Cat & Kaehler

Catherine Grace O'Connell


Catherine Grace O’Connell is a Lifestyle/Fashion Influencer based in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Founder of The Fierce 50 Revolution, Catherine’s tag line is “Fashion is my medium. It’s not my message.”
Inspired by her love of the design process and her desire to bring beauty into the world, became the key to her recovery from a life threatening illness.
Catherine is known for her authenticity when it comes to women in their Second Act of life. She is a proponent of sharing the wisdom of midlife with women of all ages in a process of reciprocal mentorship. Her message is teaching women, regardless of age, to love themselves and believe in themselves.  With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Catherine has learned that life works inside out as she dives into the inner worlds of her guests to share a wealth of empowering information and inspirational stories. 

In addition to hosting Cat and Kaehler, Catherine is a writer for Thrive Global.  Catherine has interviewed top iconic figures, from Hannah Storm and Meredith O’Connor to Laird Hamilton. She has a gift of opening up the innermost world of the celebrity to show the intimate beauty that can only be found within. Her genuine compassion for each and every person she interviews is palpable. It’s Catherine’s mission to discover the true grace that exists in each and every individual.

Kathy Kaehler


Kaehler is an unstoppable champion for people ready to learn how to be happier, healthier and bolder in creating the life (and body) they dream of.  Kaehler has been inspiring women since the early 90’s when she stepped onto the NBC Today Show studio and believes it’s never too late to get started.  Her life-changing expertise has transformed lives throughout a career where she’s worked out, taught, trained, and cooked side-by-side with positive living icons like Jane Fonda, Katie Couric, Leeza Gibbons and the Kardashians. Fans love Kathy for her willingness to be honest and get real when it comes to stress, nutrition, positive living, personal growth, and the really important stuff like sleep, sex and how to deal with menopause.
When Kaehler faced a double hip replacement, she took a big risk and opened up to her platforms the fears, nasty scars, and everyday struggles as she worked through them, never holding back.  These emotionally-charged stories allowed her audience to see and connect emotionally with her as a real person.  She is someone who understands, shares the same worries and struggles, and best of all, she really, really CARES.
This passion for transforming her own struggles into positive and realistic health and fitness support that fits in to the real world has truly resonated and, after 30 years of helping people, Kaehler revels in the transformations she’s witnessing as she helps women of all ages take back control of their bodies, their lives, and the role they play in this world.  

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Tuesday 1:00PM - 1:59PM
Show Description: 

Cat and Kaehler LIVE talk radio, a podcast you don’t want to miss!  Hosted by Catherine Grace O’Connell, the woman behind the blog CatherineGraceO and former NBC Today Show fitness correspondent and "Better Living Expert" Kathy Kaehler.  Cat and Kaehler  features NYTimes best selling authors, entertainers, fitness experts, lifestyle experts, fashion bloggers, creators, moms and those who inspire all with a common focus…to FIERCELY  empower women of all ages through the lens of midlife.

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December 2017


If you loved the grace, beauty and glamour of Natalie Wood while growing up, you don't want to miss this extra special live video podcast with her daughter, Natasha Wood. Natasha and her sisters have launched a beautiful fragrance in their Mother's honor, Natalie.
Natasha has carved her own unique indie path as an empowered entrepreneur who lives to honor the Mother she adored, Natalie Wood.
Join me and my guest co-host Carol Parker Walsh and stay tuned for a FIERCE fun filled show that may stir up some special memories Natalie Fragrance.


If you're a woman at midlife with a desire to #BeHeard, you won't want to miss this live video podcast with the Founder and CEO of NetworkBe, Wendy Sweetmore.
She's a media disruptor and a master storyteller and who doesn't have a story in their hearts to share.
Join me and my fabulous cohost Carol Parker Walsh as we share Wendy's powerful story and journey to creating a special place to empower the voices of women NetworkBe

November 2017


Catherine Grace O'Connell is joined by guest co-host David Harry Stewart in a fantastic conversation with Ben Winkler, photographer/creator of Faces of Silver. Ben is a true Renaissance Man speaking 5 languages and a career that includes a shared Nobel Peace Prize, architecture, design, photography, and island bartending! His work can be found on


Susan Honey Good joins Catherine and guest co-host David Harry Stewart for an outstanding show! Susan has an amazing blog and Facebook presence empowering women over 50. She talks about her life and growth and the happiness and satisfaction that she gets from interacting with so many amazing women in her Sisterhood. Susan's website is


David Stewart founding partner  of AGEIST, award winning photographer of vibrant people generally over the age of 50!  “My first love, the one I will never abandon, is photography.”

October 2017


Charlie Albo and Donn Stewart come together with 2MEN2STYLES blog on their way to an empire. Check them out.


Lucy Danziger founder of hintd  A social shopping platform where users make lists of what they want, and discover recommendations from friends and influencers.  Your ultimate wish list of absolutely anything from anywhere.


KENN GRAY - Award winning Palm Springs interior designer, TV personality and style guru.  The Art & Design Director for Style Fashion Week and the Exec VP of Cosa Salvaje Tequila.

September 2017


Cheryl Hunter, two-time bestselling author and coach. Speaks on stages worldwide as well as on international news sources such as PBS CNN and Forbes.


Sara Harvey, a Vedic Educator and the COO of the Chopra Center stops by and shares what it is like working side by side with Dr. Deepak Chopra.  WOW.

August 2017


DANNY DE LILLO, London born actor shares what he loves most…everything!  And we LOVE HIM!




CAYTHA JENTIS,  Creator, Writer, Director and Executive Producer of The Other F Word Series.  This award winning independent filmmaker shares her 50 over 50 and so much more.


Heidi Nazarudin from Lets Conquer The World In Style, Blogger-In-Chief at The Ambitionista & Bosslady at Marque Media.  She is the LA girl on the go go go!!!  Don’t miss this show.


July 2017


Catherine Grace O and Kathy Kaehler dish about Fierce50 launch party with one of their favorite bloggers Karen Brooks


Christie Hefner, Former Playboy Enterprises Inc, CEO and Chairman of Hatch shares her continual and powerful story of reinvention from mid life and beyond.


From the world of fashion Super Models Nancy Donahue and Kelly Emberg

Nancy took the modeling world by storm in the late 70’s. She shares her extraordinary life in front of the camera, her dedication to fitness as a health professional and the creation of Belle Core.  Kelly, known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and countless advertising campaigns.  Today she  dedicates her time with her family and growing her food as The Model Gardener.


June 2017


Cat and Kaehler kick off their debut video show featuring an exclusive interview with popstar/antibullying advocate/UN Ambassador Meredith O'Connor and Director/Producer Illyssa Goodman to announce a true Cinderella Story on Meredith's life!