Catherine Grace O'Connell


Catherine Grace O’Connell is a Lifestyle/Fashion Influencer based in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Founder of The Fierce 50 Revolution, Catherine’s tag line is “Fashion is my medium. It’s not my message.”
Inspired by her love of the design process and her desire to bring beauty into the world, became the key to her recovery from a life threatening illness.
Catherine is known for her authenticity when it comes to women in their Second Act of life. She is a proponent of sharing the wisdom of midlife with women of all ages in a process of reciprocal mentorship. Her message is teaching women, regardless of age, to love themselves and believe in themselves.  With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Catherine has learned that life works inside out as she dives into the inner worlds of her guests to share a wealth of empowering information and inspirational stories. 

In addition to hosting Cat and Kaehler, Catherine is a writer for Thrive Global.  Catherine has interviewed top iconic figures, from Hannah Storm and Meredith O’Connor to Laird Hamilton. She has a gift of opening up the innermost world of the celebrity to show the intimate beauty that can only be found within. Her genuine compassion for each and every person she interviews is palpable. It’s Catherine’s mission to discover the true grace that exists in each and every individual.