Erika Morrell


Erika Morrell,  better known to some as The Soul Mate Medium®, is the metaphysical relationship expert. An Italian, New Yorker, Scorpio, Metaphysician, spiritual leader, author, teacher, writer, radio host, TV personality and warrior on behalf of love. She spends every moment of everyday evolving love and supporting those who are inclined to do the same.
With a large fan base and stellar track record in helping people find the relationship of their Soul. Since 1990 Erika has been one of the most sought after practitioners in her home town of New York City. Now working bi-coastally as well as internationally, her clients are everyone from students to celebrities, models to members of the royal family. Erika has been seen on Bravo, in The New York Times, Vogue, Elle, Harpers & Queen, and many other media outlets. Erika's radio show The Soul Mate Medium Experience ran on LA Talk Radio from 2008-2013 with fans from 11 different countries from New York City, USA to New Deli. India. Erika reminds people to "Live in Love"!  
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