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Jaime Bronstein is a relationship therapist, coach and host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio. For the past 20 years, Jaime has guided people from around the world as they navigate the peaks and troughs of dating and relationships. On her website and in her in-person and video conferencing sessions, Jaime teaches her clients how to heal their past, love themselves unconditionally, how to be vulnerable, tap into their inner strengths and intuition, and live more authentically to achieve their relationship goals. Jaime is highly sought-after to share her relationship advice on various media outlets such as KTLA, ABC, NBC, and CBS News, YahooFinance, Reader's Digest, The Week, and Positively Positive. Jaime empowers her clients to become aware of the fact that they were born to have love in their lives – not just any love –the right love for them. Her book on manifesting love is currently in the works. Jaime has a BA in psychology from Boston University, a master’s degree from New York University and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica; enabling her to help her clients change their perspective; seeing each challenge in life as an opportunity to evolve as an individual. Jaime is fulfilling her mission of creating a positive impact while changing lives throughout the world. For inspirational content, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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Monday 5:00PM - 5:59PM
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Love Talk Live, hosted by The Relationship Expert, Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, is a show all about relationships- from "Singlehood" to couples to divorces/breakups, anything and everything will be discussed. Jaime is joined each week by various co-hosts and guests. Thought-provoking questions will be raised and discussed.  Life-changing content will be shared and viewers will be inspired. This refreshing and light-hearted show will leave you feeling alive and ready to manifest the love you deserve or simply inspire you to enhance the relationship you're already in. Tune in each week for an enlightened, eye-opening and fun show! 

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October 2020


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews the creators of the incredible documentary short, "Hunny Bunny." The film is about a couple who has down syndrome. Blaire and Susie, together for 16 years, share their lives with the audience; the ups, the downs, and everything in between... and through it all their relationship thrives! This film is about love; it's about the human-ness of every relationship. The love that this couple shares is beautiful and inspirational.


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview LA- based dating and relationship coach, Jenna Ponaman. Jenna shares her own inspirational journey to finding the man of her dreams, her fiance and how some steps you can take to ensure that you find the right person who is waiting for you as well! We discuss red-flags to look out for and how to know if this person is the one! We also talk about effective communication and compassion in relationships and how Covid is affecting dating and relationships!


Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant and the author of 27 books about energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. In this episode, she talks about her book "Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress, and Chronic Conditions." Also: The benefits fo healthy fear, the dangers of unhealthy fear and making space for change- once you've dealt with your fears, learn how to connect with the center of your heart chakra to gain power and insight about the "butterfly self" waiting to emerge!

September 2020


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews UK’s leading relationship expert, James Preece. Topics discussed are as follows:

-How James got started as a Dating Coach

-Where the best places are to meet new people nowadays

-Best Online Dating/Dating App tips

-The Perfect First Date

-What Mindset Techniques he recommends 

-What the future of dating looks like now

You don’t want to miss this jam-packed inspirational episode! 


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews author and psychotherapist, Mel Schwartz about his book, “The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the way you Think, Live and Love.” Mel says that depression is not always biochemical but rather it’s in the way we think, and he shares his drug-free solution to anxiety and depression; all jam-packed into this one episode. 


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Doug Vermeeren, the creator of the film, "How Thoughts Become Things." Doug shares with us how everything can be traced back to our thoughts and we have the power to create and manifest anything and everything that we desire. We need to make sure that we spend time with people and things that are vibrating at the same frequency and we need to start living as though what we desire has already come into our lives! Whatever it is that you desire to manifest is already out there; it's just a matter of making a clear pathway from you to it! Doug's film has a plethora of featured leaders such as: John Demartini, Meagan Fettes, Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Denis Waitley, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, John Assaraf, Travis Fox, Karen Perkins, and Marina Bruni.


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Dane Stevens, author of "Reclaim Your Power to Create Your Best Life: How to Permanently Heal Unwanted Behaviors, Chronic Conditions, and Addictions". Topics discussed are : -What NeuroTrauma Healing (NTHP) is, and how does it work to help people. -How NTHP can help people heal for good! -How NTHP can be incredibly empowering and life-changing!

August 2020


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews "Dream Bold Network's" founder, Kate Yurenda. Throughout the show, they talk all about the following: -The Law of attraction -Human potential (especially our innate superhuman abilities, healing, and conscious creation) -The Power of the mind -Energy healing and -Qi Gong  This is an inspirational episode you don't want to miss!


