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Diana Dehm


Diana Dehm is a curious social entrepreneur with a big vision and passion for connecting people from around the world to create our sustainable planet in the most non-traditional ways.

Prior to launching her sustainability innovation consulting practice, in 2009 she was a VP for two environmental firms, where she lead global strategic programs for Fortune 500 companies focused on corporate responsibility, which developed into helping organizations innovate their product designs, brands, media outreach, and services sustainably. She was asked to start a radio show in 2010 when the economy fell out, so she thought the world needed a little hope and a little humor with optional solutions...that's was when Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio was born.

Since that time she has uncovered solutions for the planet and interviewed amazing guests from around the world in the corporate, cities and communities, entertainment, music, entrepreneurs, technology, sports, government, military, colleges and universities, k-12 students, non-profit and NGO domains. She also founded, created, designed, and implement the internationally recognized "TRASH ON YOUR BACK® 5 Day Challenge" a zero waste citizen engagement program, and supported development of "The Plastic Ocean Project". Diana believes that there's no such thing as a crazy idea, and people are at the heart of making the sustainable changes we need on the planet, in support of kids of tomorrow.

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Friday 12:00PM - 12:59PM
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On Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm find out who is innovating and creating sustainable solutions happening on the planet – RIGHT NOW!  They are authors, scientists, politicians, the military, oceanographers, CEO’s for Fortune 500 Companies, Athletes, clean technology geeks, our next generation, The right – the left, the sexy the not so sexy, business finance experts, Major league sports, fashionistas, Entrepreneurs, and we’ve even had some rock stars. You are about to hear from some of the amazing innovation disruptors for the planet!  Ever dream of making boat loads of money, connecting the dots, while doing good?  That’s what we do…Hey it’s just a sustainable solution right?

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