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Jeanie Brandes has had an incredible and diverse musical career that has taken the singer all over the world—beginning at age 22 when she performed with a 30-piece orchestra. Over the years, she performed many shows with Henry Mancini, had notable engagements at top jazz/cabaret venues in New York, L.A. and the Caribbean, and has sung the national anthem numerous times for her favorite teams in her hometown of Houston (Astros, Oilers, Texans, Rockets) and her adopted home of Los Angeles (Lakers, Galaxy).

Raving about one of Brandes’ celebrated performances at Hollywood’s Cinegrill, Entertainment Today said, “Her voice is perfect for the material, and she is a highly trained singer with an impressive vocal range…left chills running down the spine. Brandes successfully channels the sensibility of a smoky white-tablecloth nightclub act into a smoke free, postmodern present.”
Brandes’ decision to take a warm and inviting jazz turn in her recording career comes after three critically acclaimed CD releases that featured many original songs: Love In The World I Remember (2000), which was released in conjunction with her bestselling book of poetry with the same name, now in its fourth printing; Soul Serenity (2002), which featured originals penned by Markham and a co-write by Brandes and Markham called “Sweet Celebration”; and a lovely children’s album, When I Look In Your Eyes (2006), which features the classic “Never Neverland” and iconic title track written by Leslie Bricusse.

Besides the perfect mix of material and vibrant arrangements, the singer knew that the key to making Kisses You Awake a landmark recording was surrounding herself with the “best of the best” in the jazz world who could inspire her to reach new heights in her own artistry. She sees her brilliant team of veteran jazz musicians not as sidemen but as collaborators.

Brandes’ impressive array of talents extends beyond music to encompass many multi-media ventures. In addition to her bestselling poetry book, she has worked extensively in the voiceover field and has appeared in over one hundred national spots.

In addition to writing for several high profile sitcoms, she has been a guest on “CBS: The Morning Show” and “PBS: Late Night Edition” and for several years hosted her own radio show and syndicated TV show, “Women’s World with Jeanie Brandes.” Her wide range of legendary interview subjects reflects a multitude of personal passions: Arthur Miller, Walter Cronkite, Henry Mancini, Leonard Bernstein, Philip Glass, Beverly Sills, Beatrice Arthur, Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith.

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Friday 1:00PM - 1:59PM
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Jeanie Brandes has brought her show biz savvy interviews to LA Talk Radio since 2011. Noted,celebrities, singers, actors, and authors have been guests for Jeanie's evocative , interviews that are always fun, entertaining, and informative. Come join the party and  let her take you on a magical journey  of life experience and wonderful surprises. MUSIC IS THE KEY TO LIFE and there is no shortage of that here with our host jazz singer.

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January 2017


Today was a perfect show for the new year with  Karen Hearn Abbott She is an acupuncturist, o she has herbs.  Her talents in this area has been helping folks for the last 30 years  in Toluca Lake Ca.Take a listen to this show and any of my over 200 shows since 2011 on . Check out my cd's on and my website . Happy New Year everyone Love Jeanie

December 2016


Today was very interesting with film  director John Pieplow..His stories and christmas songs
 were delightful .He is a pulitzer prize winneras well.Listen and enjoy MOON RIVER on my cd KISSES YOU AWAKE and four evocative renditions of christmas songs by John.
My cd's for the season oranytime at www. or my website
and John is everywhere. Happy Holidays to all Love Jeanie Brandes


Today was wonderful.with amazing guitarist Marcus Gerakos  his new cd  is amazing and there are 4 selections on the jeanie Brandes show dec 16th I learned so much today a true genius talent play and download many blessings till next week love Jeanie


Today was so wonderful with my fabulous guest Robert Kyle .His new sax and guitar cd THE EDGE OF WONDER is new and available on like my 4 cd's . 
we played 4 amazing selections and chatted about all things Robert . I love Robert's talent and his dark delicious music. He is my sax player tune in so play and download  to your hearts content Also go to
Love you all Jeanie


Today the Jeanie Brandes show had the amazing pianist composer George Kahn down load and play his songs from his latest cd and his concert coming to Vitello's Dec15 th  upstairs at the E spot lounge 8-10 and go to my website

November 2016


Today we just touched the surface with world class artist LADDIE JONH  
DILL as my special guest . His LIGHT SENTENCES   is available at  ACE 
GALLERY, my sponsor  located at 5514 Wilshire   Blvd  Los Angeles,Ca 
90036.Laddie an LA native began his evocative career  with world renown artists as mentors in the late 60's and early in 70's.He was a member of the Light and Space movement and later expanded his practice to include paintings and sculpture. He will be going back to Italy in the spring and we have so much more to talk about  then . I t was a show that flew by and one must go to ACE to see these visual masterpieces with glass tubing and radiated colors. My website is
  and listen to any of my over 160 shows since 2011 here at want to be a guest and or sponsor let us know and go to cdbaby .com to buy any of my 4cd's


October 2016


Today was really a great learning experience and true pleasure to have 26 year old NATALIE ARNOLDI  world class artist on my show . ACE GALLERY  is my sponsor and Natalie's shark paintings and other works are hanging in the Ace  Gallery location at 5514 Wilshire Blvd  Los Angeles Ca. Natalie's works are a combination of her two great passions: oil painting and marine biology.  She discusses so many things with me  including the  satellite tagging of great white sharks which is a profoundly interesting subject.  This Malibu native and her love for the sea is a stunning display on huge canvases of what art can be for the viewing and buying audience. Bravo dear Natalie. I  can't  wait to see what you create in the years to come. Follow ACE  GALLERY on Instagram, Facebook ,or call 323-935-4411 T'll next week  find me  on my link


THE JEANIE BRANDES  SHOW  is back with ACE GALLERY  as  my amazing sponsors. My special guests today were husband and wife artists GARY LANG and RUTH  PASTINE.    As I said in  the end of the show we  all need to go VIEW  AND BUY  their works of artistic  and creative vision Just press  and play and listen to your hearts content to this show and any of my 160 shows archived  since 2011 on channel I on fridays.Visit  their show at the Beverly Hills location  thru  Nov and see others at the Los Angeles location   Beverly HIlls is 310-858-9090 or Los Angels 323-935-4411  See you next  week .Lots of love Jeanie

October 2015


This was one of the most delightful guests on my show. What a joy to sit across from beautiful, kind , and talented,DEBBY BOONE. She has a new cd  SWING THIS OUT  that is an uptempo cd with Debby singing songs from the Vegas stars of the 1960's. Tap your feet and hear the great arrangements and super musicians  along with Debby  to take you on this magical journey. We had many stories to tell today about her family and Rosie Clooney  and dad Pat Boone. You can go to all the usual places to find Debby. It was a pleasure and the time flew bye. 
Please find my  wonderful sponsor FAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE of  Long Island where they  are Restoring Hope and Rebuilding lives. Contact them at and 631-427-3700. T'll next week Many 
blessings  Love, Jeanie and for my cd's.


Today was so special with my fabulous guests DANIEL KAEMON and SAVANNAH SCHOENECKER. Daniel is BRICK in Tennesse Williams CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF  playing at  the GROUP Rep Theatre in North Hollywood Ca.  reservations are 818-763-5990. They are performing thru Nov 14th and they have had packed houses . My wonderful sponsor for my show in Long Island NY is  the FAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE. They have been restoring hope and rebuilding lives in the NY area for over 75 years. Their number is 631-427-3700 or
Today we chatted about all things theatre with my two outstanding actors. Also we talked about Savannah's mobile martial arts program KUNG FU MOVES   call them at 408-887-3627. I love these two great talents and they put a smile on my face when discussing the art of acting and all the belles and whistles that go with it . You can friend us at facebook. My 4 cd's are at, You Tube, and I Tunes, T'll next week when I have the amazing DEBBIE BOONE on my show Many Blessings,Jeanie Brandes


Today was a wonderful show with BOB STONE an amazing gentleman who served 12 years for AL GORE as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for our gov. We talked about so many things including his two books CONFESSIONS OF A CIVIL SERVANT  and THE ETHICS CHALLENGE. BOB  now works  with the mayor  of Los Angeles.  My wonderful sponsor FAMILY SERVICE  LEAGUE  can be found at or call them at
631-427-3700 My cd's are at , youtube, itunes, I am on facebook , and twitter , and  download and play any of my many shows since 2011
Many blessings till next week. .Love , Jeanie


Today I was pleased  to have as my guest Robyn Berger-Gaston from my sponsor FAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE in Long Island, New York. Visit them at
We talked about so much.  They provide 50 programs in 20 locations throughout LI and help families in crisis whether it be for children, seniors, mental health issues, or drug related help. They have been in business over I believe 75 years. This is a wonderful organization providing a true safety net for LI families. Their number is 631-427-3700.
You can find me as always on fridays 1-2 channel 1 by going to Remember I have 4 cd's you can buy at, iTunes and at my website.
T'll next friday lot's of light and love.
Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes


Today , JEANIE'S back with my podcast interview show.
It is wonderful to have a terrific new sponsor FAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE of Long Island. My first guest is JORDAN BENNETT
"be still my heart"  He  is a long time personal and professional friend. He has the most  beautiful voice on the planet with his new cd  ORIGINAL.
I played my favorite Jordan song WHEN I WAS ME, then ROSE COLORED GLASSES, then SHE'S GOT ME   written with grammy winner Eddie Palmieri.Then one of my favorite songs of all times NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN, and we closed with HALLELUJAH . BRAVO ! MR. J  and I chatted about his new baby and 
all things music .   
I am so happy to be back with Sam and the crew  dear Rony and my new sponsor FSL. One can call them and get so much information and help at 631-427-3700 and go to till next friday I love you all listen in and  find me at fb,twitter,and my cd's are at MANY BLESSINGS

February 2015


Today was really a wonderful show with DAVID FREI   the spokesperson for The WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW.

The show was last week and MISS P was the winner in the hound group. She is an adorable beagle like UNO a few years ago. DAVID and I talked about so much and the amazing therapy dog work that is now in locations all over the country with ANGEL ON A LEASH. David has his book with the same title and he is the man behind this organization.

the book will warm your heart with stories of healing for two and four legged folks He does suck good work on so many levels and it was a great joy to smile with him today. Don't forget to find the BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA bus as it rolls all around Los Angeles.
Till next week, keep listening and go to


Today was another fabulous show with two outstanding actors GRINNELL MORRIS and his lovely wife JULIE LANCASTER. My amazing sponsor the elegant bus BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA has been showing up all over this fair city. Make sure to get all the locations from my show and go buy to your hearts content. Grinnell and his wife talked about his upcoming movies and the  OSCARS and our favorites. We three had seen most of the films. We chatted about their marriage and courtship and their families . It was a full show with lots of insight into this biz from a couple who are successful at their craft and having a loving relationship in Hollywood. Lots of love to my fans till next week . Be safe and Many Blessings ,Jeanie.


