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Jaime Bronstein is a relationship therapist, coach and host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio. For the past 20 years, Jaime has guided people from around the world as they navigate the peaks and troughs of dating and relationships. On her website and in her in-person and video conferencing sessions, Jaime teaches her clients how to heal their past, love themselves unconditionally, how to be vulnerable, tap into their inner strengths and intuition, and live more authentically to achieve their relationship goals. Jaime is highly sought-after to share her relationship advice on various media outlets such as KTLA, ABC, NBC, and CBS News, YahooFinance, Reader's Digest, The Week, and Positively Positive. Jaime empowers her clients to become aware of the fact that they were born to have love in their lives – not just any love –the right love for them. Her book on manifesting love is currently in the works. Jaime has a BA in psychology from Boston University, a master’s degree from New York University and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica; enabling her to help her clients change their perspective; seeing each challenge in life as an opportunity to evolve as an individual. Jaime is fulfilling her mission of creating a positive impact while changing lives throughout the world. For inspirational content, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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Monday 2:00PM - 2:59PM
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Love Talk Live, hosted by The Relationship Expert, Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, is a show all about relationships- from "Singlehood" to couples to divorces/breakups, anything and everything will be discussed. Jaime is joined each week by various co-hosts and guests. Thought-provoking questions will be raised and discussed.  Life-changing content will be shared and viewers will be inspired. This refreshing and light-hearted show will leave you feeling alive and ready to manifest the love you deserve or simply inspire you to enhance the relationship you're already in. Tune in each week for an enlightened, eye-opening and fun show!

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November 2021


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview speaker, coach, and podcast host, Amy Schadt.

Amy is a keynote speaker and women's empowerment coach who reconnects women with their passions, helps them break free from the stories that keep them stuck, and awakens their inner genius and confidence so they can live an unstoppable life. 

Amy is the host and producer of The Unstoppable YOU, a monthly live event where she gathers an eclectic group of experts to speak into how to get unstuck, so you can reclaim your power, and have happy loving relationships.

Topics discussed in this inspiration episode are: 

-How to Release your Stories for a More Loving Connected Life.

-How Radical Acceptance can Improve your Relationships.

-How to Create More Happiness and Connection by being the Assessor of Your Life.

-How to Become the Visionary of Your Life! - Live in Freedom and Create Connected Relationships with Understanding Your Stories.

October 2021

September 2021


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview the Best-Selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, Dr, John Gray. It was truly an honor to interview him. Dr. Gray has written over 20 books including his latest book, Beyond Mars and Venus. Dr. Gray’s books are translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries and continues to be a bestseller.

In this episode we cover the following topics:

-Dr. Gray's keys to having a successful marriage

-Tools to utilize when in conflict

- Healthy nutritional choices that create the brain and body chemistry for lasting health, happiness, and romance

-Natural solutions for overcoming depression, anxiety, and stress

This is a must-see episode as Dr. Gray delivers content full of wisdom and his vast experience. This amazing man is a genius, so tune in to watch this epic episode! 

Dr. John Gray's Free Gift: 

“How to Get Everything You Want in Relationships For Women, Men, Couples, and Singles”


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Laura Michelle Powers.

Laura is an entertainer, celebrity psychic, actress, model, host, singer, writer, and speaker. She is the host of the popular film and television podcast, “Behind the Scenes with Laura Powers,” She is the author of 8 books. Laura has been featured on several television channels and networks including BuzzFeed, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW.


Topics that are covered are as follows:

-Surprising ways to manifest your dream life and love life

- How to use your intuition to follow your passion

-How to live life from your authentic self and trust yourself

- The importance of acceptance in life vs. resistance 

- How to tune into your creativity

August 2021


This week on "Love Talk Live" I interview coach, Cam Kashani; a four-time Award-Nominated Sacred Queen Embodiment Guide, Awakened Leadership Expert, and Inspirational Speaker, leading women to their true, authentic, core power — allowing them to embody their inner Queen. She hosts a popular podcast called “The Cam Kashani Show”, focused on ‘Redefining Beauty, Body, and Self. Cam is also known as the "Godmother of Silicon Beach" as she was the first one to start a co-working space in Los Angeles.

Topics that are discussed in this inspirational episode are as follows:

-How to connect with your inner goddess

-Cam's "Sacred Queen Community" and how to join

-How to love yourself, so you can manifest love

-Cam's journey through divorce and dating again

-How to shift your negative narrative into a positive one

-The best places to go to meet quality men 

July 2021


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I Interview Brian Davis, a financial planner who works with couples to help them keep the integrity of their relationship. As we all know, finances can cause a lot of stress on a relationship, so Brian is there to help couples navigate through any difficulties that finances may bring up in a relationship and help them make important financial decisions together. 

