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Allen Cardoza


Allen Cardoza is a licensed private investigator with 30 years experience working with families dealing with "at risk" youth. 

Having escorted thousands of teens to specialized schools and programs, returned hundreds of runaways and retrieved many abducted children, Allen has a unique outlook on what our kids are going through and what can be done to help them thrive! And if that doesn't to survive it as parents.
This show brings you answers and options to raising children today and in our constantly changing future.
Answers for the Family will address issues such as international parental abduction, locating your runaway teen, family crisis intervention, self defense, building self esteem, addictions, new innovations in the field and specialized programs that can really help.
Listen to Allen and his many Answers for the family experts Mondays at 11:00AM (PST) discuss ways to help you navigate through the many challenges of family life.
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Matthew Polacheck


Dr. Matthew Polacheck, PsyD, MA, Director of Outpatient Services, Betty Ford Center
A nationally-recognized expert spokesperson on mental health and substance use disorder issues, Matthew Polacheck utilizes his wide breadth of experience and expertise to lead the Betty Ford Center’s Outpatient Services as its Director.
He has had numerous leadership roles during his 15 years as a clinician, in several settings. Most recently, he was Director of Mental Health for the Center for Discovery. Dr. Polacheck also served as Program Director for multiple adolescent residential facilities, where he worked with an ethnically diverse range of patients using a variety of clinical interventions, and he was instrumental in opening and running a mental health I.O.P. Program.
Dr. Polacheck is also an esteemed educator in the mental health field. He has taught several graduate-level courses on the treatment of chemical dependency and mental health issues, and he has completed published research projects on topics ranging from Adolescent ADHD to biofeedback and medication titration.
Dr. Polacheck earned a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology and a Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D.) from The Wright Institute, and he holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona. He is also a certified trauma therapist and substance abuse counselor.

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Monday 11:00AM - 11:59AM
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Answers 4 the family will address issues such as international parental abduction, locating your runaway teen, family crisis  intervention, self defense, building self esteem, addictions, new innovations in the field and specialized programs that can really help.

Listen to Allen Live Mondays at 11:00AM (PST)

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