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Whatever It Takes Consulting was founded in Houston, Texas in 1996 when Tracey was a single mom who wanted to make a difference in the lives of others starting with her own.

WIT Consulting's mission was to provide a wellness network of speakers, educators, experts and professionals who could bring a proactive message of "living life to your full potential" into the
community, workplace and in the homes of families. By 1998 WIT Consulting grew to become one of the largest minority owned wellness networks in South-Central Texas. WIT Consulting has now become one of the fastest growing networking franchises to expand in 6 different regions to include San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas and Central-Texas.

The "Whatever It Takes Show" is live, hip, informative and edgy in taking the same message to the streets of the global online network!
Through our panel of renowned and riveting guest speakers, our goal is to IGNITE the hearts of many and to EQUIP the mind and body with the tools to THRIVE inside out thru HIM!

The “Whatever It Takes Show!” has featured guest from the NFL, the NBA, from governing officials, world accredited experts in the field of medicine, the United States Military, community services, and day to day average people with inspiring testimonies and stories! WIT believes everyone has the “key within” to live life “beyond” in relationships, health, finances, career, and family!

The "Whatever It Takes Show" will EMPOWER the soul to dream big, elevate the mind to believe all is possible and create an uncontrollable desire to…ACT NOW!

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Monica Silcott


Central Texas 


WIT – Whatever It Takes, LLC. - Executive Director 

WIT Ministry – Founding Member

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The Whatever It Takes Show with Tracey Casey-Arnold is live, hip, informative and edgy in taking the same message to the streets of the global online network! Through our panel of renowned and riveting guest speakers, our goal is to IGNITE the hearts of many and to EQUIP the mind and body with the tools to THRIVE inside out thru HIM!

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October 2016


Listen in as “TA”, Monica, X and Jake bring PART TWO of “FEAR – Satan’s Weapon of Choice”


Make sure to grab your headset, ear pieces, iPads, iPhones or your laptop and join the “Whatever It Takes Crew” as we discuss a BIG ONE… PART ONE of our Monthly Message for October; “FEAR - Satan’s Weapon of Choice!”


Listen in to The Whatever It Takes Show as we bring the “411” for October!

September 2016



Listen in as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and  “TA” bring highlights of their favorite shows, guests and a recap of the ANNUAL WIT WARRIOR CONFERENCE!


Listen in as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and “TA”  has LadyDi Acosta from Diana Today in The Studio!


The Whatever It Takes Crew discusses “Perfection - The Beast Within”, the monthly focus for September!


Listen in as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and “TA”  and their special guest, Pastor T as they launch the month of September with the “411” in relationships, family, finances, health, movies, sports music …and life!

August 2016


Listen In as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcottand “TA” welcomes  Whatever It Takes Warrior for August, Daniell Rider, Founder of Let’s D.R.E.A.M. Big Consulting and advocate and designer for Kids Programs! - Psalm 127:3-5


Listen in as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and “TA” continue the monthly focus; “Proverbs University" and the BOOK of WISDOM in character, values, relationships, finances, health, marriage, friendships and prosperity!


Listen in as “TA”  will have Pastor Jacob Diaz and Pastor Jason E. Diaz from Healing Place Church in San Antonio in the studio discussing one of her favorite BOOKS “For The Wise”, and the monthly focus for August ; “PROVERBS!”


Listen in as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and “TA” launch the month of August with the “411” in relationships, family, finances, health, movies, sports music …and life!

July 2016


This week Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and "TA" has WIT Warrior for July, Andrea Williams from Dallas, Texas and founder of I Will Stand International in The Studio! Listen In as we continue our monthly focus of FREEDOM with “I AM FREE …and I WILL STAND!” Join us for a story that will move you beyond the soul as we discuss Andrea's true personal walk with "enslavement" and "sexual abuse" and how God used her pain and ashes to IGNITE a love within for His children and women in Rowanda!


Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and “TA” will have Lolita Gilmore Founder of Teach Them to Love Ministry as we push the limits to bring “Freedom - Beyond the Chains” in the studio. Listen In as we discuss the real and raw darkness of sexual, physical and domestic abuse and the life altering affects of alcohol, drugs and porn addictions.


