Jeff Levy


Jeff Levy is the Tech expert known as The Digital Doctor. He has been on an authority appearing on Tech radio and television for 18 years. 

He knows his stuff and makes tech simple to understand, adding his own brand of humor. Jeff has taught technology at colleges, written tech articles for major newspapers, and speaks at numerous conferences. He left his law practice to pursue technology and have fun.
Jeff Levy is a well known radio talk show host. He started on Los Angeles radio station KFI back in 1995 and set the bar for today's radio and TV tech shows over a 16 year run. He gives vital information in an entertaining way. Though he gives you all the facts, he does it in a humorous way that makes it easy and fun to learn.
Since the mid-1990s Jeff has worked with and supported medical billing and practice management software programs and consulted for doctors in need of medical-related software, new computer systems and system upgrades. He lectures to groups of doctors and healthcare professionals on technology in medicine to earn their annual CME credits throughout California. He's an expert in the use of technology in medicine.
Jeff's latest venture is the Medical Matters Radio program, streamed live on, channel 2 Fridays at 7 PM PST. The shows are then available for listening or downloading anytime. Jeff's partner for this show is Bonnie Jane Bentley. Bonnie is a long time care giver and a medical consumer.  She adds common sense, a patient's, and a woman's point of view.
Up On Medicine highlights the latest in the use of technology in the practice of medicine, and includes interviews with product makers and doctors from various disciplines. The show is educational and easy to listen to. Bonnie and Jeff bring you a window on the world of medicine. It's a show for patients, practitioners, and anyone interested in the latest in health.
Jeff Levy's other Internet radio show "Turn On To Tech" is devoted to the digital lifestyle, the latest consumer news, and to keeping listeners safe in the tech world. Jeff partners with Bonnie Jane Bentley to create, produce, and host this exciting, informative, and entertaining new show. Find it at Fridays 5=6 PM PST on channel 1