Monique Valdez


Through personal experience Monique has overcome personal trauma, abuse, addiction, life-death experiences, divorce, anxiety, depression and much more in her background.  Professionally, Monique has been a productive manager, great student, business owner, volunteer but most importantly she made a choice to use her pain to inspire and help others.  Putting herself through college majoring in Communications at Arizona State University, her passion grew not just in Mass Communications but Self Communication.  Now fully applying everything that she learned Monique prides herself on being the human experiment utilizing growth tools that she has picked up through her education and personal healing.   She is walking into her passion of being a Motivational Leader and being vulnerable speaking about her past openly with a positive perspective.    

Tune in to listen to your Motivational Homegirl Monique talk about her life and keep real with herself.  This is all about exploring the unknown and to challenge our thinking so we can evolve.  Everything is unscripted & raw so we can have genuine growth to truly inspire thyself.  This project is a passion that Monique and Keefe have visualized for over 5 years together and has relied on this vision through their hardest times.