This week Bettis Richardson , Monica Silcott and “TA” will be discussing the monthly message  for July: ”FREEDOM”.
~Galatians 5: Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free,[a] and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.


Listen in to The Whatever It Takes Show  as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott  “TA” kick off July  with  “The 411” in relationships, family, finances, health, movies, sports music ...and life!

June 2016


This week Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and myself "TA" has Winner of 9 Gold Medals, Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Personal Trainer and Ministry Leader, Pastor Jason E. Diaz from San Antonio,Texas in the studio!
Jason our  EMPOWER-U Expert will discussing “Fitness for the Workaholic!”; how to stay "FIT" inside and out in a 14-18 hour work day and how feeding the body feeds the mind and the soul!


ISAIAH 43:2 states…”When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you." Make “TA”,  Monica Silcottt, and Bettis Richardson  continue their powerful message for June and one that affects us all, “TRUST...beyond the Words".
 God's Word and promise is everlasting and unwavering even in times of fear, our darkest hours, loneliness or when hope seems lost.


This week Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott  “TA” will be discussing  one of the hardest topics we face individually, with others, in a love, with our future and as a Nation.... "TRUST...Beyond The Words". Tune in to listen to a powerful and “chain breaking" show!


Listen in to The Whatever It Takes Show  as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and myself, “TA” kick off June with  “The 411” for June in relationships, family, finances, health, movies, sports music …and life!

May 2016


From addiction and the walls of prison to Freedom, Grace and Salvation, Gospel Singer, Writer and Prison Ministry Leader Karen Su is in the studio!  Karen will be sharing with us her life of over 27 years of shackles of pain, abuse and drugs and how God’s deliverance set a fire in her soul to serve HIM and free others from bondage!


In the studio will be having Master Fitness Expert Joey Garcia from TEXAS in the studio as May's EMPOWER-U Expert! - Joey will be discussing our Monthly Focus, "My Body... My Temple" and how what we "eat" and how we "use" our body is THE KEY ELEMENT necessary to not only long-term health, but success in life, relationships, career and in full filling God’s purpose within us! - 1 Corinthians 9:25-27


Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and "TA" brings the Monthly Message for May: "My Body...My Temple". 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”


Join Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and "TA"  as they bring "THE 411!" for May!

April 2016


Listen in as Christian Artist and Song Writer Craig Aven joins The Whatever It Takes Show before his May 22nd “Every Part of Me Tour”launch! Join Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and "TA" as they speak candid with the artist about God's redemption from his addiction to cocaine and pain medication, the loss of his two unborn children which lead him to write the Christian Billboard Hit Single "Perfect Way to Start" and how God's love replaced his ashes of pain, loss and shame with healing and salvation!


“Empower U” Guest Speaker for April, DR. GARY GOSNEY from TEMPLE, TEXAS is in the Studio!
Listen in as Retired Army and Vietnam Vet, Actor, Play Writer and Highly Acclaimed Veterinarian, Dr. Gosney will be discussing his new book "No Strings Attached" and how God has used His abilities; "to love unconditionally" and to "love all thru laughter" to touch and to heal both His two-legged and His four-legged children!


Listen in as Bettis Richardson, Monica Silcott and “TA” bring the Monthly Focus for April, “God First!"


Listen in  as"TA", Bettis Richardson and "Mo" bring The “411" for April!

March 2016


Join “TA”, Bettis and “Mo” for Part 2 of our monthly focus: “Faith & Fiances - From Broke to Blessed.” We will have Special Guests; Lenny Walls former Corner Back for the NFL Superbowl Champions - Denver Broncos and Colt Harmon, CEO-Founder of Legacy Holdings Corporation in the studio! Listen in as they share their TOP SIX PRINCIPLES that will take you from “broke" to Wealth & Prosperity!


Join "TA", Bettis Rochelle Richardson and "Mo" as they bring The Monthly Message for March; "Faith & Finances - From "Broke" to Blessed!"


“TA”, Bettis and Mo bring PART ONE of The Whatever It Takes Warrior for March; “By Faith Alone” The Story of Brison Ricker.