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Intuitive Medical Medium, Kimberly Meredith. Kimberly shares extraordinary information on how to make our immune systems stronger, how to heal when we are sick, how to increase our own intuition. She shares vital information from her book, "Coronavirus Top 21 Tips for Protection" and tells us about her new book coming out in 2021, "Awaken to the 5th Dimension."


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews divorce attorney Thomas Field. Thomas talks about a variety of topics including mediation, prenups and how to have a "smooth divorce." He also gets into how Covid-19 has affected how people are divorcing due to the current circumstances. Thomas is a top-notch attorney who has helped many high-profile clients because he is one of the best divorce attorneys out there and he is personable and beyond brilliant.

July 2020


Guest: Master Mingtong


Allana Pratt: 

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Allana Pratt talks about her new book "Finding the One is BS; Becoming 'The One' is Brilliant and Beautiful and is the key to attracting your ideal relationship.  She also talks about how intimacy is an "Inside Job," how to find your intimacy blindspots and how to expand so you can heal and show up authentically in this world and in your relationship. 


Aaron McCormic

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews author and entrepreneur, Aaron McCormick. Aaron talks about his book, "Unbounded; Journey to your within. Aaron talks about empathy, knowing your worth, healing anxiety and how to not let your past define your present or future. Aaron inspires people to live an extraordinary life. 

June 2020


Erica Weiner is a holistic health and wellness coach who talks about various topics on the show like, the difference between self-love and self-compassion. Erica talks about how we are the source of our own happiness, joy and fulfillment.


Dr Allen Lyka and Harriet Tinka:

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Dr. Allen Lyka and Harriet Tinka about their book, “The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life: Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They’ve Discovered.”

Dr. Lycka and Harriet share the difficult times they went through, how they got through them, and they teach how to live a life full of gratitude, love, forgiveness and FREEDOM!

May 2020


Eileen Hamra:

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interviewed the extraordinary Eileen Robertson Hamra! Eileen talks about her inspirational story of love and her book “Time to Fly: Life and Love After Loss” (available everywhere)! This is one of the most inspirational episodes I have filmed! You don’t want to miss it! Eileen’s positive outlook and perspective is phenomenal!

March 2020


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Relationship Coach Adriana Sorgi. She talks about her "Awaken Into Love" program where she helps guide singles as they navigate their way though the dating journey. Adriana and Jaime discuss the importance of vulnerability in relationships and why it is crucial to be vulnerable in order to maintain a successful relationship.


The amazing Ginger Bort was a guest on "Love Talk Live!" She talks all about how "Love is an action," she gives the viewers insights into what makes a successful relationship (she has an incredible and loving relationship with her husband) and she talks all about how food is related to love 100%. 

February 2020


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Vincent Genna, a psychic, licensed psychotherapist. He reveals the 8 common myths about relationships, how to attract and maintain your perfect relationship and why your childhood has everything to with your love life. 


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews the creators of the documentary "Living Love That Lasts." The documentary features couples who have been together for over 25 years. Jaime investigates the commonalties amongst the couples and asks the question of what it really takes to have a long-lasting authentic, romantic relationship. Link to the documentary's website:


On this episode of "Love Talk Live" Jame interviews Rahla Kahn and Richard Rossner who have been married for 32 years. They discuss the secret to having a long-term relationship and also they talk about their organization "Play of Play" where they use improv to help people heal. It is a very inspirational and moving episode that you don't want to miss!  


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Tina Louise Balodi and Alan Balodi, a happily married couple who have been married for over 20 years. This couple shares secrets to their success and tons of tips for how to have a long-term and authentic and real marriage. They are the real deal, and it is a very inspirational show. 

January 2020


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Life coach, Kelly Ferrell. Various topics are discussed including: The importance of self-love and knowing your worth in relationships, the importance of giving and receiving equally in relationships, and asking for what you want versus manipulation in relationships. They also discuss why people feel like they need to be rescued in relationships.


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Keiko Hoshino about how to heal from within which she learned from her involvement with "Happy Science" and as a publisher of Ryuho Okawa's new book about how his near-death- experience changed his life while inspiring him to create "Happy Science." Among the many concepts that are discussed, Keiko reveals the miraculous power that transcends all medical science. Tune in- this episode should not be missed!  


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews life coach and actress, Betsy Russell about her relationship journey. Betsy is very open and honest about her life and she reveals what she feels is the most important aspect to an authentic relationship. She also talks about how she helps people transform their lives and she gets into the loving work that she has done with inmates through the program "Freedom to Choose." 


