America's Invisible Heroes - Replay

Operation Confidence's mission is to provide stable, permanent housing with a wide range of supportive services including employment opportunities for disabled veterans. All proceeds raised go to Operation Confidence Workforce Development/Employment Development Center & Residential Dwelling building fund.

Our immediate team leaders:

  • Consuella Mackey, Executive Director / Host
  • Matt Davison, US Air Force Veteran-Operation Confidence Board Member /Co-Host 
  • Lyeah Granderson, Chief Executive Officer, True Ambitions Community Center/Announcer
  • Elizabeth Yeo, US Navy Veteran, Founder/CEO of Veteran Charities Initiative- (a weekly segment) "Veterans in the Workplace"
Show Time: 
Wednesday 1:00pm - 1:59pm
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America's Invisible Heroes
Consuella Mackey
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