Brison is a 15 year old All-American Athlete from Cedar Springs, Michigan who went in for an eye exam for blurred vision and through the petitioning of The Holy Spirit and the persistence of his mother Kim to have an MRI, was diagnosed in January with incurable Brain Cancer. "By Faith Alone" is a story of pure submission to Christ, reliance on Faith and the proclamation of God's healing hands!

There is a proverb that states, "It takes a village to raise a child"...

Through my 8 years of knowing my Father and Savior Jesus Christ and the True Enemy, I believe it takes PRAYER WARRIORS TO SAVE ONE! - PLEASE SHARE THIS POST.

Join us this Wednesday as we lift up this family in prayer, share this amazing story of hope and the treatment that has been found to save him! - “TA"



Join “TA”, Bettis, Mo, LadyDi Acosta and Kay Spears this week as they bring "The 411" for March! Listen in as they discuss The Oscars, Isis Genocide, The 2016 Elections and Honor the Late First Lady Nancy Reagan.


Listen in  to the Whatever It Takes Show for Part 2 of “Consequences of Deceptions.” "TA", Mo and Bettis will share with you not only how Satan's deceptions can influence you, lie to you and mislead you down a path of darkness, but how God's truth in "The Word" will light the way to Redemption, Salvation & Grace!

February 2016


Listen in as  “TA” and Monica  bring an unedited and riveting story of one of their own; WIT Co-Host Bettis Richardson as the “Whatever It Takes Warrior" for February.
Bettis speaks candid about his life's most altering moments and how he found Salvation within through God's redemption and grace.
***Mature Audience Advised***Not suitable for children under 18***


“TA", Mo and Bettis bring February's "EMPOWER U!" with  Celebrity Life Potential Coach, Chaney Weiner! Chaney has been featured as a Life Potential Expert for the Montel Willams' Across America Show, Leeza Gibons' Hollywood Confidential and Martha Stewart's Living Show and is the author of the best selling book "Because This is Your Life!".Chaney will share his Top 6 Principles to upgrade your MINDSET and BELIEFS and how to BREAKTHROUGH BARRIERS that keep you from the life you truly desire with your relationships, family, career, business and finance!


Join us we bring our Monthly Focus, “Relationships - Loving Yourself and Loving Others!" Listen in as "TA", Mo and Bettis bring God's most powerful gift "Love." We will be discussing how when we FIRST struggle to to love ourselves and to understand our worth and value it directly affects our ability to not only love others, but to have the relationship that aligns us with the love Christ has for us!


Join “TA” and MO as they bring “The 411” for February and also welcome newest Co-Host; American Idol Finalist, Pop-Artist, Songwriter and Choreographer, Bettis Richardson to The Whatever It Takes Team!

January 2016


Make sure to listen in  as “TA” and Monica will have “TiTi” Ladette; Songwriter, Author, Playwright and Poetic Speaker in the studio as she shares her riveting story and highly acclaimed playwright and book “The Pink Elephant In The Middle Of The GETTO”. Listen as we will bring the “raw and transparent” story of one woman’s journey through cocaine addiction as a child, sexual abuse, prostitution, the loss of her kids and how through it all The Lord’s love, forgiveness and grace preserved her soul to victory.


"TA" and "Mo" will have World Renowned Celebrity Chef, Author and Co-Founder of Piccolo Chef, Tina Moraccini in the Studio for "Dumping The Junk in 2016!"- A Healthy Temple for our Kids!Chef Tina will be sharing; how healthy eating for our kids, the next generation starts with teaching them how to cook, creating a fun culture at home of eating healthy and her "quick and easy" healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch and snacking that will get your kids wanting more!


Ready for Flight 2016? Well... it's time for take off! Are you taking "Extra Baggage" with you in the year of 2016? ...Baggage that can cause a "deficit" with extra boarding fees, steer you from the course that aligns with God's Plan for you and baggage that's heavy enough to alter your arrival at destination “Blessings of Abundance”? Listen in  as “TA" and Monica discuss January's Monthly Message "Carry On Baggage!"