Today I had the pleasure of having beautiful and talented CONNIE TOWERS on my show. This lovely lady is the essence of class and charm. Connie has been married to her wonderful actor husband John Gavin for 41 years. Connie is currently playing Helena Cassadine "who we love to hate" on GENERAL HOSPITAL. We talked about so much and the time flew by. Connie is also a wonderful singer and we chatted about the amazing BLUE RIBBON organization that  she chairs  and raises money for the Music Center and brings needy 5th graders there to see performances and have a theatrical experience that will hopefully create joy in their lives for years to come.
My sponsor BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA is all over the city this week and next so come out to the many locations heard on the show and buy for Valentines and beyond. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and remember give your loved ones gifts all year long. You can buy my 4 cd's on or my website.
Blessings ,Jeanie Brandes


Today  was a lovely show and of course my amazing sponsors BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA. I  discussed the  luxury bus  full of great accessories and gifts galore perfect for Valentine's Day. Check out all the locations. 
My special guest was MARC CASHMAN with his new voice over book . What a great read for everyone who wants to get into
the voice-over  world and knowledge for folks all ready in the biz.  
We chatted about all things voice related. It  was an action packed 50 minutes full of great information . Also I wanted to mentioned Mr DICK CAVETT, his play opening tonight at THEATRE 40.  One can buy my cd's at or on my website . Many Blessings , Jeanie

January 2015


WHAT A SHOW I HAD TODAY.  I was blessed to have as my special guest MR. DICK CAVETT. We talked about his amazing career  and  his play HELLMAN V. McCARTHY directed by  HOWARD STORM  beginning FEBRUARY 6TH -28TH  at THEATRE 40  in Beverly Hills . To call for reservations 310-364-3606. I  want to give heads up to my wonderful sponsors BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA and one can see where SUSAN'S AND LUCIA'S   luxury  gift  bus is located for the week by going to BT-LA.COM. Mr Cavett made me laugh and smile from ear to ear with glorious stories about interviews with Brando, Newman,Mailer/ Vidal, and so many more. We chatted about his new book BRIEF ENCOUNTERS as well.  . This was delightful show and one I will want to play and download to my hearts content. Many Blessings  Jeanie


Today was  wonderful with my in studio guest BRIAN WOHLMUTH, amazing author of his PSYCHOETRY book or LESSONS IN POETIC PARENTING. We laughed ,we cried, we read poems from his book and I read a few poems from my poetry book. We chatted about life in raising children and his warm  special qualities transcend  thru the radio waves.  I am proud of my sponsor BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA; and you can contact them at BT-LA.COM. I am excited about next weeks guest DICK CAVETT talking about his play HELLMAN VS MCARTHY opening at THEATRE 40  in Beverly Hills on Feb 6th.  Tune in next week for all the excitement and friend us at facebook and listen on ITUNES if you wish. Many Blessings, Jeanie  B


Today was wonderful with my sponsor BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA and a sweet comment about my sponsor by my amazing guest, singer, CLINT HOLMES.
CLINT had been on my show in 2012 and I had missed him. He lives in Las Vegas and is the Artist -In -Residence at Cabaret Jazz at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. Clint has performed all over the world and is in the process of creating a new cd. Stay tuned because this cd is going to be fabulous with all the best in the biz on board. Today we played PLAYGROUND IN MY MIND, HOW LOVE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD and Loenard Cohen's signature song which touched my heart on so many levels.
My LATALKRADIO.COM fans need to download and play this show and enjoy all the tender and warm moments with Clint and Jeanie. So be safe and happy days and go find BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA all over la at the locations I gave you and go to their website as well.


Today tune in to hear all the great locations where shoppers can find BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA my fabulous sponsors. The dynamic duo mom and daughter company bus  is circulating everywhere in La to bring you amazing gifts and accessories.
My very special guest today is ROBERT KYLE my sax and flute musician and friend. Robert has a new cd SYMBIOSES which is  with his friend pianist PAUL ASTIN. We played ENIGMA, GLIMMER, and  INCANTATION. Then we also had the pleasure of hearing HE MAY BE YOUR MAN by his long time friend jazz pianist  BETTY BRYANT, who just celebrated her 85th birthday. ROBERT produced BETTY'S new cd MOSTLY ME.
It was a lovely music filled show. So download and 
play to your hearts content.
Love you my fans


Today my special sponsor BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA is cruising around town with all the fabulous accessories and gifts in their homey environment  bus. Tune in to play and download to hear the locations and of course my show. DAVID HUNT STAFFORD artistic director of THEATRE 40  will celebrate their 50th season in Beverly Hills .Two remarkable plays ,BLONDE POISON, which opens January 8th starring SALOME  JENS  in her one woman performance, and DICK CAVETT starring in HELLMAN V. MC CARTHY  opening february 6th.  Cavett's play was on broadway last season  and three of the original cast members are coming to  LA.This play is directed by Howard Storm. I am happy for the  theatre bringing to life  both  of these plays. For reservations 310-364-3606.
Don't t forget our sponsor BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA

December 2014


Today was really lovely with my guests  the mother daughter company BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA. They are my special sponsors and the 50 minutes flew by hearing about all the exciting accessories and gifts galore that one can buy on their converted bluebird bus. They travel all around the city. This concept is so unique and I said I hope it becomes a franchise across the country. The girls talked about the inception, the idea, and how the bus was designed. We touched on the great products that are special and different and I am quite taken with their savvy approach to selling merchandise. You feel like you are in some ones living room and it is elegant and warm and so are they.
Many blessings to all my listeners for a heathy, happy New Year. See you next friday 2015.


Today was another wonderful show with my new sponsor BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA. Their savvy bus is converted into a trendy and home filled gallery of accessories, gifts galore and goodies for the holidays and beyond. They are  traveling all around the city at various locations for clients to buy and shop to their hearts content. So listen to the show to get the current locations.
My special guest today was JULIE  BUDD a cabaret singer who has been performing since the tender age of 12. She worked with Sinatra in Vegas and has a new CD "THEY WROTE THE SONGS" . Today we listened to my favorite selection on the CD "KINDRED SPIRITS" which was a touching song that brought tears to my eyes.
You can buy Julie's CD on just like you can buy all four of my CD'S.
Don't  forget to go to BT-LA.COM to check out BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA.


Today was action packed with my promo for new sponsor BEAUTIFUL THINGS LA. Their  savvy mobile retail bus can be found all over town and the mother daughter company is a great concept for buying wonderful gifts and honoring artisans that make a difference. 
The next part of the show was devoted to my amazing musical friend Roseanna Vitro  whose last cd was nominated in 2012 for a jazz grammy . This new cd CLARITY is a tribute to Claire Fischer with outstanding vocals by Roseanna and a stellar cast of musicians. We played THE SEAGULL and SWINGIN' WITH THE DUKE. I loved both selections and boy can she scat. I  also got to hear about the new venture from my dear friend Savannah Schoenecker. She is a terrific actress and with all the bullying of kids etc she created her new company KUNG FU MOVES.
You can also go to to buy any of my 4 cd's for the holidays, and my website. Till next friday many blessings jeanie


Today was exciting I'M BACK . So happy to be on the air with THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW. Today I talked about the GRAMMY nominations that were announced this morning. I then mentioned the many fabulous movies that are out and coming out for the holidays.As a guild member I see them ahead of their release date and listen to a Q&A with stars and directors . I also played several songs from my 4th cd KISSES YOU AWAKE and closed the show with my favorite WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES from cd # 3 dedicated to my little dog who is gone . I want another 4 legged friend. Many blessings to all my new and old fans.

February 2014


Today was a very interesting show with my dear friend Tracy Pettite. We discussed many things ,and it was a heavy show in content about life and people on many levels. Listen or play and download.I was inspired to dig deep on this one .Remember Friday is Valentines day so hug the ones you love and buy my 4 cd's on or my website. Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes


Today was the first show in quite a while where I did not have guests in the studio...I played many of my favorite songs from my cd#3 ' WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES' and cd #4 'KISSES YOU AWAKE.' It was a lovely heartfelt show. I also read some of my poetry from my poetry book and talked about my upcoming concert at VITELLO'S March 27th. Many Blessings Jeanie

January 2014


Today was one of the most fun shows I have had the pleasure of hosting since I began my interview shows with LATALKRADIO.COM IN 2011. I adore my two guests, fantastic actor DARBY HINTON and wonderful author and sponsor for this month RICHARD GREENBERG. We chatted about the art of raising great kids. I laughed so hard because the chemistry between all three of us was dynamite. I learned so much today and this was an easy breezy show with great stories . Many blessings to all and download or play to your hearts content. Love , Jeanie


It is always such fun when dear Tracy comes on and we talk about movies . Today was giggles plus lots of information about our thoughts and picks for the Oscar nominations and of course I plugged 3 times my wonderful sponsor Richard Greenberg and his savvy book. I also mentioned the Grammy's and the fact that many of my guests had been Grammy nominees in past years.I also spoke about the Music Cares organization. They had been so great to me last year and this year they are honoring Carole King. It was an easy breezy hour .Many blessings till next tuesday Love Jeanie


Today was a lovely change.i did not have a guest on the show so I spent more time plugging my sponsor the remarkable book by RICHARD GREENBERG, "RAISING CHILDREN THAT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE TO BE AROUND". I spent time playing songs from my latest two cd's WHEN I LOOK INYOUR EYES and KISSES YOU AWAKE. I loved hearing the amazing sounds of my jazz musicians.They truly make me so proud to know them .I am blessed. I started with MOON RIVER and ended with HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY. You can goto and and an itunes etc. A great gift for Valentines Day .


Today the first Tuesday of 2014 was special with a favorite guest and friend Ms Tracy Pettite talking with me about The Golden Globes this Sunday. We both have seen most of the nominated films since we are voting members of sag-aftra. It was a fun filled fifty minutes that flew bye with laughter and our picks for the winners. This will be a great listen for all who love movies.
Many blessings to my listeners and a healthy, happy, new year to all, Love, Jeanie

December 2013


Today was special and poinant because I had the pleasure of having the director, JULIE HERA DE STEFANO of the upcoming feature documentary film JOURNEY TO NORMAL: Woman of war returning to home from Afghanistan. This film explores the challenges 100 women faced as they rejoined their families and communities after a deployment in the combat zone. Julie traveled all over the country to interview and tell their stories as only the women themselves could tell.I quote from Julie these are ones"daughters, sisters, wives , and mothers."

This was a remarkable way for me to end the year 2013, and I am so ready for 2014 . Many blessings my fans and friends for a heathy, safe, happy 2014.


Today was the perfect show for Christmas Eve. My charming guest was Richard Greenberg who has written a very savvy book RASING CHILDREN THAT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE TO BE AROUND. I  opened the show mentioning a chance meeting with the most amazing little girl and I know it was a God Wink. Thank you for this special moment with my new friend.Family is what Christmas is all about and I have had the most remarkable tuesday in more ways than I can elaborate. Remember one can buy all my cd's on cd , my website jeanie and many blessings and safe travels to all my listeners. Fondly, Jeanie


Today was so delightful with my dear SORAYA ARDAKANI who owns the fabulous boutique ROSE AND SAGE on Riverside Drive. We chatted about all things clothes and gifts for the holidays and the amazing prices that Soraya offers. Then I played MOON RIVER from my cd # 4 We had been chatting about Miss AUDRY H .. We talked about both of our websites and how folks will soon be able to buy clothes from the store on line. It was an easy breezy great day with Miss S and I commented about ALLADDIN playing at the Pasadena Playhouse and the wonderful movie SAVING MR BANKS which I saw yesterday as a guest of DISNEY. Till next tuesday Many Blessings Jeanie. and cdbaby .com


Today was truly delightful with my guest and new music friend SARAH TOLAR. We chatted and listened to her title track from BIG BLUE MOON and the opening song on her record. EARLY MORNING STILLNESS. We talked about her first tour in Europe and how special that was. Then she was so kind as to help me plug my four cd's which one can get on CDBABY.COM and my website Many blessings till next week Jeanie. I am also available at BFM digital. HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Today was especially fun with my guest and owner of ROSE AND SAGE ,SORAYA ARDAKANI . Soraya is getting us ready for Christmas with all the bells and whistles at her amazing boutique . Friday is an open house for all the stores and establishments in Toluca Lake..On Dec 13th she is having a great holiday party with lots of discounts and something for even the most particular shopper . Savannah my dear friend was on today talking about the play at SACRED FOOLS theatre this friday and saturday evening which she will be acting in . And while we are plugging these two talented guestst don't forget you can buy all four of my cd's on CDBABY.COM and you can hear me live from my concerts and national anthems on you tube and itunes and my website. Many Blessings Jeanie

November 2013


After a glorious trip to NYC, I returned today to plug my sponsor ROSE AND SAGE, play several selections from my cd #4 KISSES YOU AWAKE and cd # 3 WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES CD' S and talk about the most amazing show I saw on Broadway AFTER MIDNIGHT. My friend WYNTON MARSALIS the musician produced the show filled with great Duke Ellington songs from the 20th century. All the musicians were on the stage as part of the show playing beautifully. I got to go on the Broadway stage and meet and chat with these great guys. I ended my show today with INCH WORM AND NOT WHILE I'M AROUND .My cd's are available at cd or on my website Many Blessings Jeanie


Today was lovely with my special guest Tom Zink. We chatted about his work as pianist and arranger for both his own projects and other guests, as well as his work for Yamaha and the Disclavier piano. The songs we played were from Anne Walsh's cd "Go" available on iTunes. Tom and his wife Anne Walsh will be at Spaghettini Jazz Grill on Dec 11th, and with their band Cinnamon and Clove (which plays the music of Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66) on Dec 29th. Don't forget to go to my new sponsor ROSE AND SAGE for the best savvy and wonderful clothes in the heart of Toluca Lake.