Brian is not your typical financial advisor as he works hard at forming personal relationships with his clients so they trust him and enjoy working with him.

Topics discussed in this episode are as follows: 

  • Why a couple should be on the same page for their financial planning, which includes;
  • How financial planning can save a marriage
    • Transparency
    • Setting goals and holding each other accountable
  • Why an open dialogue about family finances is important for a healthy relationship      
  • How hiding financial information from each other can lead to unhealthy relationships and how to avoid the need to hide information. 

June 2021


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live, I interview guest, Angela Holton. Angela is the founder of "Love Sanctuary," an online spiritual and personal development site centered on helping women create the relationship and love they desire from the inside-out. She is the Creator of The Conscious Love & Dating Method, a modern and revolutionary approach toward dating and relationships and the author of The Secret Method To Conscious Love Workbook Journal: Deepen Understanding of Yourself & Improve Your Dating & Relationships.

Topics discussed are as follows:
-Angela's secret to manifesting love
-Her client's success stories
-What she has learned are the most important aspects of successful relationships
-Letting go of control- owning vs. blaming


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview relationship expert, Cheyenne Bostock. Cheyenne Bostock is a life & relationship expert, author, and motivational speaker. He is best known for his provocative content catered to helping single women attract their ideal mates, including self-help books Food, Sex & Peace Of Mind, and Dating Manual For Single Women. He has helped thousands of single women worldwide learn how to attract their ideal mates through his social media, books, coaching programs, and live events. 


Cheyenne has been featured on ABC's Here & Now, Good Day Fox 4, Arise TV, The Bill Cunningham Show, WBLS The Quiet Storm w/Lenny Green, Bossip, Essence Live, and many other media publications and broadcasts.


Topics discussed in this episode: 

-What do men really want?

-What is the purpose of dating?

-How can someone attract their ideal mate?

-What is an ideal first date?

-Best places to find a quality guy


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview dating coach, Mike Goldstein, a 1-on-1 Dating and Relationship Expert and founder of EZ Dating. Mike helps men and women make dating and relationships EZ. He has been featured on the Today Show, The Star-Ledger, Reader's Digest, and Shape Magazine. Mike's clients usually get into a relationship within 3-4 months of working with him and then in months 5-6 they learn how to understand the opposite sex, set sexy boundaries, and fight fair when arguing with their partner.


In this episode, Mike reveals the 5 ways that men try and test women to see if they have the potential to be in a relationship with or possibly marry. Tune in to find out these surprising tests so you can be sure to be aware of them when dating!!

May 2021


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” I interview a holistic celebrity doctor, and  "Raising Amazing” podcast host, Dr. Joel Warsh. Topics discussed in this episode:

- How to restore balance in your romantic relationship
- The importance of taking care of yourself so you can show up in life and your relationships as your best self. 

- How we truly are what we eat 

- How connecting with nature can benefit your life and relationships 

- How to keep your kids healthy, and balance parenting and marriage


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Emmy Award winner, Robyn Miller Brecker. Robyn, a spiritual coach, launched and then worked for Oprah for twenty years. 


After a series of spiritual synchronicities in 2018, Robyn’s life was transformed. “Seeking with Robyn" was imagined. She began what will be a life-long journey to understand who we are as souls. She is an intuitive, and a Spiritual Medium in the making! In addition, she established her Spiritual Life Coaching practice, so that she could help others get back on track with their soul’s plan. In March 2020, she launched her YouTube show which later became a podcast, "Seeking with Robyn." 


Some topics discussed in this episode: 

-How Ekart Tolle and a synchronistic session with a medium changed Robyn's life

-How a voice in her head when she saw her husband for the first time told her she was going to marry him

- How to listen, trust and strengthen your intuition regarding life and love

-How taking a risk in her career, going from Oprah to starting her own podcast, has turned into a major success

April 2021


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Joanna Hakimi, the CEO of; a website filled with practitioners who change lives just waiting to help you! Joanna has been a practicing psychotherapist for 20 years and is also a trained yoga instructor. Joanna and Jaime discuss many topics in this episode including:

  • How to change your lens of perception to enhance the law of attraction when manifesting love or within a relationship.
  • Mindfulness and being present in a relationship
  • Co-dependency and respecting Vs devaluing your SO's opinion
  • The importance of empathy in a relationship
  • Love addiction
  • Infidelity