Listen in  as “TA” and Monica talk about  January’s "411" on "Breastfeeding In Public Controversy", The 2nd Amendment on Gun Control", "Glamour's Woman of The Year Award prompts husband of 2001 winner to return Award", "Marine Arrested in the road rage murder of 20 Year old North Texas Student” and many more!

December 2015


“TA” and Monica bring their TOP 5 choices of the Most Impactful Events of 2015!


A KING IS BORN!!! Join The Whatever It Takes Show  as “TA” & Monica give thanks, celebrate Christmas and the birthday of our King Jesus Christ!


Listen in as “TA” and “Mo” welcomes special guest Female Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee, Personal Stylist and Guru for Ralph Lauren, The Grammy’s and LuLu Guinness, Kelly Lundberg from Dubai!
Kelly shares “2015’s Do’s & Don’t for The Holidays for your body type” and  “The Five Key Winning Principles to Mastering Entrepreneurship" from her book "Success in The City!”


Listen in as “TA” and Monica will have special guest Wanda Carpenter Purifoy  in the studio for the  Monthly Message for December: “Forgiveness…Salvation Within”.


Listen in to The Whatever It Takes Show where “TA” and “Mo” have special guest Nationally Renowned Dr. Jim Wilson in the studio for a holiday exclusive, “The Miracle Behind a Fallen Scalpel” - An Untold Story. Listen in to hear the beautiful story of how through the loss of everything and having his life turn into pure darkness… God’s grace healed, restored and put Dr. Wilson on a new path that’s greater than what he could ever imagine! This moving testimony will impact your heart for days!

November 2015


Listen in to The Whatever It Takes Show as “TA’s” ALL TIME FAVORITE TV & Film Actor, ADRIAN PAUL a.k.a. "Duncan Macleod - The Highlander” will be in the studio to celebrate her birthday!!

Make sure to listen in to what is a show of a lifetime!


Listen in to The Whatever It Takes Show as “TA” will have live from San Antonio, Texas, World-Renowned Clinical Wellness Specialist Kay Spears in the studio for our Thanksgiving Holiday Special; “Thank…FULL!”. Listen in as they discuss how having a heart, mind and body full of “Gratefulness & Thankfulness” is EXACTLY what the soul ordered!


Listen  in to The Whatever It Takes Show for a powerful story that I guarantee will move you… touch you and impact the way you look at life, love and the true meaning and commitment of the words "Till Death Due Us Part!" In the studio we will be joined by the beautiful Tiffany Oglesby as she shares her heart, her life with a real Super Hero and the Love God created to endure all things to the very end and beyond!!!!

October 2015


Listen in to The Whatever Takes Show  as “TA” and “MO” conclude their October discussion of “Toxic Relationships” by bringing you “Soul Sisters”. ~ One the most beautiful relationships and gifts God has given to represent 
the power God said …”Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love”  - I Cor 13:13 
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”. - John 15:13


Listen Into the Whatever Takes Show for Part Two of “Toxic Relationships”. “TA” and “Judy” explore “The key identifies of toxic relationships and environments”, what to do to reclaim your self worth and how allowing “toxic” relationships to thrive in your life can keep you from the full potential God has for you in family, career, relationships, your heart and finances!


"Toxic Relationships - Inside & Out!" - Listen in as "TA" and Judy King discuss how toxic relationships at home, in our career, in our family, in society and even with the ones we love can sabotage our mind, our heart and the abundance of life that God has for us! "TA" and Jusy are also joined by special guest Sade "Sparkle" Alleyne as she debuts her "raw and real to the bone" urban-monologue "Loves Freedom" at NOHO London Music Hall in Hollywood!


The Whatever It Takes Show brings "IMpossible!" From THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 7 ... MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ..to SUPERMAN II…Listen in as Tracey "TA" and Judy King breakdown their favorite topic of all, "You can do ANYTHING ", "Nothing is Impossible!" and "You can do ALL things THRU CHRIST!". Listen in as they discuss how God has given us EACH the ability to tell a mountain "move from here to there " and it shall be done!
Check us out at: whateverittakesshow.com

September 2015