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Tonya Davis has been an entrepreneur in Hollywood for more than 10 years. Born in Shreveport LA, but raised in Compton California, Tonya Davis found herself having to adapt to the realities of the hood. Tonya Davis received her wake up call when she became the daughter and law of The Founder of a notorious gang member. Tonya had a strenuous life and overcame many obstacles of sexual abuse, domestic violence, where she was stabbed by her Ex-husband, and faced homelessness with her two children.
Much of her success began In 2008, when she created the first African-American digital magazine for Hollywood, California, and podcasted her own radio talk show. Tonya Davis is not only an entertainment expert, but she is an expert when it comes to life. She is currently active against the fight against Sickle Cell Anemia with the KIS Foundation founded by none other than Showtime At the Apollo's KIKI Shephard.
In 2013 Tonya Davis took a trip to Shreveport LA and leaped into television by developing her own show, The Tonya Davis Show for KSLA and Bounce TV. Her show was developed to educate heal and inspire the communities.
Tonya Davis' journey continues. Equipped with lessons from her past, and an adequate supply of wisdom for her future, the words timid and scared have been replaced with bold and daring.
Tonya Davis realized that her past was her story, and her story was to be told, to heal, inspire, and change
Tonya Davis confirms, "We are here for a greater purpose than ourselves lets inspire the world with our stories, and let the healing begin with ourselves. Tonya still continues to take the media world by force by performing her very own Hollywood story.

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Wednesday 11:00AM - 11:59AM
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Tonya Davis is passionate/ sympathetic with a sassy fun attitude.
Tonya Davis is a television producer, talk show host and radio personality.  Tonya Davis will empower people thru self-determination, strength, and healing them of their pain. Tonya Davis will provide her guest with the kind of qualifications that will enable them to build up a healthy mental, spiritual positivity, confident and happy life.
Tonya Davis is humble, inspirationally uplifting, sassy with a twist of spiciness. She has a great positive gratitude nature, but not afraid to give it to you REAL STRAIGHT. Tonya passion is to empower  thru her voice, and show growing strength of a supportive environment for the people.
Always be Encouraged, Choose You, and Love Yourself

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