Jani Schulz


Jani Jana Schulz has been involved in wildlife and environmental causes her entire life dating back to her childhood while growing up on a ranch in Central Texas.   Following her career path as a radio/television/film major, Schulz worked as a television announcer, then moved to radio as an on-air  personality in markets from Seattle, Washington to Austin, Texas.

After a 10+ year career in radio, Schulz took a job with the Cox Communication owned, Austin-American Statesman Newspaper. As time passed,  Schulz needed out “of the box”,  and left Cox to publish a National magazine titled Exotic News, devoted to areas of conservation via private ownership. Schulz’s Exotic News quickly launched itself onto the International scene with worldwide distribution  including an edition published and printed in Adelaide, Australia.

During her years with Exotic News, Schulz traveled the world from Africa to Asia to South America and beyond, speaking, writing and publishing articles on conservation . On one of these trips, Schulz found herself in the magical land of Costa Rica where she immediately fell in love with the natural beauty of the rainforest and the Costa Rican people.  In 1996,  Jani and her husband, Jurgen,  purchased their first rainforest property on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, which National Geographic describes as the most biologically diverse place on the entire planet.

The rest is history. In 2009, Schulz purchased a National Radio station in Costa Rica, changed the format to talk, and named the station Rainforest Radio, where she continues her life-long quest to bring attention to a more sustainable world.