Ezina LeBlanc


Ezina is a fierce, fit & fabulous, American media personality talk show host, actress, author,

recording artist, musician, spiritual yoga teacher, producer and humanitarian. She is best known

as the founder and creator of Guitar Goddess Magazine, Guitar Goddess Awards and the host

of the Guitar Goddess Show. She also the founder of the Star Mastery Academy where she

helps young artists thrive.


Ezina began her career as a recording artist and has toured the world twice promoting her

inspirational music. She continues to record music, and tours the globe performing, speaking

and teaching. She is the author of several best selling books including, HotGirl Diet, Raw Food

101, Divine Living Cuisine, Simplistic Bliss, Surrender to Sadhana, New Blood From the Soul

and Make Money Now. Her latest book, “Grow Your Star”, teaches people how to shine a light

on their gifts and to live a heart centered life.


“I love meeting new artists and discussing their rituals, creative processes and stories from life

on the road. On my show I want the viewer or listener to learn more about their favorite artists

and gain courage to shine a light on their own gifts. And for the female musicians I want to be a

safe place where they can share their stories without judgement. I created Guitar Goddess to

gather the female guitarists under one roof so that we can learn from each other and grow

collectively. The world wins when everyone is shining a light on their super powers.” For all the

female guitarists out there call me, it’s time to throw your ax in the ring. Let your guitar sing.”