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Thank you to our November 15th guest Brooke Halpin, author of Amazon’s #1 Book about The Beatles”Experiencing The Beatles – A Listener’s Companion
which takes the reader through the evolutionary changes in their music, in addition to the technological advances they created.  This is Brooke’s third book based onThe Beatles.  Each is unique.  One is a trivia quiz book “Do You Really Know The Beatles?” and a novel based loosely on his love for Beatles, “A Magical Mystery Time.”  Brooke also hosts a weekly radio show “Come Together With The Beatles.” Brooke will be conducting book signings at The Barnes & Noble in Calabasas on Saturday, November 18th from 1:00-5:00PM and Saturday, December 2nd at The Barnes & Noble in Ventura.
Brooke has also scored the music for the Academy Award winning PBS Special “Molly’s Pilgrim” which broadcasts near Thanksgiving each year, and Nureyev’s Ballet Cristoforo for The Hungarian National Ballet Company.

Sandy Jacobson


Sandy created, produced and hosted her own music-interview television show for two years with guests such as Peter Tork, Brian Ray (Paul McCartney's Band), David Philp (The Automatics), We Five (You Were On My Mind), Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney & Wings), The Quarrymen, and many others before moving to L.A. TalkRadio.  She also appeared as a "Wench" in Pirates of The Caribbean II & III, and
has worked in other films and T.V. shows.
Sandy assisted Peter Tork at the 2010 NAMM Festival, where he publicly thanked her in front of industry peers for her work at the NAMM Festival AND The Monkees Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Petition.

Sandy Jacobson has been a Guest Speaker on panels for
● The TV/Film department at Loyola Marymount University,
    alongside representatives from  DreamWorks and Warner Brothers.
● The FAR-West Conference for The International Folk Alliance.
● The “Women In Business” Internet Radio show by Dr. Gayle Carson.

Sandy Jacobson’s life story has appeared in:
● (THE actor’s publication)
● XL-Magazine – An international publication for people living Extraordinary Lives
● Member Grammy Association – Work on her show earned her membership into the organization.

Show Time: 
Wednesday 11:00AM - 11:59AM
Show Description: 

Sandy Jacobson,  Creator & Producer of BackStage:Los Angeles, is passionate about music and is part of the Independent Music movement. Sandy has become part of a community of real musicians, some who have inspired her since childhood. These are the main ingredients that she brings to her show, which is designed to be a celebration of REAL music talent, an educational experience for up and coming artists, and an opportunity for fans and would-be fans to get to know the artist on a deeper level. "Talented" is the key word to describe her guests, whether they are famous or "almost" famous.  

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