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Inspiring others to reconnect to their inner self, finding the magic that resides inside them. A show about health, happiness, spirituality, and expanding one's mind to higher consciousness.

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Gail talks about her horse competitions. Bridgetta talks about skiing at Mammoth for the first time. 
Guest: Mas Sajady will be on air 
They talk about the upcoming Conscious Life Expo in LA in which Gail and Mas will hold seminars. 
Mas helps you transform/change your life by changing your frequency. He also does live readings for listeners, and he does a healing meditation that will help ALL who listen to it, even after the show airs. 
Mas' Bio:
An ordinary computer programmer who was gifted with extraordinary abilities after two near death experiences, Mas Sajady struggles to define himself as his gifts stretch far beyond the physical.  Mas has helped countless individuals effortlessly come into abundance in all areas of life which he believes is both our birthright and natural state of being. Mas helps to clear layers of distortions that keep us from this 360 degrees of abundance and he has been likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Materializing fast and tangible results, Mas works at a level beyond most known modalities and has helped thousands around the world transform their lives.

January 2017


Gail is broadcasting Live from Bio Care Hospital in Mexico where they do holistic treatments, oxygen chambers, stem cells, and all sorts of state of the art treatments. Bridgetta has been skiing in Lake Tahoe at Northstar Resorts (part of Vail Resorts) all weekend and said how it was the best powder and skiing she’s ever done. She is now in San Fran with her sister. 


Special Guest: Envision Festival Creator: STEPHEN BROOKS


The Envision Festival in Costa Rica is coming up February 23-26, 2017! Soulsisters is excited to be covering this event LIVE! We have the festival founder, Stephen Brooks to talk about Envision, the artists, the healers, the dream that he has created.

Envision Festival Mission: As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.
Stephen has lived in Costa Rica since 1995. He is the founder of Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living & Education, La Ecovilla, an ultra ecological, 45-acre Permaculture community featuring state-of-the art ecological technologies and abundant foods, and Tacotal Eco-Village, a Permaculture based community of 33 families of artists, healers, builders, activists and farmers from 5 different countries.
Tix and more info



Bridgetta is broadcasting Live from Sundance. Gail just got back from Brazil. Bridgetta talks about her fun photoshoot for The Artists Project and Wireimage. 


Guest: Dr Alex Paziotopoulos from Whole Health talks about what anti-aging really is, what you can do about it. Bridgetta broke her toes and she talks about the video she took of Dr. Alex injecting her toes with faster healing shot and a nerve block. Dr. Alex also talks about Heavy Metals in the body, and how to detox the body. Whole Health was a sponsor at EcoLuxe Lounge at Sundance, and they talk about what Whole Health really is and about their IV's and vitamins. 

Dr Alex got to give Christina Milian a vitamin shot in the butt and she filmed it on her instagram page!


Gail is broadcasting live from John of God in Brazil, while Bridgetta is back in Socal finally! Gail talks about the sacred waterfalls, and healings of John of God.


Guest: Marcie Bradley from Northstar: Vail Resorts is on air to discuss the recent Blizzard 2017 in Tahoe, and all that Northstar has to offer. From 2pm champagne toasts on the mountain, to kids ski/snowboard programs, daily marshmallow roasts by the fire, 5 course dinners in a gondola, experience nighttime snowshoes with an astronomer, to all 100 trails that Northstar has to offer with all types of terrain and experience levels, there’s something for everyone! 


Bridgetta is heading up to Northstar in 2weeks to get a feel for all they have to offer and do a story on it!


Gail is on her way to John of God, and Bridgetta just got back from Md, Fl, then Vegas!


Special Guests: Jonathan Hudson and Dr. Heike on how to experience True Love, Deep Connection, Sexual Fulfillment, and Healing Through SEX! Yes- Healing through SEX! Learn about Somatic Healing and The Pleasure on Purpose Healing System! How trauma is stored in our cells and how to heal sexually. 


Bridgetta had some technical difficulty today with her computer so she was on and off the air!


Gail and Bridgetta step outside the box and introduce: The Butt Guru: Justin Olguin. 


The butt. Your ass. Fanny. Tushy. Rump. Booty. Badonkadonk. The money maker.


