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WHOLENESS: body, health, expression, mindset mastery, holistic healing, relationships, intimacy, connection, spirituality, biz and more...this is your place to return to Wholeness!

Welcome to the Wholeness Podcast, I’m your host, Melissa Kathryn, transformation leader, intuitive, holistic nutritionist, fitness expert, hypnotherapist, specializing in emotional and mindset mastery, disordered eating and more. Best-selling author and speaker - committed to bring you back to Wholeness - the truth of who you are before you thought you were not enough - whether due to your weight, a trauma or limiting belief. It’s time for you to thrive in life in a body you love, with a mind that works for you, not against -so you live into expectations versus limitations, in full faith, trust and divine connection.

Tune in each week to receive expert guidance, live coaching, and to get your questions answered so you too can thrive in life, in a body you love with a mind that works for you not against you. It’s time for you to have wholeness now!

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Monday 2:00pm - 2:59pm
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Wholeness Podcast with Melissa Kathryn
Melissa Kathryn
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