Reza Rifts

Keith Reza


Keith Reza is a stand up comedian based out of Orange County. At age 13 he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Never been able to make friends or explore romantic relationships Keith took his disability to the stage and started making people laugh.

He has appeared on NBC Stand Up For Diversity, Animal Planet’s Pit Boss, the pilot Terrible People, and CBS Funniest Tweets. He has opened for his comedy mentor Norm Macdonald numerous times. He also has a stand up special out called Keith Reza: You Can Hardly Tell.

Alan Lee


Alan Lee is an improvisation genius. He is also an actor. You can catch Alan Lee hanging out at the Comedy Store weekly. He appeared on Last Comic Standing and he is currently writing a movie.

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Tuesday 6:00PM - 6:59PM
Show Description: 

Keith Reza is back, with his partner Alan Lee, as they talk to stand up comedians and other celbrities not scripted or planned, they just rift and have fun.

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October 2021

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June 2020


Brian Moses is a comedian and writer known for Roast Battle with Jeff Ross


Craig Rainey is an actor, writer and singer. His new book Massacre at Agua Caliente: A Western Tragedy is now on Barnes and Nobles. Email him for a signed copy at


Jeremiah Watkins is a comedian and actor. He has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and has appeared on The Roast Battle on Comedy Central.

May 2020


Dave Sirus is a comedian and writer. He writes for SNL and has a new movie called The King Of Staten Island which is on demand.  


Mark Brazill is a comedian and writer of That 70’s Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun and The Chevy Chase show. 

March 2020


Hal Sparks is an actor and comedian known for Queer as Folk, Spider-Man 2, and Dude, Where’s My Car.


Corrine Olympios is a realty television star and comedian known for The Bachelor.

February 2020


Gareth Reynolds is a comedian and podcaster known for The Dollop. He is also a writer for Arrested Development. 

December 2019


Guy Torry is a comedian and actor known for Runaway Jury, The Animal, and American History X. 

November 2019


Jenny Zigrino is a comedian and actress known from Bad Santa 2 and Comedy Central. 

August 2019


Paul Williams is a composer and actor known for A Star Is Born, The Muppets, and The Phantom of Paradise. 

July 2019


Ron Funches is a comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central’s midnight, Undateable and Get Hard.


Carlos Mencia is a comedian known from comedy central’s Mind of Mencia, the movie The Heartbreak Kid and the Proud Family. 

June 2019


Allen Covert is an actor known for being Adam Sandler’s producing partner. Allen has stared in the movies The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore and Grandma’s Boy.

May 2019


David Cross is an actor/comedian known for Mr. Show, Arrested Development and Scary Movie 2.

March 2019


Jonathan Adams is an actor known for Bones, American Dreams, and is currently on Last Man Standing which airs on FOX. 

January 2019


Rich Little is a comedy legend impressionaist. He is known as the Man with a thousand voices. He has appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts. 


Kate Quigley is a comedian who has been on Playboy TV, Showtime and is the host of the podcast Date Fails with Kate Quigley.

November 2018


TJ Miller is a comedian known for Dead Pool, The Emoji Movie and Silicon Valley.

August 2018


Comedy manager Barry Katz returns to Rifts! In this real heartfelt season finale!


Barry Katz is the host of the podcast Industry Standards and is also one of the biggest comedy managers in the world. He has rep Dane Cook, Jay Mohr and Dave Chappelle.

July 2018


Doug E. Doug - Doug E. Doug is an actor known for Cool Runnings, That Darn Cat and Cosby.


Eugene Mirman

June 2018


Greg Behrendt - Greg Behrendt is a stand up comedian and author who is known for his book He's Just Not Into You.


Harland Williams is an stand up comedian and actor known for There's Something About Mary, Dumb & Dumber, and Half-Baked.


ISMO is a stand-up comedian from Finland. He has appeared on Conan and won The Laugh Factory's funniest comedian contest.

May 2018


Jamie Kennedy is an actor and stand-up comedian known for Scream, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, and Malibu's Most Wanted.