Have you ever wanted to explore the wonders of the backdoor but are paralyzed by:


-Social Taboo?




-Lack of information?


Through stories, first-hand experience, tips, toys, and a little bit of science, you'll be prepared to:

-Explore your backside PAIN-FREE!

-Properly clean and prepare to avoid chocolate surprises!

-Experience new depths of PLEASURE from your nerve-packed rear!

-Spice up both your solo and partnered play!

-Know how to properly GIVE fingers, toys, and yourself to your partner(s)! 

-Know how to properly RECEIVE fingers, toys, and partners!


December 2016


Gail and Bridgetta have a few audio issues the first 2 minutes, but they announce the winner to Gail’s raffle for winning a free trip tp John of God. 


Their guest today is relationship coach: Anika DiGloria on air to help women with dating tips, what to do/not to do, signs to look for, and “What’s the secret to love & happiness?” Anika personally believes it is to find your passion and find out how that passion can help others. She loves working as a professional relationship coach for women.  She believes that having great relationships is the source of a happy and fulfilled life! Check out her new book, "Anxious Heart" on Amazon


Bridgetta discusses what Mercury Retrograde is, as the great planet is once again retracing his steps, just in time to clean our “closets” out right befoe the new year!

Gail and Bridgetta discuss Bridgetta’s red carpet charity event, Babes In Toyland, that Bridgetta hosts every year for her birthday. They talked about her LA party, and her SD pajama party. 

Gail discusses her upcoming trip to John of God in January. Bridgetta talked about the miraculous healings she had with Gail’s jewelry from John of God. Gail talks about the crystal healing beds and what they do. 

They talk about Sean David Morton who was supposed to be the guest on the show today but due to mercury retrograde that didnt happen! They talk about past lives, breaking patterns with a past life session or by a sacred San Pedro or Ayahuasca ceremony. 

They talk about the upcoming holidays.


Bridgetta just got back from New York and dicusses her trip, and her upcoming birthday party in LA/ Charity event: Babes in Toyland that is the following Wednesday. Both Bridgetta and Gail celebrate their birthdays in December. 


They talk about what they were thankful for during Thanksgiving and what they look forward to in the New Year. 


They talk about the power of manifesting, the power of thought and how powerful this is! 


Guest: Speaker/Intuitive/Shaman/Jeweler/Hypnosis/Healer Jimi Merk on air 


Jimi C Merk is a natural healing practitioner with an emphasis on energy healing and world shamanic studies, psychic intuitive medium, and hypnosis.

Jimi has been helping people heal for over 10 years. He finished his master healing studies on the big island of Hawaii on 2006 and opened the first Shine Your Light Wellness location in 2007. Jimi is studied in over 12 modalities of natural healing and uses all of his knowledge, practices, tools, and abilites to make sure that you are getting complete holistic and wellness care. Jimi uses multiple energy healing techniques, crystal therapy, aroma therapy, core practice, massage and sound therapy with clients. He also offers  lifestyle coaching for personal directive and professional goals.
As a psychic intuitive medium Jimi connects with your blood lineage and spiritual lineage to help understand your past in order to provide more powerful and direct guidance for your life today.  Jimi is world-renowned for his healing abilities, his teachings and intuitive work.   He travels continually sharing his knowledge with others through teaching workshops focused on topics such as astrophysics, sacred geometry, and metaphysics.   Jimi  also provides motivational lifestyle and professional inspiration seminars for corporations as well as one on one coaching for individuals.


November 2016


October 2016


September 2016


Bridgetta and Gail are Live in Denver at the Body Mind Spirit Expo. Bridgetta talks about her epic Burning Man experience. Gail gives Bridgetta a live card reading. Guest: Paul Hubbert joins them and talks about his Holographic Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls and how they clear energies, clean chakras, and stimulate positivity and healing. He gives a live 10minute meditation concert on air. 
Enjoy healing and balancing of the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, guided by higher-consciousness, a remarkable experience!

August 2016


Bridgetta and Gail are back together while on the road in Chicago. Bridgetta was up to some witchy stuff in the room the night before, yet in the am, Gail's friend had an exact vision of a witchy woman in the room playing a grid game-- well Bridgetta had been playing with grids the night before and asked for her guides help! They chat about an odd experience that occurred in their room in Raleigh, as well as a few other haunted experiences, and their love for the Ghost Radar App! Bridgetta likes to connect with earth bound spirits and help them cross over while Gail only likes to deal with the higher realm. 


