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Exciting, Pragmatic, revealing and funny Metaphoric Radio playing out life's daily issues through people dressed in pseudo personas.
In plain English... Naked radio is a Metaphor of people living out various issues and scenarios, (we call them Garments) presented as cool fashionable eye candy but inside rotting the essence of inherent greatness.  Every human at some point in life has tried on these Garments and was able to shake them off but some are lured into the magnetic charm and assume the authority of the Garments they wear. These are those who have fallen into an abyss, a cyclone, a force of evolving dissapointments looking for answers that are hidden by the cloaks of false authority. Blinded by pride, they can no longer see the greatness that has existed within all along.  
Naked Radio's mission is to strip the Garments of despair from the hearts of mankind and offer alternative Garments that complement one's true life Purpose... suggesting Garments of restoration, forgiveness, sobriety, peace, creativity, healing, encouragement, esteem, affirmation, confidence, strength and love

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Thursday 10:00am - 10:59am
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Naked Radio
Dan August The NakedCoachman
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