Today I started with our dear sponsor fabulous ROSE AND SAGE the savvy boutique in Toluca Lake Ca. Then I moved on to chat briefly about AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY the amazing movie I saw last night opening Dec 25th . I heard the cast speak with producer George Clooney, actress Julia Roberts , and much of the cast live in La. Today I played selections from WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES and my jazz cd KISSES YOU AWAKE.
Many Blessings Jeanie B


Today was lovely with my special guest TRACY PETTITE. We chatted about many of the new movies coming to the screen in November and December. What a terrific season we can look forward to with great stars, super directors , and wonderful story lines. Tracy and I have such fun when we are together talking movies. We love films and this season promises to have many surprises. Don't forget to go to my new sponsor ROSE AND SAGE for the best savvy and wonderful clothes in the heart of Toluca Lake. The Christmas season is here. My four cd's are on and my website. Many Blessings Love, Jeanie You can listen and download all my podcasts on itunes as well.

October 2013


Today was a treat with guest Karen Wyman. We talked about so much listen and download to your hearts content many blessings Jeanie Brandes


Today just flew by with my delightful guest SORAYA who owns ROSE AND SAGE - the best clothing store in Toluca Lake, CA. We talked about eveything. Fashion and style reigns supreme in this upscale savvy boutique. Everyone who comes in feels special. My 21 year old friend and owner is classy and fabulous. Soraya will be back on the air to get us ready for Christmas with clothing and accessory ideas for the shopper in us all. ROSE AND SAGE is on facebook and Instagram. Many blessings to all my listeners till next week. Love, Jeanie B


Today was truly special with my return guest talented SARAH MEYERS stage director with the NYC Metropolitan Opera since 2006. November 15th and 16th Sarah is directing Benjamin Britten's NOYE'S FLUDDE for the composers centennial year with a collaboration with LIGHTHOUSE for the BLIND and the Park Avenue Christian Church. This production will feature sighted and non sighted talents side by side as the opera was conceived tot be performed in a church setting rather than a theatre. Sarah is the second youngest director to have graced the Met stage in her capacity and her multitude of many talents in this arena and as a mentor to young talented directors and singers is a joy to behold . Thank you Sarah for being my guest today.ROSE AND SAGE in Toluca Lake Ca is my new sponsor. Many blessings. Love to all my listeners Jeanie Brandes


Today I was thrilled to be back for my 103rd show with a new sponsor ROSE AND SAGE. This is a fabulous boutique with a savvy owner located on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake, CA. My three guests today were GRINNELL MORRIS, one of the stars of "KIN," DAVID HUNT STAFFORD ,actor and artistic director for THEATRE 40, and SAVANNAH SHANECKER, actress and friend. We chatted about the west coast premier of " KIN" playing thru Oct 27th at THEATRE 40 in Beverly Hills Ca.We touched on so many other things for an easy breezy delightful hour of laughter and tears. Many blessings to all my Latalkradio listeners. Go to itunes and here to download any of my shows .

February 2013


Today was delightful with three fabulous guests , Lisa Herbert, PIerre Chambers, and Mitch Ellis. These wonderful singers are the children of Mort Herbert bassist for Louis Armstrong, Paul Chambers, bassist for Bill Evans. and Herb Ellis, one of the best guitar players around. They have a wonderful jazz vocalese group.We laughed and had such fun sharing stories and hearing two selections from their cd . We listened to DETOURS AHEAD, and THINGS AIN'T THE WAY THEY USED TO BE. I surprised them by asking for an impromptu song in the studio. If you like jazz vocals you will love this group. Many blessings Jeanie Brandes. Don't forget you can go to ITunes to buy my digital cd's and for all four of my cd's.


Today was special for me with my enchanting ,and brilliant guest , KEN LINDNER. Ken is one of the most successful talent agents with a who's who of clients in the tv and radio arena. He has been in the biz for over 25 years and he is a real gentleman. His fabulous book YOUR KILLER EMOTIONS has been number one in its category on Amazon. We talked about so much that can help all of us in the real world. YOUR KILLER EMOTIONS enlightens us about the 7 steps to mastering the toxic emotions, urges, an impulses, that sabotage people in their life.He discusses ones personal emotional triggers( PETS )that are at the root cause of your feelings /actions. Please run don't walk to www.barnes and and to buy this empowering book. Many blessings to all my listeners and have a great week Love Jeanie Brandes


Today was two days after the Ann Hampton Callaway concert. Her Streisand show at Disney Hall was fabulous and if you follow me on LATALKRADIO.COM you know she was my guest on the 5th. Today I played two of Steve's songs . Steve Tyrell will be at my favorite L.A. venue CATALINA'S for five nights starting Feb 13th. I played several romantic songs from my cd's . WHERE OR WHEN, WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES, NIGHT AND DAY, and TWO FOR THE ROAD. I also played one of my pianist Tom Zink's, songs from his cd with wife Anne Walsh. Today was a show for Valentines, full of romantic love songs . Happy V Day to all you lovers ,and hug your friends too .We all need love. Many Blessings Jeanie B


Today was another outstanding show with world class singer, composer, lyricist, ANN HAMPTON CALLAWAY . This Sunday Feb 10th Ann will be performing THE STREISAND SONGBOOK at Disney Hall . We had a delightful time talking about her fabulous career. I love her voice and how she interprets the lyrics of a song .I played I DREAMED OF YOU that she wrote for Miss Barbra. Ann sang a remarkable version of LAZY AFTERNOON that gave me chills.I quote "Ann's tribute to Streisand is a glorious evening of great songs, brilliantly orchestrated and sung magnificently." Tune in to hear her beautiful voice.Many blessings, Jeanie Brandes. Go to BFM Digital to buy the digital version of three of my cd's and cd for KISSES YOU AWAKE. They make great Valentines gifts .

January 2013


Today was truly an inspirational show with concert pianist ,and Julliard graduate, RUFUS CHOI and his glorious student JENIFER KRAMER. What a joy to hear Rufus play the BEETHOVEN EMPEROR CONCERTO with the Goettingen Symphony Orchestra. We talked about so much and Rufus and I feel that Miss Jen has a classical piano career ahead of her. Like Rufus , Jen plays with an emotional debth . Rufus has a new cd all LISZT ,his favorite composer, coming out soon.. I look forward to having them back to hear about the many concerts,master classes, and recitals in the future. Remember you can download and play this show to your hearts content . Many blessings till next week this is JEANIE BRANDES


Today was lots of fun and flew by with my guest and friend Tracy Pettit. As usual we chatted about the movie season and last weeks awards show THE GOLDEN GLOBES and this weekends SAG AWARDS SHOW .We are both members of sag-aftra, so we voted for our favorite stars and the movies. We have seen all the films. Tracy and I shared the reality that this was a premier season for motion pictures. Bravo the small and large releases. I loved them all and especially LES MISERABLE. Till next week, keep listening. We love you my dear listeners.


Lorraine Feather, the daughter of famous jazz writer Leonard Feather was my guest today. What a delightfully talented singer. She has recorded many cd's with the best jazz cats in the biz. Today we chatted and listened to OUT THERE with my former Houston pianist, Shelly Berg, who is nominated for a Grammy for the arranging on this selection. We listened to THE HOLE IN THE MAP a fun quirky piece arranged by Russell Ferrante, and WHERE IS EVERY BODY, arranged by Eddie Arkin. We love our listeners and you can buy my cd's on CDBABY.COM and BFM DIGITAL.COM Many blessings always Jeanie


Today has been the hardest day of my life in 13 and a half years. This morning around 7 am I lost my dear dog to cancer and diabetes. i loved her so much. This show is a dedication to her. I opened with the lyrics to YOU WILL BE MY MUSIC then I played from my 3rd cd the title track WNE I LOOK IN YOUR YEYES. It was nice to hear the feelings about her once again in that song. i played songs that were loving and soft from cd#4 and it was a loving and heartfelt show. Going onthe airtoday was the hardest thing for me to do but a great tribute I trust for her and good for me to havethe show for ever as a loving reminder of her dear and special life onthis planet. Many blessings to all your special four legged friends and hug them well. Till next week be safe Fondly, Jeanie

December 2012


Today was a delight with my dear friend Doug Haverty, and Drina Durazo. Doug is playing Sherlock in The Group Rep's production of SHERLOCK'S LAST CASE . Drina is the set designer on this show and made her directorial debut with the theatre's production of MOON OVER BUFFALO. Today was filled with charming stories from the stage and Doug's many faceted career. Drina produced and designed practical effects for HELL'S BELLES, a horror-comedy short film that won fifteen awards in film festivals around the country. What fun to chat with two lovely talents in many areas. The play runs thru January but to see Doug go this coming weekend . Be safe and stay warm . Remember my four cd's are available at, and BFM for digital release of the first three cd's. Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes


Today was a lovely show where I chatted about LES MISERABLE . I saw the film on Sunday at the Directors Guild. The movie opens on Christmas Day and the world is in for a treat. I cried, I was full of emotions, and the acting by Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman is creating quite an Oscar buzz. All the songs were sung live and a 70 piece orchestra was added later. This was a fabulous way to create the acting genius created by the leads. I then played songs from my 4 cd's and especially enjoyed playing WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES the title track from cd .#3. Folks can purchase them on cd baby and BFM digital. Many Blessings till next week. oxoxox Jeanie


Today was a special show on so many level with my guest Dr. O. H. Frazier, chief of the Transplant Service at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston Texas. Dr Frazier has performed over 1200 heart transplants and implanted 900 left ventricular assist devices. That is more than any other surgeon in the world . I am glad to call him friend . We talked about his love of classical music and first edition books and of course the many facets of transplantation now and in the future. I have so much respect for Dr Frazier who has received so many honors including the LIVING LEGEND AWARD from the World Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons. Today was an honor for me to be in his presence and I trust you will feel the same as I did when you listen and download to your HEARTS content. Many blessings Jeanie Brandes

November 2012


Today with the Christmas season upon us , I decided to do a show with me . As my devoted listeners are aware, I do an interview show here with celebrity guests. Today,I played songs from all four of my current cd's and read poetry from my book LOVE INTHE WORLD I REMEMBER in fourth printing. It was an easy breezy day. Folks can buy my four cd's and book for $11.00 each plus shipping and handling. They make a lovely stocking stuffer. This is a holiday opportunity from me rather than my usual cd baby which is there for you as well and my website You may go to the show and get the P O Box address and mail a check or cash . Many Blessings ,Jeanie


Today was delightful with my frequent guest and friend Miss Tracy Pettit. We chatted about the current influx of fabulous movies in the theatre now and the ones coming out mid and late December. It was fun and informative .We talked about Tracy's trilogy motion picture that is in preproduction. She is the female lead for this one. Our time together flew bye. I wish all my listeners a safe and pleasant holiday.Do drive and fly safely.Catch up for the holiday and download my archives of great shows with my celebrity guests. Many Blessings, Jeanie Brandes


It is always fun when I have a guest on THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW who has been on before. Shelby Kocee is the perfect guest ,She has been here four times . We are going to make it a regular thing. We always laugh and the 50 minutes flew bye.. Today we chatted about her fabulous theatre career . I have had the pleasure of seeing Shelby in 4 wonderful plays in the Los Angeles area. Today she sang for me live,as she did in her last production at Theatre 40. What a treat. We talked about so much including my Hollywood Bowl experience last friday seeing Barbra Streisand. I look forward to our next time together on my show at LATALKRADIO.COM Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes


Today was a little different since most of my shows are interview based. I spoke briefly about the Presidential election and hoping my listeners all went to the polls and voted.This is a very important day. I played songs from three of my cd's.WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES which is the title track from my 3rd cd . TWO FOR THE ROAD from cd#1. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL from cd #4 and a piano solo from my fabulous pianists Tom Zink, and a song by my friend Steve Tyrell.
Steve will be at CATALINA'S in November.We love Catalina and Manny and adore working at Catalina's. Don't forget to go to to buy my four cd's for the holidays. Many blessings, Jeanie. .

