Shirlee Yantz C. Ht.


Whispering Zen HHP

I began working in the field of Holistic Medicine over 20 Years ago, being a massage therapist, skin care specialist and now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.
After graduating from Central Washington University with a BA in Communications and Women’s Studies, I knew I wanted to work with, and ease peoples personal and professional pain. – It took me awhile to get there but here I am.
In October 2015, I graduated from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, the nations first accredited college of hypnotherapy. And that started me on my journey to help change the way people see my career and how their lives can be benefited with a session or several.
Since then, I have also become certified in Gender Issues, Body Syndromes, Pain Management, Trauma Recovery, and several more. To help assist my clients in the best way possible. But my main niche is working with the LGBTQIA community, from the stress of coming out to general anxiety, and bereavement.
I am a proud member of the Post Major Incident Therapists Network, helping those locally and Internationally, when terrorist or tragic events occur. And a part of the Mental Health First Aide program, which helps identify and assist adults and adolescents in getting the assistance they need.
Every person I meet is unique and so are their journeys, you should be treated that way.
I believe in the power of Hypnotherapy, which is assisting the unconscious mind to accomplish amazing things, we do not claim to ‘cure’ anything, but help the client to help themselves.
I work with Solution-Focused techniques to show clients how to overcome issues positively and not negatively, there is already enough negatively that our world faces daily.
Like I always say 'Come as you are, leave how you want to be'