Hammer Away

Cynthia W Hammer


Cynthia W. Hammer is author of "A Good Case" and previous radio host of the "Hammering Away,"  show KCAA San Bernardino, CA.
She is also a member of a nondenominational church and a follower of Jesus Christ.  She is from Baltimore MD and supports many community outreach programs. For many years she has been recognized as a inspirational and motivational speaker on bullying and Faith.
Cynthia has received several awards including the Irwin Award, Best in Marketing  for completing a successful  East and West Coast book signing tour for first novel Iceburg.
The author has made front page headlines and has published several articles in the local paper.
Cynthia W. Hammer is happily married to a gifted percussionist.  Her novels, Iceburg and A Good Case are available at Authorhouse and on line booksellers.

Show Time: 
Wednesday 2:00PM - 2:59PM
Show Description: 
People have often asked me, how do you make it through the rough patches and get to where you are? On the "Hammer Away Show", we will discuss such topics. Because my answer is always the same. There is NO instantaneous way to success you have to chip away at it. People don't always see your beginning only the level your on. Not realizing there is middle a healthy struggle, that prepares you for the climb. Whether you bang, tap, or chip you have too hammer away at life. As if it was a bolder damning up a stream and when you bust it lose. You'll receive a flow of blessings from God. We will focus on education, science, actors, singers, musicians and authors.

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