October 2012


Today my guest was the most delightful man , CLINT HOLMES. I spoke to Clint live from Las Vegas. He is truly charming and his silky vocal styling was a joy to hear with songs from his Bobby Short Show that he premiered at The Carlyle . We played 'Every Time We Say Goodbye" and "Your The Top" and then an adorable rendition of "The Playground In My Mind" which his grand daughter sang at the beginning. The time flew by Let us not forget the opportunity for folks in Vegas to hear Clint at the brand new Smith Center For The Performing Arts Cabaret Jazz Room . Mr Holmes is the Artist - in- Residence there. I had a wonderful time with this gracious and talented singer. Due yourself a favor and listen to him here and download to your hearts content. Many blessings and love to my friends on the East Coast. We are praying for a quick recovery . oxoxoxo Jeanie Brandes


Today was delightful with my guest actress Melody Anderson. Melody is known worldwide as Flash Gordon's girl, Dale Arden, in Flash Gordon. After 15 years as a fabulous actress with an array of wonderful film and television credits, Melody decided to make a life change and become a licensed LCSW and is certified in both California and New York. We talked about how folks can create change in their life at any age and how to get started. The time flew bye and I will have her back to discuss the male female romantic relationship in the near future. We seem to mirror each other in that arena. I love it when I have in studio guests and Melody is so charming. Take a listen and download us to your hearts content. Many blessings Jeanie Brandes . You can buy my 4 cd's on


HI ALL MY LA FOLKS AND FANS ON LATALK RADIO come see me singing live 8:30 sharp with my fabulous jazz musicians Tom Zink on piano, Robert Kyle on sax and flute, Rob Landas on bass and Dave Durge on drums.
Tuesday Oct 16th at CATALINA'S JAZZ CLUB
RESERVATIONS 323-466-2210
address is 6725 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood Ca, 90028.
We are so happy to be back and play some of the songs you are hearing on the show today and new ones too from the new cd KISSES YOU AWAKE' and a special election combo my dear Shelly Markham arranged of America the Beautiful and the National Anthem. It plans to be an evening full of love AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. Till Next week have a safe one many blessings for my dashund. xoxoxoJeanie


Today was easy breezy just me talking about my upcoming show at CATALINA'S JAZZ CLUB in Hollywood, and playing many of the signature songs from my cd #4 KISSES YOU AWAKE . I chatted and played WHERE OR WHEN, NIGHT AND DAY , WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, TWO FOR THE ROAD, and HURRY ITS LOVELY UP HERE.Sometimes its nice not to have a guest in the studio and chill with the music I love. Ti'll next week many blessings Jeanie One can buy my cd's on

September 2012


Today was a delight with the charming singer LAURA WOLFE. W e had a lovely time talking about her three wonderful songs and new show opening Oct 18th in La at the El Portal Theatre. We listened to NO REGRETS from her first cd ,THROUGH THAT DOOR and TOO DARN HOT from her second cd. In all it was a charming hour with a talented young lady. Many blessings to all till next time Jeanie Brandes


Today was informative and so interesting with my special guest and friend Judge Eric Andell. He is a judge who primarily focuses on child abuse. Eric has been involved with childrens' issues for over 30 years. From 2001-2003 he served in Washington dc as the deputy under secretary of education.He is a charming and bright man with many stories of interest to all of us in this world who care about or have children. I was thrilled to have Eric as my guest . His proudest moment in his career gave me chills and so wonderful in its positive outcome. I will be delighted to have him back on The Jeanie Brandes Show channel 1 on anytime. Remember we have my Catalina's performance coming up October 16th.. Many blessings to all Fondly, Jeanie


Today was really quite interesting and informative with my charming and multi talented guest GLORIA LORING . Gloria's book COINCIDENCE IS GOD'S WAY OF REMAINING ANONYMOUS comes out October 2nd and is being published by HCI.INC. Gloria began her acting career on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and her song FRIENDS AND LOVERS was the first song to be launched on a network to go to#1. In the new book each chapter has a song with it. Today we listened to two musical selections from the book. TURN THE PAGE was especially revealing. We all learned a great deal from this very strong and talented lady with so much to give to the world. Her work with Diabetes is near and dear to my heart. After my show with Gloria, I remained in the studio to be a guest for the whole first hour with dear MOTHER LOVE on her show to talk about 911.

As one may recall, I lived in NYC and was in the city during 911.
Many blessings to everyone today and may God be with us all my dear listeners. OXOXOX Jeanie Brandes


Today was another KISSES YOU AWAKE with a little WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES day. I played songs from both cd's . I talked about the passing of Hal David and the partnership he had with Burt Bachrach and played a Steve Tyrell selection since he worked for so many years with both of these fabulous talents. I played THE CIRCLE GAME, WHEN I LOOK I N YOUR EYES, and NEVER NEVER LAND, from WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES and closed the show with my dear Shelly Markham on piano with HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY from KISSES YOU AWAKE. I also mentioned my upcoming performance at the fabulous CATALINA'S JAZZ CLUB in LA on October 16th. Many Blessings Jeanie B

August 2012


Today was a bit different from the past 6 or 7 weeks where I have had the delightful pleasure of having my famous music and theatrical talents and friends sitting across from me in the studio.Today was about Jeanie and my concert at Catalina's Jazz Club in Los Angeles coming up in October. I chatted about my latest cd KISSES YOU AWAKE at I played selections , WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, NIGHT AND DAY, WHERE OR WHEN, MOON RIVER, AND MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE. I read from my book of poetry. I chatted about my dear friend Hank Mancini and played a selection from Tom Zink and his wife Anne's new cd GO. Tom is my terrific pianist for Catalina's and the most wonderful arranger .it was a nice easy day . Many blessings jeanie


Today was one giggle after another with my three fabulous guests KATHY BATES, SHELBY KOCEE and SHAWN SAVAGE. They are three of the stars from the cast of THE MANOR . This enchanting play now being performed at the GREYSTONE MANSION is written my Ms. Bates and is the real life story of the Doheny families fall from grace. The characters names are changed to the Mac Alister's. It is so much like a soap opera to watch them move from room to room as we follow the story line. What a delightful pleasure to hear heartfelt personal stories and stories of the play itself. Kathy and Shelby have been guests before and I look forward to having them all on again with their next projects . Many Blessings till next week. Jeanie Brandes . One can buy my cd's on cdbaby and go to my website as well.


Today was a delight with all smiles for my guest Mark Winkler. Mark is a singer, lyricist, with 10 cd's to his credit and a warm and enchanting 2011 release of SWEET SPOT . We played the title track with dear Barbara Morrison on vocals with Mark and the most amazing jazz musicians..We chatted about so much and the 50 minutes flew by. The Andre Previn tune LIKE YOUNG was lovely. SOMEWHERE IN BRAZIL had lyrics that made me laugh and so true to life. I look forward to having Mark back when he releases his next cd in February . Bravo, Mark ,you and all your jazz cats were first class all the way.


Today was a delightful treat with charming singer RAISSA KATONA BENNETT. We laughed and shared such lovely smiles . Her new cd ANOTHER KIND OF LIGHT drops next week and she will be appearing at Feinstein's in NYC August 21st to August 25th. I played MAKE ME A KITE, which I loved , TORCH SONG FOR RAISSA, I WILL, AND I CARRY YOUR HEART. We chatted about so much and the 50 minutes just flew by. Take a moment to listen to my show or go see her in person if you are in the NYC area. Manny Blessings to all and one can buy all my cd's at . Till next week Love ya, Jeanie

July 2012


Today the JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was exciting with my guest the amazing jazz vocalist TIERNEY SUTTON. Tierney will be appearing August 8th at THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL with the Duke Ellington Orchestra and special 100 bd celebration for Stan Kenton. My show was blessed with Tierney and her fabulous band on some of my favorite selections . We started off with FEVER. then on to SOMETHING COOL.. with a delightful explanation of the song, then AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, from her latest cd AMERICAN ROAD.We closed the show with her Grammy nominated ON BROADWAY. I t was a pleasure to sit across from this lovely performer who has achieved greatness as a vocalist and jazz musician . Many Blessings to all and listen or download this show with great music and my delightful guest TIERNEY SUTTON.


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW had the pleasure of chatting with the most amazing bass talent and my friend Mr. Brian Bromberg. Brian is blessed to have three new cd' s that all dropped within the last six weeks. COMPARED TO THAT is number 0NE on the JAZZ charts. My emotions like all my listeners today if they listened live had the thrill of being in for a roller coaster ride. HAYRIDE which is the most energetic song and centerpiece of this collection started us off. FORGIVENESS followed, and the work done by my pianist and glorious arranger Tom Zink made me cry. This was an original by BB and brought to the record label MACK AVE late in the game. Thank you Brian for the gift inside your soul for us all to hear . Last but not least we heard GIVE IT TO ME BABY by Rick James. This was an unlikely song for a classic jazz cd. All the tunes were graced with the most prolific male musicians in the biz. Brian and I talked about so much.We do not want to forget the other two cd's, THE SPIRIT OF JOBIM ,and BROMBERG PLAYS HENDRIX. I will have to have BB back to play more from his astounding collection . I think as he said he CHANNELED FORGIVENESS. Perhaps all three cd's came from deep within this brilliant bass talent . BRAVO BB YOU ROCK. One can listen to this podcast and download to your hearts content. Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes. My cd KISSES YOU AWAKE is on


Today was fun catching with wonderful soulful singer Dolores Scozzesi. Miss D has a great jazz cd out called A SPECIAL TASTE. We played three selections. My favorite AUTUMN LEAVES, in french and english,I'M GOING TO SIT RIGHT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER, and ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE. We talked about old times and jazz, and our fabulous musicians. The 50 minutes flew bye . Thanks Dolores .I enjoyed our time together and I shall have you back anytime. Many blessing, Jeanie


Today was so lovely. My special guest was Deb Delaney. Deb is the most delightful classy friend who with her husband owns the most glorious flower establishment. Lyal Nickals has been in business in the bay areas for over 75years. I was lucky enough to see the most beautiful engagement party flowers that were created by MIke in the last week or two. One can go on their website and see all in glowing red Listen to the show and you will hear all the many things that their flower establishment can do for your wedding, party, or just just about anything. Have a great floral summer and check out my show . One can buy my cd on Many blessings jeanie


Before the holiday I choose to not have an invited guest on the show. Instead I like to play selections for my listeners from my latest cd KISSES YOU AWAKE . We started the show today with Brian Bromberg on bass and me singing WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I concluded with my friend Steve Tyrell's AT LAST. In between I played from my cd's A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL, MOON RIVER, MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE , and WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES. It was a lovely day. One can buy my cd's on or my website. Till next week Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes

June 2012


Today as always when my friend Tracy Pettit is in the studio we have a fun fast moving show. We talked about some of the summer movies that are out now and ones that open shortly. I loved the new film PEOPLE LIKE US with Elizabeth Banks and Chris PIne. I don't mean to gush but as Tracy pointed out I have not been this impressed with a female actress since Michelle Williams.I think Ms Banks carries this film . I also loved TO ROME WITH LOVE . It is always nice to see Woody Allen in his own films . He and Alec Baldwin have the great lines in the movie. it was a fun lovely day with Miss Tracy and Laughter was all around . Remember you can buy my new cd on T'll next week. Many blessings Jeanie


Today I decided to replay the fun filled hour with my friend and fabulous singer Steve Tyrell. His new cd is out and he is all over the country performing . Many blessings to you Steve .We all love your sexy voice and the best jazz cats that play with you. I think my guys are really the finest jazz musicians but I love your men too. Remember you can go to to buy all my cd's.


Today was so wonderful to have as my special guest movie star Megan Fey. Megan can be seen in the brand new Adam Sandler film THAT'S MY BOY that comes out this Friday June 15th.We had so much fun talking about the multitude of movies and tv performances that has spanned a long and exciting career. Megan has worked with many of the great directors . She is a delightful kind soul with a great heart and makes one feel terrific just being in the room with her. Bravo Megan keep making us laugh and cry . I look forward to having you on again . Remember one can purchase any of my cd's at . Happy days till next week oxoxox Jeanie .


