasts, interviews, you tube, Radio shows- all these channels who are dedicated to raising greater awareness by uniting with agencies to change the statistics of suicides as a result of bullying.
Ronnie has served on The Auxiliary Board of Children’s Hospital, instrumental in Angels in Waiting and PATH (People Assisting The Homeless).  

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Conversations With Ronnie will be talking about bullying, how it has affected so many of us, and will take phone calls from listeners that want to share their opinions and stories .

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