Keefe Wright


Cleveland born Keefe Wright has spent an immense amount of time working not only volunteering in the community but he has also utilized his many skills to contribute to nonprofit organizations.  Keefe has a diverse background of experience from sales, hosting events, being an executive director at Inside and Out Project and now a business owner.  In 2019 Keefe found success in Houston, Texas being featured in the Houston Press, Amazing 102.5, TheEncourager and the radio show “It's your life” with James Cooley.  In 2020 Keefe relocated to Los Angeles, California where he contributed his business skills, ideas and creativity behind Radiate Motivate.  Keefe has turned this vision to a reality by structuring the company, raising donations as well as working with Monique to develop her skills.  Owner of Wright Insight, LLC Keefe’s main focus is consulting, marketing, organizing events, media and making sure Radiate Motivate is successful in the community.

Keefe brings a whole new positive perspective that has helped him overcome his hardest times while going through the prison system.  Through the Inside and Out Project Keefe contributed and networked with judges, attorneys, policy directors, bail bonds companies etc. Listen as Keefe openly talks about his techniques and disciplines that helped him to maintain self peace and has gotten him to this place.