Today was a lovely surprise. My guest was a fellow Houstonian , Ms Kristine Mills. Kristine is going to NYC to perform at the fabulous Metropolitan Room on June 27th. She is also singing her song PATCH OF GREEN that we played today on June 20th for Concerts For City Green . She is a fun gal and writes beautifully . I also played JUST ANOTHER DAY and INFINITE LOVE. These are original songs by Ms Mills. It was an action packed 50 minutes. Many Blessings to all my listeners. One can buy any of my 4 cd's on Have a wonderful week. Jeanie

May 2012


Today was a delightful surprise. I had the pleasure of interviewing 72 years young Cary Hoffman. Cary is doing his one-man musical at Sofia's downtown theatre in NYC. His obsession with Frank Sinatra has served him well. His renditions of the famous songs of Mr .S are a treat to hear. We listened to NIGHT AND DAY and THAT'S LIFE. His career has been interesting in so many ways . I loved chatting with this charming man. I hope you will all go and see him lIve and in concert with the remarkable Tex Arnold on piano. Tex was my musical director and pianist when I lived in NYC. Have a lovely short week and Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes


Since we did not go to NYC, I decided to play songs from my current cd's all found on cdbaby .com. I started with WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES which is the title track from my third cd and dedicate it to my birthday dog. We closed the show with NIGHT AND DAY and in between TWO FOR THE ROAD by my friend HankMancini.I also included a lovely rendition of HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY on my 4th cd KISSES YOU AWAKE . It was an easy breezy day of music. Many blessings to all my listeners. JEANIE B


Today was fun. I was promoting me for a change of pace.I played selections from cd's 3 and 4. I started with HURRY ITS LOVELY UP HERE , and closed the show with Hank Manicini's MOON RIVER. In between I played WHERE OR WHEN from KISSES YOU AWAKE and LIKE A LOVER also from cd#4. I played my friend Steve Tyrell's AT LAST from his new cd. You may buy or download any of my four cd's at CDBABY.COM.
You can also goto my website and purchase.If you use that way of buying I wlll offer two free cd's 1and 2 for a limited time . Allow two weeks for delivery . Many Blessings till next week . Jeanie


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was a delightful hour with friend Doug Haverty. He is the playwright of AFTERSHOCKS that opens this Friday May 11 at the LYRIC THEATRE. He brought with him one of the stars of the play. lovely ,Julia Silverman ,and the artistic director JC Gafford. Doug's plays seem to be woman character driven. He understands woman and touches on their situations in a funny, yet meaningful way. Break a leg Doug . We love all your works whether musicals or serious dramas they are laced with pathos and genuine care. See you at AFTERSHOCKS every FRIDAY and SAT 8.00 p.m. thru June 16th. Also remember you can buy my cd's at next week many blessings Jeanie


Todays show was with SISTER JANET AND MS HUGHES THE FOUNDER . The charity organization THE UNUSALSUSPECTS does great work for teens in the south central area with their theatre and writing workshops . The gala in weeks to come is always a wonderful fundraiser and helps in a big way Enjoy my show.Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2012


Today was nice. I decided to devote my show to my music from my 4cd's available on I played three songs from cd # 3 NEVER NEVER LAND, WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES, and HURRY IT'S LOVELY UP HERE. From cd#4 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL and WHERE OR WHEN.I closed the music selections with SPEAK LO from cd # 1. I also read some of my poetry. It was a quiet nice day Many blessings to my wonderful LATALKRADIO listeners.


Today was special because I had the handsome, kind, and very talented actor Chris Wolfe as my guest. We chatted about his two wonderful non profit organizations that he works with. The first is Ninos de la luz or Children of Light, which is a network of orphanages rescuing street children and giving them a loving home . The second is Inside Out Community Arts which is an after school arts program for at risk youth in Los Angeles. One can go to their website at It was an informative fifty minutes that just flew bye. I feel blessed to know this charming man who is trying to get the word out and help these two great organizations . Listen to my show today and maybe you too will get involved with their mission . Have a great week every one. xoxox, Jeanie B


Today was so special because THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW had two fabulous musicians on the show. Tom Zink, who played the piano so beautifully at my birthday celebration April 7th, and his talented wife Anne Walsh, who sings with such heart and soul . We had a great time today listening to three wonderful selections from their new cd GO . I played CINNAMON AND CLOVE, JE VOUSEM BEAUCOUP. and SOUTH AMERICAN GETAWAY. The 50 minutes flew by and Anne and I shared stories and I loved listening to all the great arrangements Tom did on this wonderful new cd GO . Bravo Tom and Anne. Have a great show tonight at Spagatini's.


Today was a lovely show filled with more of my songs from my current jazz cd 'KISSES YOU AWAKE." I will be singing many of the songs from this cd and my three others at my concert this saturday April 7th at Vitello's. Have a wonderful easter and passover weekend for all my friends and fans . Many blessings Jeanie. Remember you can buy any of my cd's on

March 2012


Today was another lovely day of playing selections from my current cd ''KISSES YOU AWAKE". I also discussed my upcoming concert at Upstairs at Vitello's Jazz Room I will be there on my birthday . I played" What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life,"The Party's Over and" One For My Baby," Several other songs and closed with "Here's That Rainy Day."It was a relaxing 50minutes . I also read two poems from my book of poetry that expressed the feelings I was feeling on this day. Many Blessings and have a wonderful week Remember you can go to and buy this cd or any of my other cd's. I mentioned all four on the show today.


Today I was playing selections from my new 4th cd 'KISSES YOU AWAKE' . I have a birthday celebration concert coming up Upstairs at Vitello's. We wanted to play many of the tunes that I will be performing with my amazing jazz musicians.The guys are the dynamic sounds of pianist Tom Zink on the piano, Tim Emmons, on bass, Jim Honeyman on flutes and sax. I played NIGHT AND DAY, MOON RIVER, TWO FOR THE ROAD, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL, WHERE OR WHEN ,HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY and a song Tom Zink had on one of his cd's. I have had four prior weeks of fabulous male singers and Tom Zink last week , so we changed it up a bit this week. Many Blessings, Jeanie Brandes .Go to cdbaby .com to buy any of my current cd's.


The JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was thrilled to have my fabulous pianist Tom Zink on my show today. Tom and his lovely wife Anne Walsh, have a new cd out called GO . We listened to the amazing musical arrangements and piano playing by Tom Zink and vocals by talented singer, Anne. I played CINNAMON AND CLOVE,JE VOUSEM BEAUCOUP, SOUTH AMERICAN GATEWAY, and BATUCADA. The time flew bye and we had so much fun and are going to do it again with Anne in the studio in the near future. Enjoy this show. Tom's arrangements are spectacular . Till next week many blessings One can buy my cd's on


Today was such a delight. I was blessed to have as my special guest the amazing BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL on THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW. The critic Stephen Holden said"The greatest cabaret performer I have ever seen in my life." We talked about so much. La folks will get the rare opportunity to hear "Stokes" as his friends call him, live at The BROAD in Santa Monica, Ca on Friday the 9th and Sunday the 11th. For tickets call 310-434-3200. We chatted about so much and listened to his signature songs from "RAGTIME" and MAN OF LA MANCHE." This truly gifted singer and all round performer will be performing jazz and cabaret tunes that will be quite familiar. . The NEW YORK TIMES dubbed BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL as THE LAST LEADING MAN. I was thrilled to have this lovely and truly charming gentleman on my show . Many Blessings to all Fondly, JEANIE BRANDES

February 2012


Today The JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was such fun with my dear friend Tracy Pettit ,as we talked up a storm about the OSCARS . We both loved the speech by Mrs. Streep after her win for best actress. We liked Chris Plummer's speech as he became the oldest person to win, 82 years young. We both were thrilled for THE ARTIST and HUGO'S 5 wins. The dresses were wonderful this year. Viola Davis and Meryl Streep were be dazzeled with pure elegance. The awards show was full of nice moments. As always you can download the podcasts, play, and go to itunes to listen to the Jeanie Brandes Show. Have a lovely week and remember you can buy all my cd's on CDBABY.COM . Many blessings till next time Jeanie Brandes


Today was really fun because I had the pleasure of chatting with fellow Houstonian Steve Tyrell. Steve's brand new jazz cd I'LL TAKE ROMANCE dropped this month.We talked about everything from his beginning musical relationship with Burt Bacharach and Hal David to his idea for the new cd which came about because President Bill Clinton's daughter played his version of THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT as her first dance at her wedding. Their meeting at the Cafe Carlyle was a delightful story. This is a superbly produced cd and is aided with the glorious hands of Jon Allen who came on board today ,and Bob Mann whose classic jazz guitar is amazing.I am thrilled for Steve and it was a joy to listen to three selections from the cd and of course his signature song THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT. Bravo Steve. Many Blessings till next week Jeanie Brandes


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was a bitter sweet Valentine's experience. With the death of Whitney Houston, it was a time to play my loving romantic songs from my four cd's. We started with MY FUNNY VALENTINE from my first LOVE INTHE WORLD I REMEMBER then to WHERE OR WHEN from KISSES YOU AWAKE then on to SPEAK LO from cd number 1 and to MOON RIVER from KISSES YOU AWAKE. Dear Hank Mancini's favorite song that he wrote is TWO FOR THE ROAD and that was the last one I played. In between songs I read a few of my poems from my poetry book LOVE INTHE WORLD I REMEMBER. In all it was a soft and loving show that my listeners will enjoy . Be well, be safe, and many blessings Love Jeanie. You can buy any of my cd's on . Steve Tyrell is my special guest next week.


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was thrilled to have my friend and fabulous lady Deb Delaney as my special guest. Deb and her husband Michael own a flower establishment named Lyal Nickals that has been in business for 75 years. Valentines Day is a week away . It was a perfect time to talk about romance,and flower.I learned a great deal and I look forward to having Deb back for Mothers Day. For my listeners do go to to purchase my jazz cd KISSES YOU AWAKE which makes a perfect romantic gift for this holiday or any time. Until next week, Many Blessings Jeanie.

January 2012


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was fun and full of smiles because I had on the show my wonderful guest Miss Tracy Pettit. We chatted about the SAG Awards. We are both voting members and really loved the movies this season as we had mentioned on my Golden Globe show. We talked about all the winners from THE HELP and both liked the buzz THE ARTIST is getting . It was nice to see MODERN FAMILY win for best ensemble as well as THE HELP. We talked about all the individual winners in both movies and television. As usual, when Tracy is on board the time just flies by .So much info and so little time. For all my listeners enjoy my pod cast and hear our views and thoughts on this wonderful motion picture season. In a few weeks we will be talking about the Academy Awards. Until next Tuesday, Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes


Today The Jeanie Brandes Show had the pleasure of chatting with Elmore James. Mr James sang with The Metropolitan Opera.I had the pleasure of hearing him sing the title role of Porgy from PORGY AND BESS when he performed with The Houston Grand Opera in the 1980's We talked about his show Soul To Soul , a combination of African American and Yiddish folk music.We also talked about his creation of A Course In Genius a creative spiritual enlightenment training- program.Mr James has done so many things in his vast show biz career and he loves directing, performing, and mentoring young talent. Hats off to you Elmore . T"ll next week one can buy my 4 cd's on I love all my great listeners Fondly, Jeanie.


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW talked about THE GOLDEN GLOBES, which is the hollywood foreign press associations award show.My special guest was my friend Tracy Pettit.We agree on so many of our mutual favorites THE ARTIST, and MY WEEK WITH MARILYN .were our favorites. Michelle Williams the winner for MY WEEK WITH MARILYN had the best comment of the night when she said "I consider myself a mother first and an actress second , so the person I most want to thank is my daughter, my little girl ,whose bravery and exuberance is the example, I take with me in my work and my life."We had such fun and the 50 minutes flew by chatting about the clothes, the movies, the winners, the losers,and special stories that we had heard from hearing the stars speak at screenings that we had attended.It was a very full show and we had a ball. The music for several of the films was outstanding and since music is my life listen to the sound tracks as they become available. Till next week Many Blessings my cd KISSES YOU AWAKE is available on


THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was delighted to have as my guest the classy and talented singer Karen Akers. Karen had wonderful stories and sang live a little song for me in French. That was a treat for the listeners. We talked about so many things . We both had Stephen Sondheim stories. Karen has had many favorite moments in her career and as many will remember played the wife in the original 1982 version of NINE on Broadway with Tommy Tune. She is a wonderful singer with a deep rich voice and fabulous articulation. I will have her back in the future to play songs from her many cd's. Till next tuesday one can buy my 4 cd's on cd Many Blessings Jeanie Brandes


Today it is January and a new year 2012. I thought it would be nice to start the year off by thanking all my listeners for tuning in since last February . I love being here and bringing you interviews with great musical performers, actors and so much more. Today I thought it would be nice to welcome in the new year with selections from two of my 4 cd's for your listening pleasure. I selected tunes like NIGHT AND DAY, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL, THE FOLKS WHO LIVE ON THE HILL, AND HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY all from my latest jazz cd KISSES YOU AWAKE. I also played selections from my children's cd WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES. I played THE CIRLCE GAME, WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES,. and HURRY IT'S LOVELY UP HERE. I chatted about several of the songs . I wish you all a great 2012 . Jeanie Brandes

December 2011


Today my special guest is Tracy Pettit an actress and dear friend who loves movies as much as I do. The 50 minutes flew by and we will do it again when they announce the Academy Award nominations. We talked about all the Christmas films that are out now.MY WEEK WITH MARILYN is still our favorite and we adored Michelle Williams as Marilyn. We talked about HUGO, J EDGAR, WE BOUGHT A ZOO, CARNAGE,THE ARTIST, WAR HORSE, THE IRON LADY,and a host of other favorites . Tracy and I are on the same page, so our picks and favorite actors seem to be the same and for similar reasons. Many blessings to all my listeners for a HAPPY, SAFE, NEW YEAR . Till next week . Hard to believe we are in 2012. Fondly, Jeanie Brandes and


Happy Holiday to all of you. At the suggestion of my friend Tracy today was a Jeanie B day for every one to hear several selections from my 4cd's. I opened the show with a story I heard on THE VIEW today and then sang live THE CHRISTMAS SONG. I love that song first sung by Nat King Cole.I then played selections from my newest cd KISSES YOU AWAKE which is my first true jazz cd. I opened with NIGHT AND DAY, then moved on to TWO FOR THE ROAD on my first cd music by Hank Mancini, then THE PARTY'S OVER AND ONE FOR MY BABY" and WHERE OR WHEN all from KISSES YOU AWAKE. I talked about the glorious time I had making cd # 4 and moved on to the opening track on this cd with Brian Bromberg starting us out on bass with WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I concluded the song selection with the last song on cd #4 HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY. I hope you enjoyed the show today and will go make us a stocking stuffer with any of my cd's found at Jeanie Brandes . Many blessings and a joyous holiday season.