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews life coach Nathan Smith about his journey to love. Jaime and Nathan discuss the importance of knowing what you want and what you don't want in a relationship and the benefit of looking back and being introspective about yourself and your past relationships in order to manifest the right love for you. 

December 2019


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Yunnie Kim Morena about her incredible relationship with her husband and her fascinating career in the food and fashion world. Yunnie shares her secret to a successful relationship and she discussed how food is love and can enhance any relationship. 


On this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews William Arnzt, the creator of the movie “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?” William has a new book out with a humorous tone called “How to Suffer... In 10 Easy Steps.” Topics that are discussed: Suffering or being upset is a choice and you have the power to either let external people/events affect you or you can choose to stay in your peace. Why people don’t talk about suffering is discussed and ways to be more vulnerable in order to connect is also discussed as a way to inspire the viewer to make that shift from suffering to peace. This is a must-see episode as it has the potential to change your life! Willam Arnzt is brilliant!


On this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews love coach, Jacqui Rubinoff. Jacqui talks about her pheromone enhancing products “Eye of Love,” and how pheromones can enhance a relationship or attract an authentic love your way! Everything from singles to breakups are discussed and she reveals her insights on how to flirt.


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Dr. Dravon James, founder of "Everyday Peace" and author of "Freedom is your birthright" They discuss ways to keep your peace in your relationships in the midst of the chaos and (sometimes) drama of the holiday season. After watching this episode, you will feel armed and ready for any interaction that comes your way this season and always

November 2019


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews intuitive life coach, Carole Russo. Topics such as empowerment, learning how to connect with your intuition regarding relationships, creating boundaries, and authenticity are discussed. This interview is full of inspirational messages and concepts. If you are ready to open your eyes and make that positive shift into the rest of your life, tune in! 


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Ora Nadrich, life coach and founder of the Institute for Transformational Thinking. This episode looks at how Mindfulness can help us live more truthfully and authentically. Topics covered are how mindfulness can help improve your relationship with yourself and your romantic relationships. Ora teaches how to to fully be present and conscious in your day-to-day life.


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Jessica Baker and Eran Eyal of the matchmaking site, The site uses Western Astrology, Chinese Zodiac and the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator to help people find their match. Topics such as self-awareness, self-love, being present and the importance and benefits of being in a happy relationship for the health of your mind, body and soul are discussed.

October 2019


In this episode of "Love Talk" Live," Jaime interviews registered dietician, Eve Lahijani about how your relationship can be affected by an issue with food and how issues in relationships may be played out in your eating. Unconditional love in relationships vs. body shaming in romantic relationships is discussed as well. 


On this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Brenda and Jim Potts (radio show host of "Listen up with Jim Potts), a happy couple who has been married for over 24 years. They share their secrets about what it truly takes to not just maintain a successful, forever relationship but also how to thrive in it and enjoy it to its fullest potential. This episode is inspiring to  viewers who are not yet married and is eye-opening for those who are already in a relationship. 


On this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews Pam Siegel and Leslie Zinberg about their upcoming book, “Grandparenting- Renew, Relive, Rejoice: 52 Ways to Mindfully Connect and Grow with Your Grandkids.” Available on Amazon November 15th. This episode is all about the love for grandkids and how to make that relationship as authentic and special as possible. Topics such as Non-Judging, Compassion and Gratefulness are discussed. Tune in to get inspired and feel the love! 

September 2019


On this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews Evan Bane and Ryz of “The Wake Up Experience.” The show is about their mission of helping people to experience accessing deep inner wisdom and an elevated state of being, resulting in the knowing of unconditional love, peace, oneness and joy! Their intention is to empower, uplift and inspire humanity through the healing powers of music, visual arts, self-discovery, education and LOVE!


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews author and motivational speaker, Michael Dyer. They talk about his book “Woke,” and introduce his relationship cards which help couples get to know each other better. Michael shares his dating journey and lessons he has learned from his past relationships all in service to inspire people who want to have a successful relationship. 

August 2019


Jaime and her guest, Dating and Life Coach, Christine Baumgartner discuss how to stop attracting the wrong person and how to start attracting the right person. Christine talks about her inspirational journey to finding the love of her life and how you can do it too!

July 2019


In this episode of "Love Talk Live" Jaime interviews Jeff Guckert, who is an educator at the New Roads School in Santa Monica, California. They discuss how bringing compassion, love and empathy into our children's education can set them up for a lifetime of success. 