Bridgetta explains what mercury retrograde is, and what to expect during this time. They talk about Feng Shui, and Guest: Lisa McKay comes on to explain Feng SHui further and how it can change your life!


Gail is still traveling in the UK and discusses her spiritual journeys. She introduces us to Louisa Crisp who discovered her own version of healing Past Lives in which she calls Oneness Healing. She talks about how in the beginning when we first came to earth, we were all connected as one until we disconnected. Her gift developed naturally after she took over her family’s farm in Cotwolds, UK, which is now a retreat center. Oneness Healing deals with going back to the first moment we entered earth, and releasing negative emotions from the body. By going back to where it begins, patterns will never occur again. She works with the client taking them back to their past lives, and asks if they can see it themselves. If not, she journeys back to beginning for them, as she can see all of their past lives. She says most people make something else up to avoid seeing the negative past, (we tend to view and see the happier ones instead of the ones you don’t want to see) which is a coping mechanism. Her work is intense and she has 2 books on Amazon: "Returning to Oneness”, and "From Chrysalis to Butterfly: A personal journey revealing how knowledge of our past lives can heal us today and divulging some of the hidden depths that lie between us all."

Bridgetta discusses her epic camping trip over the weekend and finally feeling like she belongs in San Diego. Connecting back to nature can really revive your body, mind, and soul.

Guest Michael Hrostoski is a well known Life Coach for Men that will talk about his "School For Men": Everything you eanted to now about being a man that your dad never taught you! He will also discuss the 10 myths ruining Men's lives! We also discuss the main fears that men have in their lives and discover they are very similar to women’s fears. If men and women are both wired different the way we think, its very interesting so see we have the same fears in life. If we can only learn to live through love and not fears, this world would change for the better!


Gail is in UK traveling and discovering new sacred sites, crop circles, sacred stones, wells, and about to go visit a haunted place where witches were hung and burned. Bridgetta discusses a theme in love that keeps coming up on waiting for the ‘right’ one. She also discusses her weekend in LA attending the Maxim party hosted by Karma International. 
Guest: Marvin Eptein from Karma International to talk about their organization and what they offer. Karma International is "An exclusive, private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional & inspirational individuals both socially & professionally. We are a collective of leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and adventurers who share and expand our spheres of influence. Through a variety of experiential events, sensational parties & elite social gatherings, we empower our members to forge lasting bonds and friendships, thereby enriching each others lives, sharing business ideas and enhancing philanthropic causes. "

July 2016


Bridgetta talks about the beautiful necklaces they both received from previous guest, Energy Artist: Julia Watkins. Gail talks about her close call scare with the huge LA fire that came on her property the past few days. Guests James Strole and Bernadeane from The Coalition for Radical Life Extension. Learn everything from the latest life extension science, to how to strengthen your immortal mindset, to ageless sexuality, nutrition, fitness and financial planning for forever. They talk about the upcoming in San Diego. Gail talks about her upcoming trip to England, crop circles, and sacred sites she will be visiting.


Gail and Bridgetta talk about the intense energy of the past week. They talk about their epic, wonderful healings and experience with Healer Mas Sajady who was on last week’s show. Today’s Guest: Mantra Expert, Jason Adams, talks about what mantras are, how they can help us in our daily lives, and his new website
Jason does a few clearing and balancing mantras on air for all listeners to feel and hear.


Bridgetta and Gail talk about healing and have Guest: Mas Sajedy on the show. He will be in Hollywood Wanderlust this week offering sessions.
Mas helps you transform/change your life by changing your frequency!
An ordinary computer programmer who was gifted with extraordinary abilities after two near death experiences, Mas Sajady struggles to define himself as his gifts stretch far beyond the physical. Mas has helped countless individuals effortlessly come into abundance in all areas of life which he believes is both our birthright and natural state of being. Mas helps to clear layers of distortions that keep us from this 360 degrees of abundance and he has been likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Materializing fast and tangible results, Mas works at a level beyond most known modalities and has helped thousands around the world transform their lives.