Today The Jeanie Brandes show was thrilled to have as my guest the amazing singer Marilyn Maye. Marilyn is 83 years young and performing New Years Eve at THE METROPOLITAN in NYC. We barely touched the surface of her career that has taken her all over the country for some 70 years. Marilyn was a guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 76 times. She has sung with orchestra's, recorded numerous cd's, and graced many stages most recently becoming the darling of NYC with her engagements at both Feinstein's and The Metropolitan. I look forward to coming to one of her fabulous shows and saying hello to a classy lady who I first interviewed on my ABC TV and Radio Show in Houston in 1973 when I was a very young gal. Bravo Marilyn we are all blessed to listen to your beautiful voice . Till next week remember you can buy my new cd "KISSES YOU AWAKE on CDBABY.COM


Today was a delightful fun filled 50 minutes that flew bye with my wonderful guest Michael Orland. Michael is the pianist, arranger, and associate musical director for AMERICAN IDOL.Michael began his career at the tender age of three when he played by ear the music to "Mary Poppins" after seeing the Broadway show. He has been with AMERICAN IDOL for 11 seasons and gearing up for number 12. We talked about his passion for songwriting, and a new interesting website project that will debut in January to help singers. This great idea was the brainchild of Michael's and his partner on the project famed vocal coach Peisha McFee who was my guest a few weeks ago. We had a ball and I hope everyone tunes in to listen to this informative interview about the music biz . Until next Tuesday Many Blessing to all and buy any of my cd's at CDBABY .COM. It makes a nice stocking stuffer for the holidays.

November 2011


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was so wonderful with my very special guest amazing stage, screen , and television star my friend Bret Cullen. We talked about Bret's two major films coming out in 2012. One is the new Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and he also just finished working with Barbra Streisand on MY MOTHER'S CURSE. Bret plays her love interest in the movie. We talked about PUNCTURE a film that was shot in Houston our hometown. I learned so much today from my wise,warm, and wonderful Bret about his early acting days with his first teacher Cecil Pickett and in LA with stage and film actress Kim Stanley. What knowledge he learned at such an early age. The time really flew bye and I am so pleased to call this wonderful talent and charming human being my friend .Mark your 2012 calender to see Bret Cullen on the screen. You can buy my new cd "KISSES YOU AWAKE" on Till next week . Many blessings Jeanie


Today The Jeanie Brandes Show was all smiles with the beautiful and delightful Katy Franco. Katy has been in remission with breast cancer for over six years. She and her husband Ken Phillips have written an enchanting little book called "Chemorella." This little gem has beautiful illustrations and tugs at your heart with humor and inspiration. The book is translated into spanish and english and is a wonderful stocking stuffer for adults, teens, and children. Katy and I laughed and smiled and just had a great time . She is teaching folks to laugh and look at the glass full rather than empty . I love Miss" Chemorella" and you the listener will too. Happy Thanksgiving and go to and CDBABY.COM to buy my cd "KISSES YOU AWAKE."


Today was lovely chatting  with my two special guests Shelby  Kocee, who has been  a guest on my show before and Katherine Bates. Shelby is playing the young Rose Kennedy in Kathrine Bate's  play  THE COLOR OF ROSE  which opens at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hill, California November 28th. The play is about three stages of Rose Kennedy's life told thru the eyes of three wonderful actresses on stage at the same time interacting with each other. Chuck Fries is producing and Kathrine Bates wrote and directs. My show flew bye as we chatted about all the Kennedy deaths and tribulations that  was a roadmap for destruction for the Kennedy clan. Rose Kennedy was strong and had a life worth remembering.  I look forward  to seeing this enchanting production. 
Until next week listen and enjoy my other shows and download The Jeanie Brandes Show  to your heart's content.  Many Blessings, Jeanie


Today THE JEANIE  BRANDES  SHOW had the pleasure of chatting with my guest actress and friend  Miss Tracy Pettit. Tracy and I talked about the upcoming flock of fabulous films coming out in Nov. and Dec.We both had the luxury of seeing several movies at the Directors Guild.With the film MY WEEK WITH MARILYN there was a Q&A with Michelle Williams who played Marilyn Monroe. We talked about CARNAGE  which was directed by Roman Polanski and brilliantly acted by Jody Foster, and Kate Whinslet,as the two wives. We talked about funny personal 
stories in regards to Marilyn Monroe and THE GREAT GATSBY, a new film coming out in the future. It was a a delightful hour that just flew by and reminded me how lucky I am to have such a lovely talented friend as Miss Pettit. Many blessings till next week. Do check out my 4 cd's on cd and my newest  jazz cd "KISSES YOU AWAKE."


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was pleased to have as my guests  the most delightful talented couple RENE  RIVERA,  and his  wife STACEY MARTINO.  Rene is   recreating his life on stage at The El Portal Theatre in  North Hollywood Ca. in his one man show" THE KING OF THE DESERT." This autobiographical tale weaves through the life of a Mexican American boy's journey of self -discovery and the realization of his dreams.  We chatted about Rene's theatrical  history which takes him to NYC and the famous Julliard School. We talked about Stacey as the playwright of this piece and her children's book and how they met,got married, and now have two beautiful children.It was a heartfelt show with two of the most enchanting  gifted people . Please do not miss the opportunity to see  Mr Rivera on stage.I  am blessed to have seen the show and gotten the chance to chat with my new friends Rene and  Stacey.

October 2011


Today  THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW  was a  day for playing selected songs from my four cd's. They are all available at cd baby. com,my website, and  iTunes . I played songs from my first cd. "MY FUNNY VALENTINE" and "SPEAK LO ". It was fun to hear my great musicians. Then I played selections from cd number 3 "WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES,"  "THE CIRCLE GAME," and the opening track ''NEVER NEVER LAND."I chatted about my fabulous guys  Shelly Markham, who has played the piano on three cd's, my drummer MB Gordy, Robert Kyle on sax, Brian Bromberg ,on bass ,who opened  my new jazz cd "KISSES YOU AWAKE"  with "WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE" and a host of other talented men on various instruments . Tom McCauley beautifully  mixed two of my cd's, the first and the 4th. We closed today with piano and vocal solos with Jeanie and Shelly on the classic  "HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY.''  It was a nice  way to spend a rainy day with you the listener. I trust you will tune in to download or play and enjoy THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW . Till next week  many blessings.


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW  was  pleased to have as my special guest , Amanda McBroom,  who is best know for writing the award winning song '' THE ROSE'' for Bette Midler.  We talked about how it came to be and played Amanda's beautiful version. I was especially moved by her song'' ERROL FLYNN '' which is about her Dad who was an actor. Amanda's lyrics are passionate and powerful. We chatted about her upcoming performances in New York City at the fabulous METROPOLITAN ROOM. The rest of the show I talked about my wonderful evening at CATALINA'S  JAZZ  CLUB. Catalina pulled out the stops to celebrate her 25th anniversary of the club. The show started with  MB Gordy my drummer on drums, Brian Bromberg my bassist on bass, and the list of jazz stars culminated with the amazing voice of  Barbara Morrison  ending the show. I closed my  radio  show today with  ''ONE FOR MY BABY,'' and  ''THE PARTY'S OVER.'' Those two songs are from "KISSES YOU AWAKE."   Till next week ,thanks you for listening many blessings, Jeanie.


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW   was  delighted to have british singer   Barb Jungr  as my  guest. Barb has a new cd  MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT which takes us on her journey  of the most enchanting Bob Dylan songs. We listened to " The Times They Are  A-Changin,"  "Man In The Long Black Coat,"  and "Just Like A Woman."We talked about her current  tour thru the US. Next Tuesday she will have a two week engagement  at the  at THE METROPOLITAN in New York City. Barb is a lovely woman with a charming manner and her interpretation of  of the lyrics is quite special. We also talked about her children's  show that she created and premiered in London.  Bravo Barb,I know you will be welcomed here in a warm fashion. Again for all my listeners,  my 
new  jazz cd "KISSES YOU AWAKE ''   is available on CD BABY.COM


Today  THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was  delighted to have Anne Kerry Ford as my guest.  Anne has been an actress since her Julliard studies in NYC at 16. Her love of the theatre and her passion for music developed there.

The LA Weekly said of  Anne "a singer with flair for the dramatic soaring beyond cabaret into moving theatre." We talked about her  love of Kurt Weil and we played glorious selections from the latest cd WEIL, with a beautiful rendition of "Lost In The Stars"  and Anne's favorite song  "It Never Was You." We chatted about her appearance on Broadway in "Threepenny Opera" with Sting in 1990.  Anne has been married for 25 years to Robben  Ford a five time grammy nominee guitarist who produced her cd's. Bravo Anne, keep singing what you love.

Everyone enjoy my 4 cd's by going to "KISSES 
YOU AWAKE'' is  my latest. Till next week many blessings ,Jeanie

September 2011


Today the THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW  was  blessed to have as my guest singer, and vocal coach Peisha McPhee.  In case you are not aware, Peisha is the beautiful mother of American Idol runner up  Katherine McPhee. Peisha and I talked about her Mc Phee International Vocal Studio. We chatted about  her new website which will start on the internet in November. We talked about Katernine's exciting NBC series SMASH that will come to the network in February.

We spoke about her vocal  coaching  for season 10 of American  Idol.  We have both been performing for over 30 years and my new cd KISSES YOU AWAKE is available on along with my other 3 cd's.  It is a great time to be a singer and that  passion and desire to entertain and give back to others is important to both of us. Peisha has done such a great job as the mom of two talented children in the arts. Bravo Peisha, I look forward to seeing you again in November. Till Next week ,many blessings to all. 


Today was such fun.  My guest was Steve Rubin .  He is a producer of four films,  with his Fast Carrier Pictures Inc.,  the author of 7 books, and today he is on THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW   discussing his latest edition  of COMBAT FILMS . His fabulous book is being distributed by Mc Farland  and Company.  Steve is also versed in everything about the James Bond movies. 

This Friday his film ARCHIE'S FINAL PROJECT is playing in Los Angeles with a stellar cast of Mariel Hemingway, Joe Mantegna, Nora Dunn, and newcomer Gabriel Sunday. The film won best in its class at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival. I learned a great deal about Steve's passion for war movies and he is a delightful friend . Bravo, Steve on all your creative endevors.  I am looking forward to reading the book and having you back as a guest  to hear whats up next for you in the  film biz.


Today , THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW  had  a wonderful treat because my guest in the studio for the second time  is Mike Burstyn . Mike is lighting up the stage in North Hollywood at the El Portal Theatre. His amazing show JOLSON AT THE WINTER GARDEN is getting rave reviews by audiences and critics. I had a ball and loved every moment. We played SWANEE and chatted about the Jolson history . Michael feels he is channeling Jolson thru his renditons of over 20 songs from that era.  