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews life coach, Cynthia Lamb. They discuss how to change those repetitive cycles that prevent you from finding a lasting relationship, how to get past judgements in the name of love and how owning the mirror of judgement can change how and what a person attracts love! 


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews the extraordinary, Huffington Post author, Laurie Burrows Grad about her journey as a widow and her amazing book “The Joke’s Over, You Can Come Back Now: How This Widow Plowed Through Grief and Survived

Laurie is beyond inspirational as she teaches what to say and what not to say to someone who is grieving. A variety of topics are discussed: everything from closure to the importance of honoring your healing journey, to what it’s like to be dating again. If you or someone you know has been touched by the loss of a loved one, please tune in and read her life-changing book!

June 2019


In this episode of “Love Talk Live” Jaime and Comedian Linda Schwartz discuss the following topics:

-Calling in your love and being open and ready for it to arrive with no attachment to HOW it shows up
-Relationship to Self and how we relate to others (aka the mirror)
-Healing relationships with our parents can help all of our relationships;


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviewers Kat Trimarco, a very successful sex coach, spiritual psychology coach and published author and speaker. She is phenomenal, articulate and has amazing and unique advice to offer for singles and couples!

May 2019


In this episode of “Love Talk Live” Jaime and her guest, relationship specialist Gabriella Taylor discuss how to get past your negative stories from the past and change them in order to manifest love. They also talk about how to feel empowered and appreciated in your relationship.


On this week’s episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime and Dr. Michael Sinel discuss the benefits of practicing mindfulness in relationships and they discuss the healing power of being in a loving relationship.


On this episode of “Love Talk Live” Jaime and actor/comedian, Jamie Kaler discuss things to do and not to do in order to have successful dates. They also get into how to communicate best with your spouse and the importance of having empathy in your marriage.

April 2019


Jaime interviews intuitive matchmaker Quinnie Holland. The discussion is centered on how to create clarity on your dating journey that leads to your ideal partner.


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews a double dose of power house divorce attorneys. Check it out to hear about how to move through and move on from a divorce! Sarah Intelligator is a holistic divorce attorney and Jason Levoy is a former lawyer and now a divorce coach! Both are phenomenal and interesting professionals.


On this week’s episode of “Love Talk Live,” Life coach, Cass O’Neill talks about how to use your intuition when you’re struggling with whether or not to end a relationship and also how to be a fully expressed human being in order to have a successful relationship. Relationship therapist, Anita Chlipala talks all about infidelity- everything from how to avoid it to how to deal with it. Myths like “Once a cheater, always a cheater” are discussed as well! Tune in to hear the truth!

March 2019


Jaime interviews relationship coach Dr. Zoe Lumiere about her journey to the love of her life and how healing past hurts help you to open your heart to manifest the right love for you.


Jaime interviews internationally known Dr. Bonnie Goldstein about how to manage your emotions when you get upset in relationship and her husband Jan Goldstein talks about the romance stories in his novels. The couple reveals tactics they use to calm down when they are upset with one another.

February 2019


Today on “Love Talk Live,” Jaime interviews Michelle and Daniel Schnider about their love story. They discuss how to have a forever, authentic romantic relationship…. what it takes to form one and what it takes to sustain it.


In this episode of “Love Talk Live” Jaime and her guests, intuitive Susan King and social work Danielle Tobias discuss how to manifest the right love for you.


In this week’s episode, Jaime answers hew viewer’s relationship advice questions with guest, Kim Garner

January 2019


Join Jaime and her guests, Karen Scott Ozeri,  and Courtney Palm will be discussing living in alignment, constantly creating the life you want to open space for the relationship you want and interviewing Courtney Palm about her book “Kissing Frogs”  and what she has learned about dating, and finding her forever love!


Jaime and Dr. Jennifer Sudarski discuss how hormones can affect our relationships and Jaime and Meredith Golden discuss how to be efficient and successful using online dating apps.

December 2018


Guests: Life Coach, Cam Kashani and Dating Coach, Cheyenne Bostock. Topics include: Getting into the dating world after a breakup or divorce and The Top Dos and Don’ts of dating.


Guests: Life Coach Nathan Smith and Dating Coach, Mike Goldstein. Topics include: How our relationship with ourself directly affects our relationships with others and how women understand how and why men operate the way they do.


Guest: Life Coach Michelle Schnider. Topics include: How to manifest love and if you already have love in your life, how to make your relationship better.

November 2018


On this week’s episode of “Love Talk Live,” Jaime and Carrie Pollack discussed the importance of unconditionally loving yourself in order to manifest “your person.”