Christopher Titus is a comedian known for having his hit show Titus on Fox. He also appeared in Big Shots and Comedy Central.

April 2018


Anjelah Johnson is a comedian and an actress known for her "Nail Saloon Jokes." She was also a regular player on Mad TV, and has appeared on Comedy Central and Netflix.


Blake Clark is an actor known for playing Drew Barrymore's father in 50 First Dates. He has also appeared in movies like Little Nicky, Grown Ups and the TV show Boy Meets World.

February 2018


Kato Kaelin - Is an american television personality. He is known for being a witness in the OJ Simpson. He has appeared on Comedy Central and Howard Stern.


Christopher Titus


Fred Wolf is a director and writer. He has written movies like Joe Dirt and Tommy Boy. He was the head writer for Saturday Night Live in the 90's.

January 2018


Kyle Kinane is a stand-up comedian and an actor. He is known for his story-telling style. He has appeared in the movie The House with Will Ferrell. He is currently on Tru TV "Those Who Can't..."

December 2017


Pablo Francisco is a stand up comedian who has appeared on MAD TV, Comedy Central, and the Tonight Show.

November 2017


Alonzo Bodden - Is a stand up comedian and actor. Alonzo won Last Comic Standing and has a SHOWTIME special. His movie credits include Scary Movie 4, Bringing Down The House and The Girl Next Door.


Heather McDonald is an comedian actress and talk show host known for Chelsea Lately. She also appeared in White Chicks and is the current host of Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald.

August 2017


Andy Dick - Andy Dick is a comedian and an actor known for being in Newsradio, Road Trip, Old School and the MTV hit shows The Assistant and The Andy Dick Show.


Ritch Shydner - Ritch Shydner is comedian and a writer. He has appeared in Married with Children, Beverly Hills Cop 2, and the documentary I Am Comic. He has written the book Kicking Threw The Ashes.


Bill Farmer - Bill Farmer is a voice actor known being the voice of Goofy. He has appeared in movies like A Goody Movie, Space Jam and Robo Cop.


Jay Mohr is a comedian and actor known from Jerry MacGuire, Small Soilders, Ghost Whisperer, and Gary Unmarried.


Todd Glass is a comedian and an author. As a comic he has appeared on Last Comic Standing and toured with David Spade and Louis CK. He wrote a book called The Todd Glass Situation and is the host of the podcast The Todd Glass Show.


Larry Miller - Larry Miller is an actor and comedian known for his roles in Pretty Women, The Nutty Professor, The Princess Diaries and 10 Things I Hate About You.

July 2017


Josh Blue - Josh Blue is a stand up comedian best known for winning season 4 of Last Comic Standing. He has appeared on comedy central's Mind of Mencia and Ellen.


James Duff - James Duff is a writer who is known for writing the movie The War At Home staring Emilo Estevez. He is also the creator of The Closer and the hit TNT show Major Crimes.


Jacob Young - is an actor who stares in Bold and The Beautiful, General Hospital, and All My Children. He also was in the movie The Girl Next Door.


Nemr - is a stand up comedian who has appeared on comedy central and rolling stone magazine. He is a prioner of stand up comedy in his home country of Lebanon.

June 2017


Steve Byrne - Steve Byrne is a comedian known for being the creator of the TBS hit show Sullivan & Son. He was also in the Vince Vaughn movies Couples Retreat, and Four Christmases. He has a new Showtime special called Tell The Damn Joke.


Dan Cummins - is a comedian known for being the host The Playboy Morning Show. He has appeared on Conan, The Tonight Show, and has two stand up specials. He is currently the host of Timesuck with Dan Cummins on iTunes.


Frazer Smith - is a radio DJ legend, stand - up comedian, writer, and actor. He was on KLOS from 1979-1984 and hosted the late night television show Rock "N" America. He also stared in the comedy film Blankman and can currently be seen doing stand up comedy at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and The Improv. He is also on 95.5 KLOS on Sunday's for his radio show.called Frazer Smith "Too Hip."

