John Gardella


John Gardella grew up in Durango, Colorado and graduated college at Florida State University in Tallahassee where he graduated with a BFA degree in Acting. After graduation from FSU, John pursued his acting career in South Florida and eventually made his way out to Los Angeles in 1992 where he continued to pursue acting through sitcoms and soap operas. John has been married for 23 years and has 3 beautiful children.

In 1997, John put a halt to his love of acting and discovered his new love: being a follower of Jesus Christ. Leading men to Christ and helping men with their Christian journey has been a passion and a top priority in John's life for the last 17 years. As a follower of Christ I am commanded by Jesus Christ to go out and make disciples and share the love of Christ with others and that is a TOP priority in my life today. I have no theology degrees. I am just a man who has a passion for His Lord and for sharing His Lord with other men.. 

TRANSFORMED: "A man's life journey towards significance" is a show designed for the everyday common man to share his journey in life without Christ and with Christ as guests on a radio show with other men who are listening in. This show shares a man's obstacles this world places on him. Obstacles and stumbling blocks of Success, busyness, status, pride, ego, selfishness, jealousy, lust, insecurities, and the list goes on. It also takes a look at what it means to be the spiritual leader of your family, your community, your work place, and your church. 

At the end of the day, God calls the man to STEP IT UP and be that SPIRITUAL ROCK for those relationships around him. A ROCK firmly planted in the Bible ( the Word of God) and Jesus Christ alone....This show is about imperfect real men sharing real testimony of their life. These men CHOOSE to make the rest of their life focused on a life of significance.. LIVING a legacy.. LEAVING a Godly legacy. And to leave a Godly legacy, a man needs God the Father....needs the Holy Spirit...and needs Jesus Christ...It starts with a CHOICE...your choice. Come hear the heart of a man.. men who have made the choice to allow Christ into their lives to show them the path to a life of significance...JOIN US ON THIS JOURNEY !!!