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Toni Koch


Toni Koch, TK Promo, Producer/Promoter
Toni is a native of Phoenix, AZ, with a lifelong passion for music, the songwriter/artist and a strong advocate for the arts. As a pioneer in the 1980′s for the indie music guerrilla marketing techniques as well as street team coordination, Toni worked as an independent contractor with companies in various markets: NYC’s Market Development Company, Zia Records, Tower Records Phoenix, Danny Zelisko’s Evening Star Productions as Street Team Coordinator, author/speaker Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D, and KABC/KLOS Radio Exec Admin for President John H. Davidson.
An active indie music promoter for nearly 30 years, Toni has worked hard to bring awareness to the creative artist whether in music, writing, film, design and more. She has won a few awards over the years (Optimist Club Award for the Arts 1971, Indie Promoter of the Year 1986 (Phoenix, AZ), Platinum Record for Club Promotion Columbia Records 1988 and Indie Artist Manager of the Year 2003 – Indie Music Conference (Philadelphia, PA),
Toni is known for bringing groups of people together as well as the lone artist in search of collaboration. A hard working activist for the arts (artivist), Toni works with authors, poets, writers, songwriters and businesses as a consultant or producer including Pitch-A-Song (2008-present), L.A. Women’s Music Festival(2007), Your Music Out Loud (2016) and now on L.A. Talk Radio with “The Creative Muse Hour.”
You can contact Toni at 602-300-9626

Carl Percival


Important to note,” Carl Percival says, “I am not a musician and never claimed to be, but I am an entertainer and enjoy being just that”
Carl Percival was born in London, England and the first instrument he learned was piano at age 7. He studied his music and played at a concert at age 9 but afterward stopped performing to enjoy having fun with his older and younger brothers.
At age 13 Carl started on banjo and played in a Skiffle Group who were invited to perform on the Welsh Miners Eisteddfods, that is all colliery brass bands only. Carl’s band caused quite a sensation with the youngsters and the group ended up being featured on Welsh TV.
During his teens, Carl won many dance competitions and was filmed by BBC TV. By 21 he was receiving Banjo lesson from George Edward Morris who played in the Original Dixie Land Jazz Band in 1922. Carl still has a Banjo George gave him for being a good student as well as very talented young man. Carl sang and played at British Folk Clubs, Bars, “Working Men’s Clubs”, “Miners Clubs” & others like Teachers Training Collages.
For a year or so Carl also ran a Traditional Jazz club in a London Bar.
Carl’s entertainment talents expanded and he performed three years as a comedy act once a week in my local Pub England, using music as a main stay & funny songs. Also was asked to head an English, French Folk Festival, so wasn’t too shabby. He says “I worked in theater costume departments, National Theater, The Old Vic, Royal Opera House and the last 7 years in England with Thames TV, leaving as their Chief Costume Supervisor on management.
Visiting the USA, (after much traveling) he became a citizen. He also has decorated and painted Art all his life & has always played a little on Guitar and Harmonica. In addition, ten years as decorator for Thai Cultural Day here in LA & for 5 years as General Manager at an Art Store in the San Fernando Valley.
Around 2004 Carl purchased a Bar on Hollywood Boulevard that featured Blues, Folk Rock and other musical nights there. Yes, it got Carl inspired and “going again.”
Currently, Carl joins Toni Koch on “The Creative Muse Hour” as co-host. His wide range of knowledge in the arts, music and entertainment fields adding a British flavor to the mix. Carl has always played at home for his own enjoyment for “without music in my life it would be so dull if not over.”
Carl Percival has played and sung with Banjo and Guitar throughout his exciting life in such places as North Thailand, Bangkok, Greek Islands, Sir Lanka, and Czechoslovakia and in Germany as well as 35,000 feet on a 707 jet and all over the British Isle.
To live a life of adventure, Carl Percival is still going strong. He will share some good stories and might even a variety of his catalogue of songs with us on The Creative Muse Hour.

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Sunday 2:00PM - 2:59PM
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We invite our listeners to be entertained, encouraged, inspired and have a good time discovering The Creative Muse inside all of us. Top talent and people with stories to tell will be in studio to share music, books, film and more from the unlimited universal imaginations we can explore! Host Toni Koch and Carl Percival are focused on have fun with creativity!

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