Bridgetta is Sedona and talks about the healing vortexes there and her experience. Gail and Bridgetta have Guest: Dick Larson on the show. 


Learn about the emergence of Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as UFOs and their spiritual connection to Maitreya's Emergence into the world. You will learn the answers to:

• What exactly is the “New Age”? 

• What extraordinary event is projected to occur? 

• Where are the signs of hope for the future? 

• Why is this a unique and special time to be alive?

June 2016


Gail is back from John of God and chats about the great energy that was experienced. Bridgetta had asked Gail for prayers/blessongs from John of God to help out a few things in her life, which came to fruition! Bridgetta did the entire show with her pet, Isis, wrapped around her head to prove a point that fear only lives inside your head. They discuss the Yoga Journal Live in San Diego event that was just this weekend and Guest: Dr. Alex Paziotopoulos joined in for the yoga conference as well. He was on the show to discuss anti-aging and how the process comes from the inside out. How diet, nutrition, movement, and attitude can keep you young forever! 


Gail phoned in from Brazil and we both did our first Facebook Live Broadcast! Gail talked about being at John of God in Brazil, the upcoming Full Moon/Summer Solstice Party, and the sacred waterfall. Guest was well known Psychic/Astrologer Sean David Morton who has written many books and is also the host of “Strange Universe” which talks about conspiracy theories to aliens to astrology.  He have us some insights on this coming year, the election, and we even had a little alien talk! Also we had Guest Rina Jakubowicz who talked about her upcoming Yogi Schoolhouse Kids Yoga Teacher Training at this weekend’s Yoga Journal Live in San Diego. We chatted on why it is important for kids to learn yoga. We also announced our 3 Day Instagram contest to win free tickets to Yoga Journal Live in San Diego this weekend. 


Gail phoned in while on her travels to Brazil to visit John of God. We had our dear friend, Angeliko Frangos, as guest host today with Bridgetta. The featured guest today was Kristen Dollar from worldwide known magazine: Yoga Journal. Yoga Journal is the #1 authority on yoga and the yoga lifestyle. It’s the brand for all practitioners—from beginners to masters—who want to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat. Yoga Journal is hosting events around the US called Yoga Journal LIVE with the next event in San Diego June 24-25. Marianne Williamson will be keynote speaker, along with the top Yoga Teachers in the US. This event is also sponsored by CorePower Yoga, and offers teachers credit hours, along with students to learn more and go deeper into their practice. Bridgetta will be covering this upcoming event, and joining their SuperYogi's Schoolhouse Program for Kids. 

Bridgetta is now writing daily astrology horoscopes and people are messaging in on how accurate they are! Bridgetta also does a Tarot Card Reading of the Day, which will be a new weekly thing for SoulSisters Radio. Check out Bridgetta’s new FREE daily horoscope readings on:


Gail talks about going to John of God. Guest David Young, a 2 time Grammy Nominated Musician who channels George Harrison & teaches soul ascension workshops.

May 2016


Bridgetta & Gail discuss ALL things John of God: who, what, where, when, why. Also discuss why the no sex rule?!! And what does wearing all white really mean?


Gail & Bridgetta broadcast LIVE from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii! They talk about a few of Oahu’s sacred sites: Birthing Stones and Heiau and what they are. They chat about a few of Gail’s seminars, connecting with spirits, loved ones, and clearing spirits. Gail does a clearing for all listeners using Bridgetta as a surrogate. 


Bridgetta & Gail talk about Hawaii’s Birthing Stones and what they mean. Guest: Energy Artist Julia Watkins is on the show and talks about the Energism Art movement. Her paintings are sooo powerful. Owning a piece, really invokes the energy of what its about. She channels energy as she paints and they emit such intense energy healing along with Reiki, that its incredible! She has paintings for everyone, and even makes jewelry from the paintings. Bridgetta owns so many pieces, and Gail owns a few as well. Bridgetta & Gail talk about how it doesnt matter about our past, it matters who we are as a person today. 


