Damian Bertrand


Known as Los Angeles’ premier master clinical hypnotherapist, Damian Bertrand has helped people from around the world find answers with past life regression.  His practice includes helping people with smoking cessation, with losing and maintaining a healthy weight, with personal motivation, anorexia, bulimia, and many other neuro-psychosis conditions. He is a graduate of the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards of Hypnotherapy, and is associated with The American, Canadian, British, and Australian Associations of Hypnotherapy.
Damian discovered hypnosis at the age of 17 by reading books about Milton Erickson, an American psychiatrist who is known as the pioneer of modern hypnosis and Franz Mesmer, who, in the 18th century, used hypnosis as a curative remedy for all kinds of illness. These two mentors served as his inspiration to pursue a career in the field of hypnosis.
He’s also a television personality, as the star and host of LMN television’s Reincarnated: Past Lives. The show debuted on March 22nd, 2014 as part of A+E Networks paranormal programming. In the show, Damian guides ordinary people through emotionally charged past life regressions in an attempt to discover the origins of their obsessions, unexplained phobias, peculiar abilities and recurring dreams.
Damian is well rounded, being a certified life coach, holds a pilot’s license, a motivational speaker, and is an author.