There is a band behind him and three singers. We talked about so much today including his famed  Yidddish-language actor parents. The documentary KOMEDIANT about Burstyn and his family won the Israeli Oscar . Michael has been in show biz over 50 years and looks like a young man on and off stage. I guess it  is the passion we both have for making people happy which was Jolson's goal and certainly the desire of my new friend and fabulous talent Mr. Mike Burstyn. 
Continued success in the run of your show and many  performances to come. Thank you for blessing THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW with your sweet smile , loving manner, and great stories. Till next week many blessings .


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW was an after the holiday songfest with selections from both my cd # 4' "KISSES YOU AWAKE,'' and selections from cd#3 ''WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES.''  I played "NIGHT AND DAY,  " A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL," "MOON RIVER,''  ''THE PARTY'S OVER AND ONE FOR MY BABY.''  I played songs from cd #3  with the title track "WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES," ''PEACE," ''HURRY IT'S LOVELY UP  HERE," and ''NEVER NEVER LAND." I spoke a bit about some of the songs and we closed the show with the piano vocal solo of "HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY"with  Shelly Markham, my  longtime pianist. It was  nice  to change it up a bit and play some of my  music. As mentioned  before one can buy all the cd's on  or go to . Until next week ,many blessings coming your way  Jeanie.

August 2011


Today was especially fun  because  I had three fabulous guests  on THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW . My guests were  the two romantic leads from "NEXT WINDOW PLEASE '' Chris Wolfe, and Shelby Kocee, and  the playwright Doug Haverty . "NEXT WINDOW PLEASE "  is playing for three more weekends at the Group Rep Theatre in  North  Hollywood, California. Doug had been on the previous week and I  thought what fun it would be to have these very talented actors on to chat more about the play, and their roles in it. As mentioned  before the material is quite timely with  all the problems going on in the banking world. There are six female characters and one male character. The story telling is   told with such heart and spirit by the actors. You want to  adopt them all and come to their aide in life. One can tell by just by listening  today to how much fun the cast is having working together . Chris and Shelby chatted about funny stories and the joy of being in this  play together. Bravo ,Doug for  writing so well and getting a super cast . You have a winner here and a truly delightful evening that flies bye..  Chris decided to read  two poems from my book of poetry and it can be bought on Amazon. com. One can go to and cd  to buy my cd's.  I wish you all a lovely week and safe holiday  for everyone.


What a pleasure to have my dear friend Mr. Doug Haverty , on THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW. Today we talked about the world premier of " NEXT WINDOW PLEASE." This fabulous play is  running thru September 17th  at the Group Rep at  the Lonny Chapman Theatre. The  subject  matter of banking and the folks that work there is very timely. Doug is  a gifted playwright and this particular play has the most wonderful character developement. Doug seems to know how to create dialogue especially for women. In his  heartfelt  comedy we touched upon what prompted him to delve into this subject and  many more interesting stories. Next week we will be delighted  to have Doug back and two of the stars of the play. They are the romantic couple and it will be a joy to hear what they have to say about the process and all that goes with it. I look forward to my show and hope you will listen in to THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW  for next tuesday. Remember you can go to my website Check out my latest cd  "KISSES YOU AWAKE" on cd


Today THE JEANIE BRANDES  SHOW made me  happy because the studio was full of such light from my special guest and the best  drummer in the biz my friend  MB Gordy. MB is fun and the hour flew by .We  touched the surface on his fantastic career.  I was a  lucky gal  when he played on my cd number 3."When I Look In You Eyes." MB got a masters in ethnic percussion and has played for the likes of the Doobie Brothers and Rita Coolidge and a host of others including Neil Diamond and Josh Groban. His film  and tv credits are as long a  list as the symphony  and orchestra gigs. We chatted about three of the songs we played and  talked about the importance of the drummer and percussionist  in the mix for jazz , pop,and concerts.   I had so much more to ask and I will have to save it for another  wonderful time with MB. What a delightful hour. Tune in and download and listen. You will be glad you did. You can also go to  and buy my 4 cd's on cd Till next week happy listening.


Today  THE JEANIE  BRANDES  SHOW   was really fun and  blessed to have  as my special guest Mr. Brent Spiner. Brent as many of my listeners  are aware was the character "Data" on 178 episodes of STAR TREK  THE NEXT GENERATION.He also recreated this character in 4 STAR TREK  movies.We chatted about so much. I was  thrilled to  hear about his brand new web series "FRESH HELL " which I viewed and I hear  they have had  150.000 thousand  folks that laughed  as well. Brent's career has taken so many wonderful  turns.He played the leading role of John Adams In "1776" and we chatted about how that came about and we talked about his stint in one of my all time favorite shows "SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE.'' I mentioned my Stephen Sondheim experience.We  chatted about his cd  DREAMLAND  released in 2008 . I also want to mention his  online site 'THE REAL BRENT SPINER.'  Thank you Brent for making me smile and laugh today. One can buy my 4th cd "KISSES YOU AWAKE"  on and my other three there as well or go to


Today  The Jeanie Brandes Show chatted with Judy Wexler , a jazz singer with a lovely new  cd "Under A Painted Sky".  I love the title. Judy's 12 songs came to life with  fabulous arrangements by her  pianist Alan Pasqua and a savvy group of jazz musicians.  We played "An Occasional  Man," "Whisper Not," and "Last TIme For Love.".Each tune had a different flavor and the fun on" An Occasional Man "made us both smile. We spoke about her musical back round and her upcoming cd release party this Saturday evening at 8:00 at Vitello's in Studio City. Many good things coming your way Judy. You can go to to listen and you can go to my website and listen or buy any of  my  4 cd's  at and cd Have a lovely week everyone. Listen to any of my past 23 shows. I am having a ball  with  my wonderful guests  on LATALKRADIO.COM.

July 2011


Today, The Jeanie Brandes Show , like last week, went by  too fast was thrilled to have fellow jazz singer Roseanna Vitro on my show. Roseanna began her love of singing at the age of 12 .  Today , 12 cd's later her lush and earthy new cd ''The Music Of  Randy Newman'' is filled with touching songs from the heart and soul of Mr Newman. Each song comes alive and takes the listener  to new heights with Roesanna's elegant voice and  tender nuances. We chatted about her country beginnings on this journey that began in Houston nightclubs and  work with such notables as Lionel Hampton, Steve Allen, and finally to  the current  release  on Motema Music. Roseanna did 6 cd's with Kenny Baron and her work with Mark Soskin and Sara Caswell on this cd is remarkable. His arrangements and the use of the violin by Caswell was truly inspirational.. We listened to "Everytime It Rains"  from the new cd and two songs from  " Tropical Postcards." We closed the hour with a terrific version  of "I'll Be Seeing You." Hats off to Roseanna Vitro. I look forward to having  you back to talk about so much more.


Denise Donatelli, remember this name. Today the Jeanie Brandes Show was blessed with an amazing  jazz singer. Denise  brought me to tears more than once. Her  new cd . "When Lights Are Low" was nominated for two Grammy's.
One for Best Jazz Vocal Album and pianist , producer, arranger , Geoffrey Keezer for his arrangement on "Don't Explain."
My personal favorite song was the powerful and lilting rendition of "Why Did I Choose You." My new friend Denise has the uncanny ability to turn the lyric and take the listener on a journey that  captures the very soul of the person listening to her. Her voice is  crystal clear and the interpretation of this classic with the backing of the most wonderful jazz cats makes me speechless and that is not easy to do . Bravo,  Denise I am a new fan for life  and I value all that you are giving to the jazz world with your beautiful instrument..  Please listen to "When Lights Are Low" and enjoy all the cd's of Denise Donatelli. denise@denise


Today I was glowing and smiling from ear to ear  because  I had the delightful pleasure of interviewing Jordan Bennett, one of the most glorious singing voices around  and my friend. Jordan played Jean Valjean in LES MISERABLES and we listened to his version of "Bring Him Home" which brought tears to my eyes. We  listened to  three songs from the new cd "When I Was Me." My personal favorite is "Growing Up" that Jordan played for me in 1985. Then we had fun with "Sexy Beast."Those three songs are from his musical "Milestone." I laughed and heard wonderful stories of a career filled with such passion and remarkable vocal prowess. His chops are as good as they were twenty years ago. I am blessed to have had such a lovely hour. One reviewer said, "Bennett's silky, powerful singing voice is matched by his expansive  driven characterization" Please download and listen, and enjoy THE JEANIE  BRANDES  SHOW from Tuesday an be transformed to another place by Mr. Jordan Bennett.He is truly  enchanting , adorable, and lots of fun.. Many blessings my friend Jordan Bennett.  
Go to his website and mine


Today after 19 shows with LATALKRADIO.COM my musicians suggested I change it up and devote an entire show to  my new cd "Kisses You Awake." One can buy my cd on and go to my website I enjoyed playing several songs and hopefully the listeners enjoyed it to. I played the opening of the cd "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your LIfe"," Moon River," and discussed my long friendship with Mr. Henry Mancini. I played "Where Or When". "Night and Day" and" A Day In The LIfe of A Fool." We closed the show with Shelly Markham on piano with  a glorious arrangement of "Here's That Rainy  Day". I also read from my book of poetry and the title is the same as my first cd "Love In The World I Remember" .It was a nice easy breezy day after the fourth of July .Take a moment, have a nice glass of wine, and  listen to my singing.

June 2011


Today  The Jeanie Brandes show was so special because Phil Soussan was my musical guest. Phil has a brand new cd "No Protection" which dropped this month and the songs on the cd are really fantastic. We played the title track "No Protection'' which I loved. We talked about "Shot In The Dark" which Phil wrote and was the first huge hit for Ozzy Osbourne. Phil toured all over the world  with Ozzy. We chatted about his Paul Mc Cartney influence and his first solo album "Vibrate."  Phil is a vp with the Grammy's and has been a strong advocate for musicians rights on Capital Hill. I truly loved the new cd and Phil wrote and played all the instruments on the cd. He is a gifted performer and  it was a joy to have him as a guest on my show today. We wanted to play more songs and the time just flew by. I will look forward to another glorious hour with this outstanding songwriter, bass player,and all round delightful man.Many blessings coming your way for much continued success in all your endevors. I am a new fan and I know our listeners will be as well when they listen to a taste of the new cd.   Thanks Phil, I had a wonderful time with you.


Today was especially fun on The Jeanie Brandes show because my guest was fabulous  anchor /producer for PBS Mr. Ernie Manouse. The roles were reversed today. I had the wonderful pleasure of being a guest on several of Ernie's shows for PBS. Ernie has won three Emmy Awards  and the Houston Chronicle has given him the title of "Ultimate Interviewer" His show Inner VIEWS  is into its 9th season. We chatted about  many special  interviews.
Perhaps the one that stands out is The Stella Byrd Interview.We talked about Walter Cronkite,and his kind words to Ernie. I had had the pleasure of meeting Mr Cronkite as well.. We shared stories about the interesting folks we have met along the way in our careers .I laughed , I got goose bumps, and I had a truly wonderful hour that flew by . Thanks Ernie ." Y'all come listen now" as we say in Texas .Continued success in all your  endevors  my friend  Ernie Manouse. Download  THE JEANIE BRANDES SHOW and enjoy this entertaining hour and past shows  on Channel 1 . Tuesdays, LATALKRADIO.COM


What a treat we have today  on "The Jeanie Brandes  Show."  I am delighted to have as my guest Tony Award -winning actress and glorious singer  Melba Moore. Melba took me down memory lane as  we chatted about her past and present and  fabulous future. Melba just finished her new show at the Carlyle in NYC and a new cd is going to be recorded called "Forever Moore. "
We talked about many facets of the music biz . I had the pleasure of playing three songs that were really wonderful and different from each other . I especially liked "Lean On Me" where Melba  holds an extended note about 20 seconds. Melba's  mom was a singer and Melba sings from her tip toes. I could hear the R& B and the broadway  in her vocal quality.  Yeah Melba. I am so happy you are back and you have graced me with  your heart and soul today.. 
Many blessings coming your way..  I look forward to the new cd  and wonderful things on the road ahead. This year marks the 40th anniversary of her Best New Artist Grammy nomination.