Gail and Bridgetta broadcast Live from the most Haunted Hotel in Canada. They talk about psychic protection, as Gail was very sick. We have Cindy from Quantum Wave Lasers talking about these healing lasers and what they do with the body. Guest Sridhar Siberfein, founder of Shakti and Bhakti Fest comes on air to talk about this wonderful yoga festival for mind, body, spirit that is next weekend, May 13-15 in Joshua Tree. He speaks about how yoga is for everyone. He talks about all of the well known teachers, workshops, music, love, and healing at the upcoming event. He mentions military and senior discounts, as well as the new kids program. Bridgetta & Sridhar discuss how healing starts with the child. Bridgetta mentions her new kids program, and they discuss how important teaching kids compassion, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation starting at a young age will transform our youth’s generation. 

Gail,Bridgetta, and Cindy walk down to the haunted room 202 to try and contact the ghost to find out what happened, why, and if they can help it crossover. Many strange occurances happen in the room. It’s very creepy, so listen in to hear what happened!!!


April 2016


Gail talks about upcoming New Living Expo in San Mateo, Ca event this weekend. She also goes into what a crystal grid is and her healing a shaman last week in Florida.Bridgetta talks about her profound Ayahuasca Experience allowing her raw self to surface, and her inner child to heal. She reveals how she was bullied earlier in life which affected her until her yoga journey. Bridgetta is starting a new kids yoga program to teach kids about feelings, prevent bullying, teach communication. Guests, Tim & Mike from Meddy Teddy talk about their new Posable Mindfulness Bear and how this can help teach kids self-esteem and empowerment. We chat about how powerful it is to reach and teach kids now to express feelings in a positive way, to stop bullying, which would allow proper child development and expression. 


Bridgetta & Gail broadcasting live from their hotel pool in their bikinis! Gail takes a caller and does a live reading and live healing. They talk about how Bridgetta taught Gail and her daughter Mommy & Me partner yoga on the beach. Bridgetta met a shaman who did some profound healing work on her in Florida. They talk about her upcoming Ayahuasca experience. Guest, Medium/Psychic Carl Seaver is on the show to talk about how he connects to the other side, his visions of the afterlife, how he connects to souls, and how you don’t have to be all holy on a pedestal in order to tap into the realm. A Harley Riding, rock and roll guy, he talks about the misconceptions of society’s views of what a healer should look and act like.


Gail and Bridgetta broadcasting Live from Portland. They talk about Past Lives and how to heal them. She takes a live caller and does a reading and live reading. They talk about how Gail got attacked by a spirit when they were in Raleigh and then it flew onto Bridgetta. Bridgetta has a friend who passed away and they talk about how they both felt her spirit in the current hotel room. They dicuss what lessons do we learn from people passing. Gail takes another live caller and does a reading and healing. They talk about mediumship. Guest, David from 5D Events talks about the upcoming LA show which features speakers, Gail Thackray and past guest, Jonathan Francis. Gail buys pheromone essential oils and puts them all over her. Gail talks about bottling Bridgetta’s armpit sweat and marketing that. They talk about bodily smells and how they can be attractive. Gail is wearing a sexy shirt, and they talk about the misconceptions of society’s views of what a healer should look and act like. They talk about how being judgemental is not spiritual, and learning that being spiritual you’re still a human being.

March 2016


Bridgetta and Gail talk about the Lunar Eclipse’s effects this past week, letting go, and renewal, which coincides with the Easter holiday. Bridgetta almost breaks her leg while getting trapped in a folding chair and Gail comes to the rescue….again! Guest Rachel Ginther from talks about her life changing products and how they’ve effected people’s lives in a positive way.


Gail & Bridgetta talk about mediumship, connecting to the other side, and how Christians respond to healing work. Guest is Mike from Manuka Health and they chatted about the healing benefits of Manuka Honey for the body, and what products they have to offer. Bridgetta shared her first sexual experience with honey involved, and Gail being tied to a bedpost story! Discussions of how healing happens instantly, and how tapping into childhood and past lives can heal where you are today.


Bridgetta is so excited to be back on air with the La Talk Radio family, and to be on air with her soul sister, Gail Thackray. This dymanic duo interviews each other so each of their fans gets to know the other. They take many callers, and Gail reads a few people on air. Guest is Jonathan Francis, a holistic life coach who talks a little about whole body health and healing.