BJ Korros


BJ Korros is a Host on The Red Carpet and is bringing the Carpet to The Radio, talking "The Hollywood Moment"  BJ has been bringing the enthusiasm and passion to the carpets for years, talking with people all over the country on The Red Carpet.  He has been a contributor to the major entertainment magazines, TV and Talk Shows, and an Expert of the Carpets.  Now BJ is rolling the Red Carpet out to the airwaves, bringing the Talent and People that have something to share to you.  BJ will bring his Road to The...Globes, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Daytime Emmy, and other Great Award Shows Premieres and Carpets with a Cause, giving A Shout Out For A Cause, so you can dream and create your own Road, and be a part of The Hollywood Moment wherever you live in the world.