What fun we had today on The Jeanie Brandes Show. I had the pleasure of having my dear friend Tracy Pettit and  funny comedian Dan Cummins on the show. Tracy had been a guest on my 2nd show . Today we talked about Dan's stand up,one of his favorite comics and mine Mr. George Carlin, and a host of  other subjects. Tracy chatted about  a funny story of a musical group "intestines"she was part of  as a little girl. She makes me laugh and they both have a  wonderful sense of humor. Dan has two comedy cd's  Revenge is Near and Crazy with a Capital F both debuting in the top 10 for the Billboard Comedy Charts. 
Funny ,both of our cd's came out in 2010. My 4th cd  "KIsses You Awake" can be bought on cd baby and my website. I had a ball today and cant wait to listen and download these two delightful people . Thanks for making my tuesday show so much fun.

May 2011


Today  I  had the pleasure of chatting with Mike Burstyn, a wonderful singer, actor,who started performing at the tender age of three. He has been entertaining folks on stage, screen, and television  all over the world. At the  present time he can be seen playing the "Jewish Robin Hood" 'Hershele" at the Baruch Performing Arts Center in NYC. 
In  September  he brings his protrayal of Al Jolson to LA. We talked about this lucrative career which has taken him from Israel to Holland. He chatted about many performances  on Broadway  where in so many cases he portrayed real people. Meyer Lansky for example. He won an Israeli Oscar for " The Komediant" a documentary about Mike, and his family, who were Yiddish theatre stars. I was educated  today and delighted to hear songs from his cd "Tomorrow" , and get a taste of yiddish folk songs . Bravo  Mike. thanks for a delightful hour.


Today "The Jeanie Brandes Show" was really special. I had the pleasure of chatting with Julie Budd. Julie has been singing professionally since the age of 12. She was a favorite on the  "Merv Griffin Show" and opened for Sinatra and Liberace to name a few.  Like having a crystal ball I said she should write a book about all her early musical  experiences and she is. The time flew bye and there  were so many more things to discuss . We will just have to do another show.  I played "Pure Imagination" a gorgeous song and beautifully arranged that gave me chills .We talked about all the ins and outs of maintaining a long and fruitful musical career . We also talked about her latest show at the Metropolitan,  "A Tribute To Dorothy Fields."This was a lovely show with a classy lady.


Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Roma Maffia, a wonderful actress known for her role on "TIp Tuck." She and Zev Yaroslavsky are being honored by "The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company." The Third Annual Benefit Creating a World Of Possibility is being held May  19th. This is an outstanding model mentoring program for youth in underserved and at-risk environments. The Unusual Suspects uses performing arts with  playwriting workshops  and performance workshops to help the youth develope self -esteem ,and a host of other issues that they might need assistance with.We also chatted with Jason Williams an alumni  of the program. The Unusual Suspects was the recipient  of the National Juvenile Justice Award and the National Arts and Humanities Youth program award .
Roma and  I had a delightful conversation as we talked about so many subjects. We chatted about Ron Howard discovering her and her many years working with The Unusual Suspects. Jason had wonderful input on his personal experiences with the group. I was blessed to meet these two charming individuals who are giving back in the world and  making a difference.


Today was really an outstanding show for me. I had the pleasure of having three  talented guests . Annie Potts, actress best known for "Designing Women" ,Mark Taylor a wonderful actor , director, and new friend, and Elliot Shoenman, playwright and author. They came together to talk about Elliot's award winning play "After Math" which opens at the Matrix Theatre In Los Angeles May 21st. The show will run for six weeks and was named Critics Choice by the LA Times  in its first successful run . Our time together flew by as we touched on so many subjects surrounding their three careers together and apart. The subject matter for "After Math " is suicide and a family being left to pick up the pieces.After talking to these amazing three new friends I know I will be moved to tears, laughter, and grace. Bravo, Elliot Annie just completed a pilot called "Good Christian Bitches" that I feel sure will be picked up . Please download and play this Jeanie Brandes Show and have a wonderful hour of great entertainment.  
Serendipity,  we meet by chance. Mark I am so glad  we met.


Today my   wonderful guest is multi talented saxophonist, flutist, 
composer, Robert Kyle.  All we needed was a glass of wine, candles, and the waves of the ocean in the backround.We chatted about his Jazz, Blues, and Brazilian flavors  when he plays. Robert has worked with Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald , Natalie Cole,  Carole King,Chaka Khan,to name a few.We listened to three selections from his newest cd and I wanted to fly immediately to Brazil. We talked about the different sax intstruments, his mentors, and wonderful places  Robert has visited in his musical travels. He is currently working with "Jazz Bliss Brazil"  and one can go to his website and find out where you can hear him live. I had a ball and look forward to us working together on stage again. We performed together at Catalina's in Los Angeles. He is the best sax player in this part of the world and I love his kind energy and genuine talent.Take a moment, and relax and enjoy my guest  saxophonist Robert Kyle.

April 2011


Today my fabulous guest  is 29 year old stage director for the Metropolitan Opera Mrs. Sarah Meyers. I was smiling the entire show because Sarah is so smart and her many talents are astonishing. i learned so much. Let me take you the listener on wonderful journey. She was the associate director for  Julie Taymor for Elliot  Goldenthal's " Grendel" at LA Opera and the LIncoln Center Festival in 2006. When Rachel Portman 's "The Little Prince" premiered at Houston Grand Opera in 2003, Mrs.  Meyers assisted Francesca Zambello then proceeded to stage the opera in NYC, SF, and LIthuania. We also laughed about some funny things that happened at various productions along the way. Sarah is very excited about directing"Lucia" this summer in Japan..In the fall  she will be hard at work at the Metropolitan Opera on new  productions of" Don Giovanni", "Faust," and Handel pastiche, "The Enchanted Island"... Please join me and listen to this delightful young lady  Mrs. Sarah Meyers. You will feel like you went around the world with us for these musical and opera highlights.


What a pleasure and fun I had today with my guest Leslie Danelian, the owner of Sweet Butter Kitchen , Cafe and Market. We laughed and I was educated on the true art of cooking and visual presentation and her artful flair. Leslie had a catering company before opening this fabulous place six months ago. She was a food stylist for two food  shows "Napa Style" and Next Door" with Katie Brown. Her signature cakes, cookies, and fresh flower wedding cakes have been delighting patrons for twenty years. Tune in and get hungry as we discuss this enchanting new place in Sherman Oaks California. A  Yummy  hour with lots of discoveries.


Today I had such a lovely time with Wendy Garfinkel. She is the director of programs and development  for Society of Singers.This wonderful organization helps all kinds of singers who have been performing for at least 5 years who are down on their luck due to illness or other factors .  We talked about the Ella Awards named after Ella Fitzgerald and the gala event is held every year. Past recipients include Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett,  and Natalie Cole. We  chatted about the role of SOS,and how folks   can get involved.  For over  26 years SOS has provided a safety net to the tune of over 3 million in support services to so many who have had no where else to turn. Singers have shared their gift of music with us day after day . 
Please remember that without them,our industry would have no voice. I hope you enjoy this informative and delightful show .I am a  singer and know the needs of this great organization is very special.


Today I had the delightful pleasure to have as my special guest Mr Doug Haverty. Doug is  one of the most multi talented persons I know. He is a writer, lyricist, graphic designer and  a  wonderful human being. His new musical" I Ghost'' has it's world premier  May 20th at the Lyric Theatre in Los Angeles. We played three fabulous songs from the show and Doug discussed them and the story of the musical. We then chatted about his play "Could I Have This Dance?" which I loved so much I saw it twice. We briefly chatted about his next play coming to the stage in August, "Next Window PLease." An interesting  footnote is that all of his shows seem to have a female protagonist. We chatted about that concept and discussed a trip to Vienna where one of the plays had been  presented. Again the hour flew by and we all need to go to the Lyric theatre in May and June for a wonderful fun filled evening.

March 2011


Today I had the pleasure of talking with Bob Seldon regarding his passion for  animals. We discussed  how we are protecting them now and in the future.  We  touched on some very loving points, as to how our special friends are  healers, thru music ,and all the ways they brighten our lives around the world.  "We are the voice for the voiceless"'  We chatted about rescue dogs, 9/11, Japan etc.We spoke about the work of the Genesis  Awards . They are  media awards that gives thanks to film. tv, radio ,and print media that does "good"  work. They are bonded  together with The Humane Society that is the real safety  voice for all animals. We discussed the plight of the wild mustang horses, the whales, seals,and dogs . Kristen Davis has worked so hard for the elephants.. I talked a bit about my third cd "When I Look In Your Eyes " and the title track  which is from Dr. Doolittle . When I recorded that  very beautiful song I was truly thinking about  my dog. This was a very informative hour that touched the human spirit for anyone who has ever loved all our special animals. Thank you Bob for all the great information. One can hear this song and perhaps buy that recording or my other three  if  you go 
to and go to JeanieBrnades. Till next week, many blessings to all.


Today I had the great pleasure of having Mr.Tom  Zink  as my guest on The Jeanie Brandes Show. Tom is a Grammy nominee last year for his arrangement of "In The Still Of The NIght " on his cd "Pretty World." He is an amazing pianist,  arranger, composer and all around  talented musician. We talked about his work with his  wife Anne Walsh on two cd's and spoke of  our musical work with Mr. Brian Bromberg. We listened to three songs "In The Still Of The Night" ,"So May It Secretly Begin "by Pat Metheny, and "Waters of March" by Jobin. It was an hour that flew by because Tom is a gem of a talent and had some very interesting musical stories and personal ones as well. I had a ball and love working with this man of so many talents. He has his Ming Dynasty studios .So listen to this amazing talent in the jazz world and download our wonderful show for March 22nd.


What a treat I had today on The Jeanie Brandes Show. I had the pleasure of speaking with  my dear "Mother Love. "  The time flew bye as we talked about everything under the sun.  Mother Love's career beginnings, family, diabetes, love, health,and her book "Half The Mother Twice The Love". She is the most wonderful  guest as well as the best talk show hostess here on LA TALK RADIO  Mon-Friday  2-4.on channel 1.
I had a ball and I know her fans and  my new fans will enjoy the ride. Tune in to hear stories maybe you have not heard on her show.


My show today was action packed As a singer, many friends asked me to give my opinions on the 10th season of American Idol. That is what I did for the first 20 minutes. I loved all the top 13 and talked about  their songs, their singing , and the judges opinions of how they performed. All thirteen sang songs of their choice. I had my favorites. I spoke briefly about Jennifer, Steven , Randy, and Ryan. 
The last portion of my show was exclusively  dedicated to  my new cd "Kisses You Awake"  which we premiered with my jazz concert with the best musicians in LA at Catalina's.  Today I played several selections starting with "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your LIfe"with Brian Bromberg on bass, and closing the show with "The Party's Over'' in combination with"One For My Baby." In between songs I told interesting stories about the songs. I had a ball.
Please enjoy the soothing sounds of my new cd here at LATALK RADIO.

February 2011


The Jeanie Brandes Show for Monday was lots of fun this week with our take on the Academy Awards Show. My guest was  Tracy Pettit an actress.We chatted non stop about the beautiful clothes and the designers for all the A list stars and nominees. Then we moved on to discussion about the winners. Both Tracy and I had seen all the movies so our take on the awards was  heartfelt and in the know. We had some personal discussions about the directors  and writers from the two winning movies" The Kings Speech" and  "The Social Network." For the last ten minutes of the show I asked her personal questions that I am asking all my guests. It was a fun laugh a minute and informative day .


My first guest was Mr Shelly Markham. Shelly  is my musical director for 15yrs ,a fabulous pianist, and arranger,and composer. First  we discussed my three cd's that we worked on together. On cd #2"Soul Serenity" Shelly wrote several songs and played the piano.On to cd#3 "When I Look In Your Eyes" he played the piano on this my childrens cd. .On cd #4 my new cd "Kisses You Awake" Shelly closed my  cd with the most amazing version of"Here's That Rainy Day" and he wrote music for several poems in my poetry book in 4th printing . We then moved on to talk about his long career,his musical influences, his thoughts on where he sees his career in the future,his proudest moments on stage,and his touring experiences,and lots of surprises and lots of laughter.I closed the show with several short questions that i will ask all my guests now and in future shows.  It was an effortless wonderful look into our music life together and the folks that have touched us along the way. Henry Mancini and Brian Bromberg for me. 
Barry Manlow , Elton John, for Shelly.