Maureen Ennor


Maureen Ennor has been bringing a fresh perspective to the sometimes hectic and complicated world of Wall Street and trading by sharing her extensive knowledge of the sell- and buy-sides of the business on talk radio.

In 2008, she launched her first show on Blogtalkradio, "Single Mom, Two Kids, Wall Street," while juggling single parent duty and an intense job on Wall Street. Her show focused on bringing research to traders and hedge fund managers, and because of her commitment to bringing top guests on her show, listenership quickly grew to 60,000 fans. Guests included Clint Hill, former Secret Service officer during the Kennedy administration and author of "Mrs. Kennedy and Me;" Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who served Clinton, Bush and Obama and ran for the US Senate in 2012; and Deana Martin daughter of "Rat Pack" icon Dean Martin.
Maureen worked on the sell side of the industry during her tenure at The Liberty Group, during which time she also co-hosted the radio show "Protect Your Assets" with David Hollander on KNBR 680 in San Francisco. She is former COO for The Channel Checkers, a firm that provides comprehensive research to hedge fund managers and portfolio managers, and a former member of the prime broker desk at Bear Stearns' West Coast Desk. While at Bear Stearns, where she worked on the buy side of the business, she was part of the groundbreaking world of hedge funds, installing cutting-edge clearing technology for hedge fund traders and managers, who she also trained and supported.
Maureen's motto is, "Information is power, and fun, too."