Sugar Free Queen

Karin Adoni


Karin Adoni, “The Sugar-Free Queen,” is a certified Nutritionist specializing 
in healthy lifestyles, emotional eating, and sugar withdrawal. After suffering
from severe eating disorders for over a decade, Karin decided to completely 
change her life and devote herself to the practices of health and nutrition.
Today, her goal is to empower the lives of her clients, just as she did her own: 
by healing the mind, body, and soul through the power of food. 
Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Karin made her mark as the go-to nutritionist at
one of Israel’s most successful practices. Working with celebrity clientele and 
gaining access to some of the world’s best resources Karin was able to develop
her unique, top of the line approach to eating, looking and feeling amazing. 
Wanting to further her knowledge and experience, Karin relocated to New 
York City where she combined her passion for nutrition and fitness as the 
Head of the Nutrition Department at Reebok Sports. 
Karin launched Sugar Free Queen, an exclusive, private practice
based in the heart of Los Angeles. Her famous 21 Day Sugar Free Detox is a 
popular online and in-person Sugar Detox Program which restores the body
back to its natural state of balance through the eating of whole, healthy food.
Although derived from complex science and years of experience, Karin’s 
programs are straightforward and easy to follow setting them apart from 
conventional nutrtitional practices. 
Karin is a highly sough-after nutrtitional expert who speaks throughout the
county about her passion for the sugar-free life. Through a recent partnership
with Whole Foods, Karin now also instructs healthy cooking classes at various
locations throughout the U.S.
Karin can be reached at 347-302-2673 or for consultations and speaking engagements.

Show Description: 

Certified nutritionist specializing in healthy lifestyle and sugar withdrawal
Certified trainer and coach for emotional eating and behavioral changes
1.All About Kids Nutrition 
a. Creating healthy habits for your children
b. Making healthy decisions for your home 
c. The influence of junk food on your children 
d. The effects of processed foods on your body 
e. Healthy alternatives for the family 
f. Learning which foods and ingredients to avoid 
2. Sports Nutrition
a. Learning how to create, achieve, and maintain healthy goals 
b. Knowing which foods to eat to gain muscle mass, lose body fat, and enhance performance 
c. Knowing which foods replenish the body and help with recovery 
d. Making the right food choices for the right type of work out 
3. Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices (Sugar Addiction, The Impotency of healthy and balanced lifestyle) 
a. Explain how good nutrition can enhance quality of life: Sleep, mood, energy, weight loss, stress management 
b. Breaking the vicious cycle of sugar 
c. Understanding the various food groups 
d. Knowing how to create well-balanced meals e. Learning to read food labels 
4. All About the 21 Day Sugar Free Detox Program

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