Jack Cohen


Jack Cohen has been a highly regarded photographer for Music events since 2008.
His photos can be seen on his social media pages which have over 60k followers including:

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On these pages Jack blogs about  Music artists and Musical events with an emphasis
on contemporary jazz.

Also, Jack curates the 24/7 internet radio station named  www.smoothjazzliveradioshow.com which is heard around the world with shows such as :

Classic Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz, Countdown of the Top 15  Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs, Hot New Releases Show etc.

For the past 4 years Jack has co-produced the popular streamed video show Smooth Saturdays with Aysha. Jack has co-hosted this show for the last year. Smooth Saturdays with Aysha interviewed renown artists from the recording industry, played album cuts and in studio guests played live.
As of 10/7/2017 Jack has  teamed up with his current co-host super Sax Man and renown national recording artist Will Donato to create a Smooth Saturday with Aysha replacement titled “Inside the Music with Will and Jack” . 
Смотрите на сайте ссылка на гидру в тор.