Dan August The NakedCoachman


Dan August, is an Entrepreneur, Inventor, Motivational Speaker and Professional Certified Life Coach with over 29 years of experience, consulting business Executives all over the world. Dan has helped thousands of Entrepreneurs realize their Personal and Professional life dreams. Dan's unique and pragmatic approach to Coaching has carved a special niche and he is currently, sought after all over the country. 
Dan enjoys fathering 27 children, including 15 surrogates, 10 of who's mother's he's never had an intimate relationship with. Dan runs a Foundation for Fatherless Children called, HesDaD, bridging communication, parenting and life skills for blended families through his unique DaDcademy.
Dan has spent the last year building a Coaching platform called CoachAdvisor. CoachAdvisor helps Coaches build Professional Coaching practices using an innovative proprietary Coachistics platform and philosophy, helping Consumers Thrive in achieving their Personal and Professional goals.
A new Social and promotional feature of the CoachAdvisor platform is the exciting Show called Naked Radio, hosted by the Naked Coachman himself... Dan August. You must visit the NakedCoachman.com and discover the charm of "Naked Radio." It's not what you think!