Traci Lynn


Traci Lynn
Fitness and Nutrition Expert
Life Success Coach
Counselor- Eating Disorders and Addictions Specialist Foxx Force Fitness Team - Foxx Force Fitness Coach Public Speaker / Motivator Radio show Host` LA TALK RADIO- LIFE ANGELZ Operations and Business management Expert Board of Directors for youth eating disorder campaign Fitness Model National level Figure Competitor Online Fitness Coach Personal Fitness Trainer Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach X2X Clothing Athlete Nutrishop Sponsored Athlete WestHills Crossfit Sponsored
Traci Lynn found her passion in health and fitness immediately after high school where she obtained her certification and first job at a local gym. Traci was a professional operations manager for over 12 years running and operating restaurant properties where she developed, trained and coached staff and managers. She was a high level soccer player in her teens and has played baseball since she was 2 years old. Traci was also involved with volleyball, basketball, track and field and later on even joined a high school female football team.
Traci has experienced multiple accidents, illnesses and other stresses over the years but found that her passion for health and fitness helped her to overcome those obstacles thanks to her mental toughness and grit. Traci now shares here experience, strength and hope from her past struggles through Life Coaching with Life Angelz. She has also volunteered in recovery houses for addictions and mental illness. She went to school for Counselling in 2009 - specializing in addictions and mental health. Her passion is to Help others be the best version of themselves.
In 2011 Traci experienced the death of her best friend, mentor, and mother due to cancer. After having experienced such a loss, Traci vowed to dedicate herself to becoming one of the best health and fitness experts in the industry. Traci managed a high end Sports club, in charge of the Personal Training department before branching off to run her own business in 2011. She is on the board of directors for the Dying to be Thin campaign helping to inform the public on youth eating disorders. Traci's public speaking expertise and personal experience with this disease lead to her receiving this role.
She started her own fitness team Foxx Force Fitness that is comprised of athletes specializing in sports specific training and helping clients that have injuries through rehabilitation training.
In addition Traci has helped multiple individuals get on the right track to a healthier lifestyle by providing expert weight loss and nutrition programs for her clients all around the world.
Traci has dedicated herself to becoming an expert Fitness Coach in the industry by continuously increasing her education and knowledge in health and fitness. She is an aspiring Fitness model.
Traci has been a co-host / Host for a health and fitness radio show in Cleveland Ohio and has been an author for Oregon Sports News. She has been interviewed by many companies as a cutting edge Fitness icon and Motivator.
Traci moved from Vancouver, BC Canada to Los Angeles, California in December, 2013. It was her Life long Dream come True!
In 2012 Traci competed in her first fitness competition where she placed 2nd. She has quickly moved herself up the ranks and is now a nationally qualified figure athlete in search of her pro card. Traci has many more incredible things to come in 2015 with her public speaking and fitness journey. Her 2 books will be launched early 2015. 
Stay tuned this is only the beginning for TLC~ <3