Christina Fulton


Christina Fulton is a Recording Artist, singer/songwriter, and an American Actress; having held a contract with A&M Records, starred in 16 major motion pictures and cult classics, and also having hosted multiple of her own TV and Radio shows. She is the mother of Nicolas Cage's son, Weston Coppola Cage. Aside from maintaining her own incredible career she was the driving force behind one of the most influential celebrity families in Hollywood. 
Raising her son is a direct reflection of the love and energy that she invests into each and every one of her projects, each waking moment that Christina so lovingly and whole-heartedly devoted to him, living it as her full time job serves as testimony to the incredible creator and entrepreneur that she is. She not only has invested so much intensity into her own health and wellness as an athlete; her son's, and the hundreds of student's she has, and continues to instruct for the past 15 years as a fitness guru.
Christina has always been a sharp-witted and inventive Woman, creating a ground-breaking app, due to launch at the end of 2016, that will disrupt social media and change the world. 
Ms. Fulton is a selfless giver and philanthropic business prodigy, having started multiple foundations to help single moms and bullied children. A person with an outstanding amount of willpower and drive, brilliant in every aspect of life, absolutely unstoppable.