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Abby Cubey is an Asian- American Pop and R&B singer/producer/songwriter and accomplished artist from (Cebu, rich in diverse music from all the globe) who is fresh in her style, writing and producing and working closely to develop a strategic marketing strategy. She is making use of the latest technology to reach a global audience and inspire music lovers of multi lingual origins.
Rich in diverse music from all over the globe, Abby’s birthplace, Cebu was an exciting hometown for the budding singer/songwriter. On one end of the spectrum, her home was filled with the 1950s classics that were her mother’s passion. Meanwhile, the city is so rich in traditional sounds, including reggae, rock and folk music, as well as the latest pop hits. "Cebu is basically one of the best cities in the country, so you're exposed to every type of music over there," explains Cubey. Abby moved to beautiful place in Leonardtown, Maryland for some reasons and she is not satisfied and she left her comfort zone for Los Angeles with dreams of launching her career as a performer.
When Abby was 11 she was asked to perform (singing a Celine Dion song-The Prayer) and that started her music career. She was also a DJ for MBC (Radio Nation 91.7 FM) known as DJ Abby. Cubey moved to the US (Maryland) and then Los Angeles with dreams of launching her career. After teaming up with JOJOKID MUSIC’s east coast producer/songwriter, Paul Drago (who worked with The Drifters and 3 Dog Night), she co-wrote and released a CD “Believe in me”, with the Spanglish club hit “Dame Mas Electricidad” introduced by her “CD Release party/performance” at the historic House of Blues on Sunset. To her credit, Abby has since released over a half-a-dozen singles and a number of CD’s all over the Globe and available on all the download sites. Awards have been given to her for 3 nominations at the LA Music Awards, the prestigious AKADEMIA best Electronica/Dance EP “iGirl” which was in consideration for Grammy nominations as best dance recording and production.
Her performances include Mandalay Bay Arena for the after-fight event - Manny Pacquiao, where she wrote “Man Up” and released for that occasion. it and her Valentine’s Day recording “What I Call Love”.  Other monumental releases are “Feel My Fire” a popular video and Car Song” covered globally in thousands of articles and featured on “The Car Show” and obtain millions of views for her videos. She cowrote “Tick Tock” the theme song for her radio show “After Dark Radio” and the Internet/TV Entertainment Magazine “LA After Dark TV”, both with Abby Cubey as host. Her music has also been covered by other artist’s releases.
As a supporter of education/health/feeding the hungry of children all over the Globe, she represents her foundation internationally with donations and fundraising for children with debilitating illnesses. Abby Cubey Foundation LLC. (CA). Abby Cubey also has a number of successful business including products that are health related.
“Being so young when I first started, I never really had a sense of who I wanted to be. Now things are really working out because everything that I'm singing, writing and composing is really me. I write songs that I strongly believe in and that are coming from inside.” Abby states, “I am particularly happy to be on the LA Talk Radio lineup, so I can entertain everyone in this medium, with special guests, provocative topics, music and phone-in audience participation. “

Show Time: 
Tuesday 7:00PM - 7:59PM
Show Description: 

LA After Dark With Abby Cubey is an exciting and creative Video and Radio variety show. Filled with interesting topics, exciting celebrity guests and very significant issues affecting our life, love and interweaved with Abby’s magnetic, charming and engaging personality.
“After Dark Radio with Abby Cubey” was originally aired on LA Talk Radio in 2012 where she aired many successful shows with artists, national authors, comediennes, sports legends and topical issue people, that touched the hearts of the huge fan base. This same vision will be followed with many new surprises and the most current and topics that are meant to entertain and stimulate a diverse and wide variety of viewers and listeners.
Another main focus is our reach out to our audiences for greater participation on the phone and maybe through video interaction to encourage the sharing of the thoughts of our fans and their feedback. We will have topics that are commented on and suggested by our viewers and listeners. Of course, there will be a roster of great guests for all to enjoy.
We have a special offering that is new and different form the last run. This is called the Abby Cubey Foundation where Abby is gathering funds and support for medical, education and food for children globally. This has been given accolades by US and International spokespersons. We’ll show pictures and videos of these wonderful activities with gratitude to all the donors and affection for those who are helped.
Of course, Abby’s music will also play an important role in the show and much like the great days of variety on TV like Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Sonny and Cher you will hear many of her compositions and renditions of other artists that can be found on her YouTube channel.  You will be the first to hear her upcoming studio recordings too.
Not to give too many surprises away. We may see you in your neighborhood, when Abby will be After Dark in the neighborhoods on the USA to interview the fantastic people she meets in person.

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