Anahit Etemadi


Anahit Etemadi was born as an artist in an artistic/musical family who always rewarded her extraordinary talents, starting with her first drawing which was a portrait done at the age of four.
At the age of five, she had just learned how to knit with one needle. As she was able to knit straps and circular shapes, she immediately thought of creating a bra and that’s when she created her first lingerie design.
At the age of six, she created her first fashion illustration album with a range of designs from casual to haute couture, having her blond sister and herself as the models for this album. (Available at video presentation)
In the first year of primary school, Anahit had her first paintings exhibited and received her first award”, when her teachers acclaimed and praised her exceptional talent in female portraiture.
The attention of all the teachers and administrations were focused on her ability to paint, as she was constantly asked to create artworks for the school, such as posters, logos and wall paintings of costume clothing designs and characters.
In 1991, Anahit was accepted to the prestigious faculty of “Fashion and Textile Design” at “Alzahra” University.
At the beginning of her second year of university, Anahit was one of the few selected students to exhibit at the “Museum of Contemporary Art and Fashion” exhibition/contest among with professional and famous designers. Anahit received an “Honorary Diploma” and a full gold coin.
Anahit’s thesis for her Bachelors degree was focused on “Couture and Jewellery Ensemble Design”. She created and hand made a set from melted silver handcrafting jewellery, named “Eyes are Eyes”.
In1994, Anahit had established her own elegant fashion house in Vanak, Tehran. This brought her valuable experiences in successes and failures. She decided to take her time and gain more experience and knowledge in all aspects of a business before setting up her business again.
In 1999, Anahit achieved the “First Prize Winner” award of the “Shahrzad Goes to Milan” fashion show and contest, held in the Canadian and Italian Embassies in Tehran, Farman Farmanian Palace, She won by a unanimous decision from a panel of fifteen international designers / judges.
During the same year, in search of a more international perspective, she moved to Dubai and worked as an image consultant, manager and designer for an upscale fashion house. During this time, she learned the style preferred by Arabic / Sheikheh ladies.
In 2007 she completed her “Post-Graduate Certificate” in “Project Management” at Humber College, Toronto, Canada. This was followed by the achievement of the globally designated, “Project Management Professional” (PMP) Certificate from “Project Management Institute” (PMI), USA.
In 2012, she was awarded a scholarship from Hult International Business School for the MBA program and successfully graduated in 2013. Hult is ranked 59th in the world by “The Economist and 57th by “The Financial Times. Hult also recently ranked in the “Financial Timestop 10 for international business, international experience, and international mobility.
Anahit has many years of experience in retail, sales and marketing, project management and business analysis. Recently, she has decided to present her talents and international sophisticated designs to the world.
Anahit was introduced to the Purposeful and Infinite Love of the Universe from a very young age. She stayed committed to this love, passion and belief with dignity. It dragged her all the way from Tehran to the United States all by herself; in order to create a better world for the next generation.
As a philanthropist she would love to establish her non-profit organization along with her lingerie, which will change the future of kids, save little girls from sex trafficking, and rescue animals.