September 2016


Jeff Garcia is a comedian and voice actor who has lent his voice for the movies Happy Feet, Rio, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. He is also on the show Mr. Box Office.


Meredith Masony is the creator of the You Tube channel That's Inappropriate. 


Michael Gabriel - is an actor and author known for Forrest Gump, Cry Baby, and has written a book called James Earl Ray The Last Days Of Inmate #65477.


Brody Stevens is an stand up comedian and actor he is known for his roles in The Hangover, The Hangover 2, Due Date, and his own comedy central series "Enjoy It."

August 2016


Billy Crank - Billy Crank is an actor, director, comedian, and producer known for the comedy sketch show The Marvoulous M show.


Maz Jobrani - Is an Iranian-American comedian who has appeared in movies such as 13 Going On 30, Dragonfly, Friday After Next and his movie that he wrote and produced Jimmy Vestwood.


Shaun Weiss - Shaun is an actor and comedian known for his role as Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks, Heavyweights, and Freaks & Geeks.


Ashley Bornancin is an actress who has her own web series in production called "Were Not Friends." She is currently the voice of John Cena and The Rock on WWE Channel Camp WWE.

July 2016


Willie Barcena - Willie Barcena is a stand up comedian who has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Waynes Brothers, and has three comedy specials one that is out on Netflix now called Willie Barcena: The Truth Hurts.


Gerry Bednob is an actor from the hit movies The 40 Year Old Virgin and Zach & Miri Make A Porno and The 5 Year Engagement.


Bobby Collins - is a stand up comedian and author.


Lahna Turner is a comedian has traveled all over the world, she has two comedy albums out on iTunes.

June 2016


Allan Stephan is one of the co writers and co producers of Roseanne. He has written for Saturday Night Live, HBO, and has a showtime comedy special out.


Ian Bagg is a Canadian comedian who has appeared on Conan, Comedy Central and the movie MVP2. He was also a finalist in Last Comic Standing.

February 2016


Mike Young is an writer and director who also does stand up comedy. He has appeared on Comedy Central and The Late Late Show, he is also the director of the new movie A Stand Up Guy staring Bob Saget which is in theaters in February.

January 2016


Craig Shoemaker The Lovemaster - Craig Shoemaker is a stand up comedian who is known as The Lovemaster. He has toured all over the country and had had written a book about relationship that was praised by Whoopie Goldberg and Dr. Drew titled Lovemaster'D.


Norm MacDonald - is an comedian, actor, and writer. He was on SNL for five seasons, he wrote and stared in the movie Dirty Work along with writing and staring in his own sitcom The Norm Show. Comedy Central has ranked him Top 100 Stand ups of All Time.


Ron Lynch - Is a comedian, writer, and actor known for Bobs Burgers, Dr. Katz, and Conan.


Argus Hamilton is a writer and stand up comedian. He has appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson over 20 times, and worked with comedians Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison. He is The House MC at the World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

December 2015


Bil Dwyer is a comedian, actor, and host. He has appeared on Last Comic Standing, Battlebots, and 101 Celebrity Opps.


Bobby Slayton is a stand up comedian known as The Pitbull Of Comedy. He has appeared in movies such as Bandits, Get Shorty, and Ed Wood.


Debi Gutierrez - is an comedian and author. She is known as "The Mommy Comic", with television appearances from The View, CBS, KCET, and Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Ghost Whisper". 


Steve Trevino is a stand up comedian. He was a writer for Carlos Mencia's Mind Of Mencia, having two showtimes entitled Grandpa Joes Son and Relatable which is currently on Netflix.

November 2015


Jeff Richards is a comedian known as the first cast member of Mad TV and Saturday Night Live to be on both shows. He has released music videos and is set to appear on Rob Schneiders new tv show.


Fred Stoller is an comedian, actor and writer out of Los Angeles. He has appeared in Dumb & Dumber, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Seinfield. He has written a book entitled Maybe Well Have You Back which is in bookstores now.