Michael Long


Michael Long started in radio six years ago with Journey into the Light Spiritual Radio! Since then, he has done daily radio shows of three to five hours a day, with many different guests that span the globe.

Michael has done over 2,000 shows and has the most followers on the network. Most impressive is that Michael's spiritual show has now reached an audience of over half a million listeners! When asked what his motivation for doing radio so long is, Michael's answer is simple. He says, "My show is the help that many people receive and need."

Michael's goal is to show people that they can reach what they want by looking at life in a positive manner without fear. Michael says, "Fear only holds us back from achieving all that the world has to offer us!" Lastly, Michael says, "I love to interview different guests and have them share with my audience, as I am a firm believer that none of us have all the answers, but we all have a piece of the pie!"

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