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Author, Radio Host, Producer, Director, Fitness & Yoga Master and Creator of Tola Yoga, Rich Tola has produced more than 100 hours of original content across all media platforms.

Since 2006, Rich has taught more than 25,000 yoga students in over 2,200 classes throughout the U.S. Rich’s passion for fitness and healthy living has thrived for the past half-century, including 40 years of weightlifting to compliment his 12 years of yoga. His penchant for changing the world was evidenced by his most recent Reality TV series pilot, YogaStyles of Rich and the Almost Famous: Chicago. It was also in Chicago where Rich created his fitness style of Tola Yoga, designed to give you the best yoga workout in the world.

Rich also loves to rock-it on the radio! His weekly show, Tola Talks, is all about inspiring listeners with his “21st Century Talk for a No Bullshit World”. Rich also enjoys standup comedy and produced a monthly show while living in Chicago, The Royal Talent Showcase, featuring The Windy City’s best up-and-coming comedians and musicians.

From Investment Banker to Entertainer/Yogi, Rich has traveled the globe and seen it all. From humble beginnings in Trenton, NJ, the son of an old-school Sicilian barber, he received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) and his MBA from Northwestern University (Kellogg).

His witty and heartfelt memoir, Simply Between Millions: From Wall Street to Hollywood, is “a wildly entertaining and inspirational book on life never getting you down – even when you’re down!”

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Monday 4:00PM - 4:59PM
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Tola Talks is a weekly show bringing you Rich Tola’s “21st Century Talk for a No-Bullshit World”. From Investment Banker to Entertainer/Yogi, Tola gives it to you straight with his seven different segments including: If I Were President, Get Your Shit Together Award, Books-Movies-Music & More, World News, Rant & Raves (aka WTF), Fitness & Tola Yoga, and Celebrity Guest Interviews/Listener Calls.

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October 2017


Super fun time with co-host Vi talking #MeToo, Melania Trump and The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. Not to mention Marilyn Monroe and If I Were President I would legalize everything. Tola Talks is now available on Google Play and Stitcher where you can subscribe to our weekly show or download past episodes.


​On Columbus Day, Tola Talks all things millennial with Hollywood writer, Ben Smith Since moving to LA LA Land eight years ago, Ben has managed to survive by developing websites while pursing his passion as a screenwriter. As a follow-up to last week’s “If I Were President”, I would raise the Federal Minimum Wage and require our unemployed receiving benefits to get their hands dirty, helping America achieve the cleanest streets in the world…no doubt! In other news, Tola Talks Hollywood movies and gives a 5-star review to George Clooney’s The Ides of March, bestows the The Get Your Shit Together Award to a Judge in Michigan, plus “nudge” theory with this year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in Economic Sciences.


Kudos to re-launch of Tola Talks...we had a titillating show talking Hollywood film and TV roles with the lovely and talented Actress/Producer, Stephanie Drapeau.
Plus, before I introduce Stephanie at 27:41 minutes, I kick-off the show with some Presidential advice on how to solve homelessness and get every United States resident off the streets. I also give out the Get Your Shit Together Award to none other than The Trump Administration.
We also observe a moment of silence for the victims and families of those who perished or were injured in Las Vegas in the worst mass shooting in our nation's history, as well as for the way-too-early passing of one the great rock-and-roll legends of all time, Tom Petty.