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Jim Christina is certainly no stranger to the entertainment world. For years he played with a popular acoustic vocal group in the Seattle/Tacoma area in Washington State. The band Sundown became a name in the field until Jim moved back to Southern California. In 2008 Jim began writing a series of books about an Arizona Man Hunter in the 1880’s which has now snowballed into 11 novels and coming. With titles like “Requiem for an Appaloosa”, “The Dark Angel”, “Contraband Cowboys”, “Taggert” and “Still Waters”, any lover of western stories would appreciate the realism and grit these novels contain. Having been a frequent guest on ‘Around the Barn’ with Bobbi Bell and Nancy Zee, Jim quickly picked up on the tempo and immediacy of live radio. So, with conversations with Bobbi Bell to join him as Co-Host and Russ Aveson (no stranger to talk radio either) to come in as occasional guest host, he decided to launch “The Writer’s Block” a series of conversations with writers of fiction, non fiction, music, poetry, history and, well pretty much whatever people write and for what reasons. Wanting to keep the format loose and fun, Bobbi and Jim opted for a relaxed format to allow the writer to express themselves in their own way, with Jim and Bobbi steering the course. Jim and Bobbi think this is a wonderful opportunity to allow writers their say, the audience to learn what makes the writers tick and let the public know where they are going in the future.
Books available at Outwest Boutique & Cultural Center,, Barnes & Noble, and, all on-line book sellers.

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Thursday 6:00PM - 6:59PM
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KWTF is the brain child of radio host Jim Christina. Seeing a need for honest talk about current events, KWTF will offer a new way of looking at the news and the people that make the news. It's about time someone called a spade a spade and a Trump, a hand of cards. So everyone become involved and let's get the discussion going. Few guests, a lot of opinion and all done with the tongue out of the cheek and honestly evaluating what the f--- is going on both here and abroad!!! Not always comfortable, reverent or politically correct, KWTF is designed t get people talking, not spewing hate.

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May 2018


Our inaugural show on KWTF Radio was an absolute hoot. We beat everyone up, left no survivors and did it with out being Politically Correct! Tune in every Thursday at 6 PM Pacific for more of the same. Save your arguments, we love discussions!!!