Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the sarcastic, witty, unfiltered, and unapologetic Southern belle is no stranger to sports. Hanh's passion for basketball developed in high school, where she attended almost every home game, eating hot fries & pickles in the stands. Her love quickly turned pro when she fell for the Lakers and the New Orleans Saints, much to her town's disapproval.
The Falcons–Saints rivalry kept her social life interesting, as she honed in on her reporting skills. Hanh has created a YouTube sports channel, a rapidly growing Instagram sports account, and was chosen by Metta World Peace of the Lakers to write a sports column for his personal website. Her hard work and passion have led to her doing media coverage for the Clippers, being highlighted on Sports Center & featured numerous times on the Saints' website and social media pages.
Hanh’s goal is to keep you informed and updated about your favorite teams and players. She wants to create an outlet for fans to laugh, cry, and celebrate the glorious world of sports. What's better than grabbing wings & beer and watching a good game with your loved ones?? Sports diminish the lines of race, gender, age or whatever other BS people come up with. This is who we are. This is what we do. We're here to watch, we're here to win, and we're here to make excuses when our teams lose. Damn, ref.