CG grew up in the industrial town of Lynn; Massachusetts located 10 miles north of Boston. The city of Lynn has quite a reputation and is commonly referred to as the city of sin. The city of Lynn even has a popular rhyme, "Lynn Lynn, City of Sin, You never go out the way you came in." CG grew up playing sports from an early age and has always been a passionate sports fan.  CG attended a catholic high school in Lynn where he was a captain for both the varsity soccer and baseball teams. CG continued with his athletic career by playing college baseball for a state school in Massachusetts. At the age of 25, CG made the bold move of relocating to Los Angeles to accept a new job position. CG has been living in Los Angeles for 15 years. 
CG has several goals for the sports talk radio show and he is ready to put Insubordinate Sports Radio on the map for sports talk radio.  CG has a strong background in fantasy sports, so he will be developing a segment for the show to share his fantasy knowledge with the LA Talk Radio universe. CG also has years of experience in sports betting, so he will be developing a segment for the show where he will be handicapping games for the week ahead.  CG has always followed and believed in the motto of “you can’t win money with scared money.” CG is a team player and believes in sharing the wealth, so he plans on making our listeners a couple bucks with his 5 star locks of the week.  CG is excited and proud to be part of the LA Talk Radio family.