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LA Talk Radio Host your own show

LA Talk Radio is proud to present the most host-friendly Internet Radio station anywhere.

  • Our low airtime fee makes it affordable to host your own radio show right away, and provides you with everything you need to broadcast your show LIVE in CD-quality on the Internet, while being promoted on our website, iTunes, social networks, and search engines. Find your choice of available time slots on our SCHEDULE 1 or SCHEDULE 2.

  • NEW! LA Talk Radio now offers the option of a video studio to our local hosts who would like to feature their show on our Video Channel in live HD video streaming and on-demand viewing.
  • Using professional equipment and supported by a warm staff, imagine broadcasting from our beautiful LA Talk Radio studios in Los Angeles. If you prefer, or if you live outside of LA, you can broadcast your show from your computer, achieving the same sound quality as if you were in our studio.

  • You receive your own page on our website where your shows are archived for on-demand streaming and downloading, and where you can feature your sponsors. Your page will be easy to find and you'll be featured regularly on our front page.

  • Receive callers on our call-in numbers and interact with listeners from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of the mobile revolution and be heard anywhere, even in the car, with our own smartphone apps.

  • There are no long-term contracts or obligations.

  • Join a credible, respected radio station that knows what it takes to succeed, where people will actually listen to your show and where you can build your audience.
  • Most importantly, you produce your own show, say what you want, be yourself, and maintain complete control.

If you're passionate about radio, entertainment and media, or want to pursue promoting your business, getting your message out and receiving substantial exposure around the World, we make it easy so that you can broadcast the best show you can! CONTACT LA TALK RADIO now for more details.





Internet Radio is the Future of Radio

Radio listeners are experiencing a revolution in the way they consume their entertainment. It seems that more listeners are turning to the Internet for fresh audio content.

In his 1999 book "No Static," radio professional Quincy McCoy interviewed Jerry Clifton, a program director and radio station owner, who observed that Internet radio is where the new radio talent is going to come from. Listen to what McCoy said 17 years ago, echoing what everyone can no longer deny:

"The Internet-only stations have a lot going on. Cyberspace offers a great opportunity for young people. The Internet is probably going to do to FM what FM did to AM...The concept is that there are absolutely no rules...Just like the experimentation in the early days of FM, people are doing things that have never been done before..."

One has to admire McCoy's vision, to have been able to predict the future over a decade ago. Note how closely he envisioned what is happening today:

"Today's over-confident FM operators remind me of the AM guys who were always joking how nobody had an FM radio. Then all of a sudden, everybody did. The same things goes for the Internet and satellite radio: everybody saying it's a long way off, or that you can't listen to it in a car. Well, have you ever heard of cellular? Very soon you'll be able to get all your computer hookups in your car, and then there will be ten million radio stations to choose from. Hello!"

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