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Dr Theo Kousouli


Dr. Theodoros Kousouli is an Intuitive Mind-Body Holistic Healer, author and speaker with a thriving practice in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Kousouli does radical life enhancement & transformation for those seeking top performance, personal power and a pain-free existence. He works with an array of people, from business leaders, CEOs, professional athletes, to celebrities and housewives. He helps his patients remove their challenges and find their inner power by reprogramming their mind and body via the nervous system.
He has also created The Kousouli® Method - a proprietary combination of healing modalities that encourages holistic balance catered to the individual. Along with his self-improvement book series, his new BE A MASTER® radio show reaches millions of people all over the world who seek enlightenment in this vital time in humanity’s development.

To reach Dr. Kousouli or become a patient, call 310-777-3463 or visit  For live seminar information, please visit For personal empowerment books and materials, please visit

Bridgetta Tomarchio


Known worldwide as a Model, Film/TV/Radio Personality, Bridgetta has graced the front of many magazine and film screens but has used her stardom as a pathway to teach others to live their lives to the fullest. A Holistic Health Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, NLP/Hypnosis, Past Life Regressions, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, and Shaman, Bridgetta helps reignite the light inside of each of YOU, to be best person you can be!

Journey on Tour with Bridgetta as she leads Sacred Soul Tours, a spiritual tour filled with Yoga, Fitness, and Healing Sessions around the world! Ireland is September 2018, and it's surely to be an angelic experience you will never forget!

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Thursday 12:00PM - 12:59PM
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Dr.Theo Kousouli’s BE A MASTER® Radio & Web show is a live weekly one hour event, with your two dynamically fun hosts; Dr. Theo Kousouli and Bridgetta Tomarchio. Together with their invited guests, which include prominent thought leaders, authors and celebrity entertainers, they help their audience get a better handle on their life challenges, while educating and informing through common sense logic, tough love and satirical sketches. Tune in for all the fun LIVE every Thursday 12 noon PT, 2CT, or 3ET at and all social media IG: @BeAMasterRadio @DrKousouli @RealBrigetta

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December 2017


Dr. Kousouli and Bridgetta discuss the recent raging wildfires that have torn through Southern California affecting so many lives; including their loved ones. The holidays can be extra tough on those who have lost so much, especially for people battling substance abuse. CARUS Recovery Center's program coordinator, Tina Gonzales joins as special guest to discuss how to get help from alcohol or drug dependency for a happier healthier new year - and life!

November 2017


Special guest: Celebrity beauty expert, Peter Lamas. Secrets are spilled on organically beautifying your skin, re-growing hair, using proper makeup, and how to obtain anti-aging status. Peter also shares how he stays looking and feeling so young with his personal health & beauty regimen!


In the debut of 'Be A Master' show your hosts, Dr. Theo Kousouli and Bridgetta Tomarchio introduce themselves and tell what Be A Master will bring to its viewers. Dr Kousouli discusses some of the health and self-help books he has written. They discuss the meaning of boundaries, stalkers, when a person is approachable, and Bridgetta shares some of her thoughts on dating & relationships!